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Jewish assisted living in Michigan doesn’t have a lot to offer in terms of dedicated centers for the faithful but there are some and those are well rated. The key though may be to look for assisted living centers in Jewish communities, where the resident population is likely to be significantly Jewish. This will often point to an assisted living center where adjustments have been made to make that group of seniors feel at home.

First up though is an assisted living center that is Jewish. Jewish, Senior Life Oak Park is a Jewish assisted living center, combined with a Jewish community center which is a very interesting mix that creates a wonderfully dynamic environment for active seniors to settle into. There are three different sections that cater for independent and assisted living, as well as memory care.

Then there are those assisted living centers that are close to Jewish communities and may be welcoming places for Jewish seniors without being a specific Jewish assisted living center. A visit will be needed though to see if this holds true and if the assisted living center has made accommodations for their Jewish residents.

Let’s start with Advantage Living Centers, this is very close to Jewish Senior Life and will likely have a large Jewish population. In that same community, there is Berry’s Adult Foster Care as well. If there is a large enough Jewish community in either of these care center, there may be accommodations as well for the faithful.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Michigan

The average cost for assisted living centers nationally, is $4,000 per month. That is also the average for Jewish assisted living in Michigan. So, seniors can start their search knowing prices will not be the least bit out of line. It also means there will be some very budget-friendly options as well. For example, average monthly rates in Kalamazoo drop to $3,600, while Muskegon rates drop even lower into the $3,300 range, and Jackson, MI comes down even further to $3,000.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Michigan - Amenities

Living as a Jew, especially one that is faithful, is an active life of prayer, study, and service to the community. It is a journey that allows each Jew to discover and grow their personal relationship with God as they strive for salvation. This journey is easier when it is shared with fellow Jews and that’s why living in a Jewish assisted living center can be so important. However, it is not the end of the world if that’s not possible. It just makes the journey a bit more challenging.

If you have to look beyond a proper Jewish assisted living center, consider the following amenities.

Jewish Retirement Communities in Michigan - Religious Amenities

The first question seniors need to ask relates to the Rabbi that serves the community. Is there someone making regular visits? Does that Rabbi offer service on the Sabbath? Will the Rabbi offer counseling and teaching as well? This could be the advantage of choosing a home that is in or close to a Jewish community. There will be Rabbis that can be called upon.

The next thing seniors will want to look at is the extent to which the residents in the care center are able to actively participate in the local Jewish community. Atonement is a key element in the Jewish faith and one of the best ways to atone is to do good for others. Jewish communities will have a wide range of opportunities to do exactly that. So, even if this isn’t a Jewish Assisted Living Center, the management team should help facilitate this community interaction.

The most challenging part of living outside of a Jewish community is the lack of options to eat kosher. A Jewish assisted living facility will have certified kitchens and staff that can be counted on to meet this need. Other care centers will have to reach out to neighboring Jewish communities for kosher catering, or seniors in these centers will have to prepare their own meals.

Jewish Assisted Living in Michigan - Amenities

Seniors that are active and striving to remain so will immediately sense when a community shares that desire or has become lethargic. They will sense the level at which fun times rule over the normal aches and pains of aging. It’s like hearing a favorite song and having the hairs on the back of the neck stand up. You can feel the community’s emotional strength and that will say a lot about the level of positivity seniors can expect to be influenced by. Whether a Jewish assisted living center or some other care facility, let emotional impressions influence the choice and Seniors will have a very good chance of finding a care center that will help keep them young too.

Assisted Daily Living is the order of the day in assisted living facilities. These ADL’s offer seniors a direct helping hand with personal tasks like bathing, grooming and dressing, while also help seniors stay confidently mobile as they navigate their way through the activities of each day. If find motor control is challenges, they can help seniors eat too. Medications are managed and health is monitored regularly so treatment outcomes meet expectation and so any emerging health issue can be addressed early. These centers also take care of all of the house work, including laundry service and general maintenance.

Some seniors will need more than just ADL’s. They could need rehabilitation following a major illness or injury or they may need specialized memory care to deal with various forms of dementia. Most of the better assisted living centers will be equipped to offer this care, and in the case of rehabilitation they will be associated with a rehab center when this can be provided.

Meals are served 3 times a day and these are normally really great restaurant quality meals that are prepared by trained chefs and guided by qualified dieticians. But what really makes them great is the opportunity to enjoy the bonding time around the table as seniors share these meals with the old and new friends, they are making in these care center.

It is said that any day when you learn something new is a good day. Add to that, that any day that bring laughter is a great day. This is what activities in assisted living centers are all about. There are artisan and educational programs where seniors have fun learning new things. There are fitness activities where muscles get lose and stamina and balance are improved. There are all sorts of games and entertainment too that bring the laughter. These are the things that fill the days in a great assisted living center.

Apartment life is the way of the world in assisted living centers. They are normally offered as studio units, one-bedroom apartments and companion suites. The companion suites offer a share living room, dining room and kitchen, with two separate bedrooms suites so family members or close friends can share these spaces and save a bit over the cost of 2 one-bedroom apartments.

While there aren’t many Jewish assisted living centers in Michigan, there are good options for the faithful.  It will just take a bit of work to uncover the best of them.

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