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Jewish assisted living in Maryland has a wealth of resources available for the faithful as they consider transitioning from independent to assisted living. There are so many in fact that choosing one in this crowd could actually be tough. How do you choose just one among so many? We will highlight just a few and offer some suggestion on how you can evaluate these options.

Let’s start with the Charles E. Smith Life Communities. This company runs a group of 5 Jewish assisted living centers across the state that offer a full menu of care options, along with a true focus on the Jewish faith. Plus, they are pet friendly, which makes them both unusual and very welcome for those that love their four-legged companions or are dependent on a service animal that can help in the event of a health crisis.

Finally, we’ll highlight Weinberg Park, a Jewish assisted living center, that is part of the much larger CHAI group of senior communities. They offer what is commonly referred to as continuum care, meaning seniors are afford the option of aging in place rather than transitioning into a different care facility as their health needs change. They are also very well rated and they too are built around the celebration of the Jewish faith.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Maryland

Assisted living facilities, Jewish and otherwise, are just a bit more expensive that the national average, by about $300 per month. That means centers in Maryland will average about $4,300 per month. Rates climb much higher as they get closer to Washington D.C., climbing to as much as $6,200 and averaging $5,500.  Head north and west and prices can drop to less than $3,800, in places like Cumberland, MD. For most seniors there is a destination and care option in this state they will find manageable.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Maryland - Amenities

As a Jew, it is recognized that to be truly faithful is to be actively involved in the faith. It is a constant journey toward salvation, where a personal relationship with God is developed and strengthened along the way. It certainly isn’t just attending services on the Sabbath or occasionally eating a kosher meal. For these seniors, a Jewish assisted living center makes perfect sense as they can count on a level of spiritual care, alongside the physical care they need, that will help keep them on the right path.

Jewish Retirement Communities in Maryland - Religious Amenities

Each of the Jewish assisted living facilities we’ve highlighted, and many others in Maryland, are specifically centered on the Jewish faith which means they are actively guided by a Rabbi, and are connected to larger Jewish communities that offer many opportunities to become immersed many aspects of religious life. Of course, they will offer Sabbath and holiday services but they will also act as guide, teacher and counselor to the congregation.

The Jewish community will also offer many opportunities for seniors to get involved in all sorts of programs that are designed to help others. This type of community service is something that feeds the soul with positive energy while helping the faithful atone for their sins. A Jewish assisted living center, as an extension of the Jewish communities they are set in, will actively support their seniors as they seek to become involved.

Kosher dining is another very important element of Jewish life. Jewish assisted living facilities, including all of the ones we’ve highlighted, fully support kosher dining, with certified kosher kitchens and professional culinary staff that are well versed in meeting the strict kosher requirements while offering dishes that are both traditional and delicious. In many cases, they are also creative, with the introduction of new taste experiences that still remain truly kosher.

Jewish Assisted Living in Maryland - Amenities

As we age, we do not, by default, stop living and having fun. We just adjust and find new and exciting ways to enjoy life that recognizes the challenges of aging without surrendering to them. Seniors that understand this, thrive in environments that are energetic, busy places where something is always happening and where laughter and even a touch of irreverence is common place. That is what every active senior should hope to find in an assisted living center, and if they don’t, they should walk out and find another.

Assisted living facilities help maintain this energy level by helping address the challenges of aging head on. This is done through the delivery of Assisted Daily Living, often referred to as ADL’s, where seniors receive direct assistance with things like bathing, grooming and dressing. They will get help with eating too when motor skills are challenged. They will receive something known as ambulatory assistance, which is really just a fancy way of saying they will get help so they can remain mobile throughout the day. They also enjoy medication management and regular health monitoring so they can enjoy better treatment outcomes.

ADL’s are the first level of care. For other requiring rehabilitation and memory care, there are additional services available that are fully personalized to meet each resident’s needs. For Alzheimer’s patients in particular, this includes areas of the care center that are more secure and therapies that are specially designed to help restore lost memories, reconnect loved ones and help develop the ability to enjoy new and memorable experience.

Three times each day seniors enjoy great meals, that are delicious, nutritious and kosher but that is just part of the story. They are served in fine dining rooms, in the company of friends and even family, making them far more than just a meal. They are social experiences that help feed the soul and keep the good times rolling.

Activities are another key element in an assisted living center that helping keep energy levels high. From artisan shops the extended learning programs, they help engage both the physical and creative sides of each individual. Fitness is a big deal too and there are many different forms of physical fitness activities, designed to let everyone exercise in ways that recognize their unique challenges, and help them work past them. Of course, there is lots of pure fun, with games, entertainment and group outings that keep things light.

Every senior is offered a choice of apartments that range from studio units to one-bedroom apartments. Many also offer companion suites with a share living and dining space that is connected to two private bedrooms. They are fully furnished and designed to allow each senior to personalize the space so it becomes uniquely theirs.

The great news for those that need Jewish assisted living care in Maryland is, there are many to choose from and most are really well rated assisted living facilities for seniors that need to make the transition.

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