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In Colorado, there are few Jewish assisted living facilities available. For example, Sunrise Senior Living has 7 assisted living centers that are not specifically Jewish, but that do have a healthy focus on faith. Most are also located in or close to Jewish communities in the state, so there is a good chance that the Jewish faith is well represented in these care communities. This combination suggests an environment that will be exceptionally supportive of Jews that are on a mission to actively live their faith in God.

Brookdale Senior Living is another example of an assisted living center that is not specifically Jewish but is well known for accommodating the faiths of their residents. They are also known for expanding that support when the community of the faithful grows large enough. So, finding a Brookdale home in a Jewish community is very likely to look and feel like a Jewish assisted living center.

Jewish seniors living in Colorado will know where the Jewish communities are and that is where they should begin their search. It will likely uncover some assisted living centers that are as Jewish and any Jewish assisted living facility could be.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Colorado

The monthly rates for Jewish assisted living facilities in Colorado are a touch higher, at $4,095 per month, compared to the national average of $4,000 per month. Assisted living centers in Boulder are much higher at $4,850 while Fort Collins is the least expensive, at average $3,848 per month. These rates cover all of the basic care most seniors will want from an assisted living facility, so unless there are special needs, seniors can budget around these numbers.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Colorado - Amenities

Jews that are committed to their faith are on a mission to find and nurture a personal relationship with God, as they atone for their sins and pray for forgiveness. This isn’t a casual effort. It isn’t something that is turned on and off for the Sabbath and various religious holidays. This is a full-time commitment to living a faithful life that strive to do good and to earn God’s abundant blessings.

Jewish Assisted Living in Colorado - Religious Amenities

Jew will first look to the Torah and their Rabbi for guidance so the first thing a Jewish assisted living facility, or one that is supportive of the faith, must do is engage the services of a Rabbi that will help guide the flock. This may not be someone that is on site all of the time but it should be someone that is available 24/7 because faith and one’s need to speak with God knows no clock or calendar.

One of the key tenets of the Jewish faith is the need to atone for one’s sins. It is a faith that recognizes that we are all flawed and no matter how hard we try we will stray from the righteous path God has set out for us. Atonement is the way Jews recognize their fault, admit to their sins, ask for God’s forgiveness and take actively work to do good so their faithful lives can regain balance and reconnect with their righteous path to paradise. Assisted living centers will add various activities to their calendars that support seniors as they take this journey.

Kosher dining for some means being able to enjoy traditional dishes that have marked their lives with loving memories. For others, kosher dining is a way of life that keeps them constantly connected to their faith and that helps them live as God has instructed. In the kitchen, it is a clear separation and a consistent adherence to various rule about what foods can be served and haw they must be prepared. Any assisted living facility that is committed to serving the needs of faithful Jews must follow these rules and seek the proper certifications so their resident can rest assured that they are doing things properly.

Care in an assisted living facility most often revolves around personal hygiene. These are things seniors wish they could still do independently but, embarrassingly enough, they need a helping hand. It is exposing and uncomfortable, especially at first, but it can be quickly turned around when the caregivers apply healthy doses of compassion, respect and patience to the efforts to help. In a Jewish assisted living facility, where the caregivers share the Jewish faith, these qualities are almost automatic since they are part and parcel of the Jewish faith they are committed to.

Jewish Retirement Homes in Colorado - Amenities

Visit a care facility and start in the dining room. Take in the smells of course but more importantly, see how seniors are getting on with each other. Feel the positive energy in the room. Listen for the laughter. These are signs of an assisted living facility that is dedicated to serving active seniors that are aging but not old. If a senior can feel that energy, they will know they are on the right path to finding a care center that will help them stay active too.

Care in these assisted living facilities evolves around Assisted Daily Living, or ADL’s. This is personal assistance with daily tasks most often related to personal hygiene and mobility. For example, seniors may get a helping hand using the toilet or taking a shower. They may have someone help them dress and groom. They might enjoy a helping hand eating too. Additionally, they will benefit from medication management and regular health monitoring so they can enjoy the best possible health outcomes from the treatments their doctors have prescribed.

Seniors also get to forget about regular housekeeping and maintenance when they settle into an assisted living center. There are housekeeping and maintenance teams on board to get that done for them.

Some seniors will require care that goes beyond ADL’s. This is especially true for those dealing with various forms of dementia. For these seniors there is memory care, in a more secure and better organized environment where they can be kept safe while still being active. In these spaces, things like music, scents and touch are used to stimulate the recovery of memories and the development of new memories.

Eating to meet daily nutritional needs is important but that really isn’t enough for some of the best assisted living facilities. These care centers focus on delivering meals that touch the soul too. These are meals anyone would be thrilled to enjoy, and seniors in these assisted living centers get to enjoy them 3 times a day, every day.

Active seniors will stay active only as long as there are plenty of interesting things for them to do. They need a calendar of options that are filled with alternatives; things they love doing and things they have never tried but would like to experience. They want to have fun. They want to learn. And, they want to relax in the company of good friends they can share a laugh with. The best assisted living facilities will get to know their community of seniors and develop programs that achieve these goals.

Seniors aren’t going to give up privacy when they move into an assisted living facility. They may just be downsizing a bit from a home, to a private apartment. These are studio and one- or two-bedrooms suites they can comfortably call home, while they enjoy all of the benefits of living in a larger senior community.

Jewish living facilities in Colorado won’t be easy to put your finger on and it may need seniors to stretch their definition of a Jewish assisted living facility, but they can still find the life they are craving, in the company of other faithful seniors that share their desire to be closer to God.

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