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Jewish Assisted Living and Senior Living

Making the decision to move from home into a senior living facility is never easy. For many, the move is a welcome change from managing a full-time household and moving into a retirement community. For others, the need for assistance with daily basic tasks outweighs the need to live in a private residence. Some seniors may need more hands-on care due to a memory condition or other health concern that makes living at home no longer an option.

Regardless of the reasons, long term senior living arrangements should be chosen based on the needs of the senior. Many seniors will move into an assisted living facility in order to live a more fulfilling life without being a burden on their families, while others may simply prefer the peace of mind that comes with 24-hour assistance. The majority of assisted living homes will offer the same basic range of services such as help with bathing, transportation to medical visits, and prepared meals for all residents. This is a great help for most seniors, and while these amenities are much desired, there are other aspects of senior care to consider.

Religion plays a big role in the lives of most people, for some seniors; it is their entire way of life. Jewish seniors who are seeking to move into an assisted living facility may prefer to choose a location that caters to their spiritual needs. Faith-based assisted living homes are a great way for Jewish seniors they receive the care and attention they need as they age while also getting the spiritual support that they crave.

Amenities Available In Jewish Assisted Living Homes

Jewish senior assisted living homes are wonderful places for seniors of the Jewish faith. Like traditional assisted living communities, they offer a diverse assortment of amenities for their residents, not only those of the Jewish faith. Help with completing daily tasks, grooming, medication management, and prepared meals are just some of the normal amenities offered at traditional assisted living homes and religion-based homes alike.

Seniors who practice the Jewish faith have a completely different lifestyle that changes the way they live their lives. For many, this can make living in a traditional assisted living facility rather complicated. Jewish-based assisted living homes offer their residents the chance to live and perform the rituals associated with their faith in the way they have all of their lives. After all, assisted living is a place where seniors are able to maintain their current lifestyle with extra assistance, not a place where they have to learn a new way of life.

Dietary needs are an important part of senior living, regardless of one’s faith. Jewish-based senior care facilities offer specialized meal plans for diabetic seniors, vegetarians and those with other food sensitivities. Most Jewish-based assisted living facilities will also offer a full Kosher kitchen to keep the meals in line with the specific dietary restrictions of the Jewish faith. This helps residents to continue their lifelong diets of Kosher meals and also removes the stress that comes from moving to a new home where not everything is under their control. Kosher meals also include Shabbat dinners and other faith-based meals that must be observed.

Most Jewish-based assisted living facilities will offer minimal medical assistance similar to that offered in a traditional setting. The goal of Jewish-based assisted living facilities is to care for the soul while also providing the assistance the body needs to thrive. In many locations, transportation to and from local synagogues is often offered. For the less mobile, a rabbi will come to the assisted living facility to hold worship sessions with the residents. Weekly religious studies and other religious-based gatherings are also common.

Physical activity and social engagement are an important part of senior care. Just like traditional senior care homes, Jewish-based assisted living facilities will offer a range of social activities such as get together, mixers, art classes and even age-based exercise classes for their residents. If there are Jewish schools nearby, the facility may partner with them to have the students offer regular performances at the Jewish-based assisted living facility. Of course, Jewish-based assisted living facilities are open to seniors from all religions and all walks of life, so these amenities are optional and in no way mandatory.

The Cost Of Living In a Jewish Assisted Living Home

Many seniors seek assisted living homes that can meet their needs, specifically, their religious needs. While many seniors assume that a Jewish assisted living home will be more costly than a traditional senior living facility, the opposite is usually the case. On average, faith-based senior living centers such as Jewish assisted living homes tend to cost as much as 20% less than traditional assisted living communities.

The cost of Jewish assisted living homes is determined according to the type of room desired, the level of care needed, and of course, the actual location of the senior care facility. Private rooms tend to cost more than shared rooms and seniors who need special care, such as memory care services can expect to pay more than general residents. It is important to note that seniors of any faith may enroll in a Jewish assisted living home, not only those who practice the faith. The cost of living is the same for all seniors regardless of spiritual preference.

There are many ways to pay for your stay in a Jewish assisted living home, such as private long term care insurance, Medicare, cash, or even in part by veterans benefits. Certain states such as New York and Alaska have the highest cost per month for senior care. Jewish assisted living homes in these locations can range as high as $12,750 per month for a private room per person. Other states offer a lower monthly cost per care. Jewish assisted living homes in areas like Alabama or Texas offer rates as low as $3,975 per month for a semi-private room.

Jewish assisted living homes are often subsidized by local charities and synagogues. As with the majority of assisted living communities that are faith-based, Jewish assisted living homes are typically run by a board of directors of a non-profit organization. This allows for the cost of care to be kept as low as possible without compromising on the quality of care provided. Profits are put back into the assisted living home as well as used to pay caregivers and effect improvements to the facility. Most Jewish assisted living homes will also have local rabbi’s who are part of the board of directors or even stay in residence in the facility itself.

How to Find Jewish Assisted Living Homes Near You

Locating a senior living home that meets your needs can be a confusing process, finding one that also meets your spiritual needs can be even more complex. As a senior, choosing to move from a private home into an assisted living facility can be an emotional decision. When you have the support of your religious beliefs, it can make the process easier to bear.

If you are in search of a Jewish senior living arrangement, there are many options available. Assisted living is a great way for seniors to live their golden years in ease while staying active at the same time. Moving to a Jewish assisted living home is perfect for active seniors who would like to keep living their lives in the way of their faith while still getting the help they need to thrive.

It is important that while looking for Jewish senior living arrangement the physical needs of the seniors are being met. Jewish assisted living homes offer the same benefits and amenities as traditional assisted living communities, with the added benefit of being based on faith. While spiritual needs are extremely important, a senior's health needs and the final budget must also be taken into consideration.

Locating a Jewish assisted living home is easier than you may realize. The first place to start your search should be at your local temple or synagogue. The majority of faith-based assisted living facilities, including Jewish assisted living homes, are run by non-profit organizations that are backed by their local religious houses. For Jewish assisted living homes, this often means that a local temple will be a benefactor of the facility. Ask your local darshan or rabbi if they have Jewish assisted living homes they would suggest or if they know of any in the area.

Friends, family and other members of the synagogue may also be able to suggest reliable Jewish assisted living homes. Find out if anyone you know is already residing in an assisted living facility that is faith-based or if they have researched any Jewish assisted living homes. This is a great way to get a head start on your list. Often, your regular doctor or therapist may be able to suggest Jewish assisted living homes that they may be aware of. You can also search online for Jewish assisted living homes in your area. When you search online you can also check certifications, get user reviews, and also see what type of services each location offers.

Regardless of how you find Jewish assisted living homes in your area, it is important to set up a time to visit each location in person. This will allow you to speak with current residents to get an idea about the staff and the atmosphere in the community. Make sure that any Jewish assisted living homes you are interested in also offer the level of care the senior in your life needs. For example, if you or your loved one suffer from dementia, it will be important to find Jewish assisted living homes that offer memory care as well.

Questions to Ask During Your Visit to Jewish Assisted Living Homes

Judaism a religion, but aside from that, it is a way of life. Jewish seniors who follow their religion strictly will want to continue those practices and traditions even when they must move into an assisted living community. No matter where you decide to stay, it is important that the long-term care facility is able to meet both your physical needs and your spiritual needs.

There are many assisted living homes to choose from all over the country, including those that are faith-based. Once you have located a few Jewish assisted living communities that you are interested in, make an appointment to stop by for an in-person tour. During your visit, make a note of the way staff interact with the residents, the meals served, and the atmosphere in the assisted living home. In addition to your observations, there are some important questions you should ask during your visit.

  • What are your meal times and what items are served?
  • Are your meals Kosher?
  • What types of social activities do you offer for residents?
  • Is your kitchen Kosher?
  • What religious services and classes do you offer?
  • Are there any fees for special dietary needs such as diabetic food?
  • What are your discharge policies?
  • Is transportation to and from religious events available?
  • Do you have set visiting hours?
  • What precautions do you take in regard to natural disasters?
  • Do you offer continuing care?
  • What is your staff to resident ratio?
  • Is transportation to and from medical appointments available?
  • Are religious holidays celebrated as a whole facility or individually?
  • Do you offer gluten-free meals?
  • I have a problem with mobility, can you accommodate me?
  • What do you do if a resident suffers a medical emergency?
  • Are pets allowed?                                                                             
  • What type of physical therapy programs are available?
  • Is this a non-smoking facility?
  • What items may I bring with me when I move?
  • Are any items prohibited?
  • What payment options do you offer?
  • Are there extra fees for storage or utilities?
  • Is your facility regulated by the state or county?

These are only a few of the questions you should ask during your visit to a Jewish Assisted Living Facility. If you have any specific questions or concerns that relate to your potential stay, this is the best time to address them.




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