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Nebraska does offer some Jewish assisted living centers and those that are Christian so for faithful seniors that need some basic care, there are options in this state. They just aren’t as plentiful and that means choices may be a bit limited. The other limiting factor for Jewish seniors is the fact that there are only a few Jewish communities: 3 in Omaha and one in Lincoln, NE, where seniors can find support for their faith beyond the assisted living facility they select. Put that all together, and this is going to take a real commitment on the part of Jewish seniors to follow their faith.

One of the Jewish assisted living centers in Nebraska is the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home. This is actually a nursing home but can offer care levels that are more relaxed and appropriate for those needing just assisted living care. It is based in Omaha, NE. Still this home may not be appropriate for active seniors looking to settle into an active community.

Seniors can also consider assisted living centers like Kensington Evergreen and any of the three Waterford Communities that are close to Jewish communities but are themselves, secular care facilities. The fact is, if seniors can get the spiritual care they need from a local Jewish community, they won’t need to worry about finding a Jewish assisted living facility, and with that freedom comes many other choices.

Nebraska sets out some very definite challenges for faithful Jews but these challenges certainly aren’t insurmountable.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Nebraska

The average monthly rate for Jewish assisted living in Nebraska is about $4,200, which makes them just a bit cheaper than the national average of $4,000. Grand Island, NE, offers average rates that drop below $4,000 while Lincoln, NE, jumps to nearly $5,900 per month. Omaha sit right at the national average which means even here, there are assisted living options that will save seniors nicely over the long run.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Nebraska - Amenities

Being Jewish involves an active commitment to the faith where each senior is striving to nurture their personal relationship with God. That effort often is made easier by support for a Jewish community or at least a few fellow seniors that can help each other along the way. That is certainly toucher in a place like Nebraska and it will require seniors take a more independent and self-directed approach, but with a few key resources, it probably won’t be as hard as some might think.

Jewish Retirement Communities in Nebraska - Religious Amenities

The first thing any Jew needs is a Rabbi they can count on. This person is a preacher, a teacher and a guide and counselor. They are the spiritual rock faithful seniors can count on and if this was a Jewish assisted living center, they would be part of the care team. Since it is unlikely to be a Jewish home, the next best things would be to reach out to the local Jewish community and become active. If that proves impossible, the next best thing will be to go online.

If online is the best path, a great place to start is Chabad Center. They are online at and there you’ll find all sorts of faith-based support. They also have one of the most comprehensive Rabbinical resources call Ask A Rabbi, where seniors can find training and counseling pretty much anytime they need.

Atonement, meaning confession, restitution, and sacrifice are an important part of Jewish life. We all sin, and that is true no matter how hard we try not to. It is simply a fact that none of us is perfect. Through atonement; essentially doing good for others as recompense for one’s sins, Jews are able to find their way back into God’s good graces. The Chabad center is again, a good resource that can help seniors find their path to redemption.

The most challenging thing to do as an independent Jew is eat kosher. Seniors won’t find a kosher kitchen or culinary staff that are trained in preparing kosher meals. While many Christian and secular assisted living centers will likely be happy to add tradition Jewish dishes to the menu, but they still won’t be kosher. If seniors can reach out to a local Jewish community that could offer a solution, at least on the Sabbath and other Jewish holy days. Otherwise, go to and consider using your kitchen to prepare your own kosher dishes.

Assisted Living in Nebraska - General Amenities

To enjoy every day the God lord blesses us with in this life requires a commitment not to complain. It requires a commitment to look past the challenges of aging and enjoy the many things we are all still able to do. And, it is a commitment to push back on those challenges rather than simply bowing to them. This is what senior assisted living centers are designed for. They are a team of professional that are ready and able to help every senior live fully, without worrying about what they can and can’t do.

It all done with a really simple basics that can make a huge difference in the daily life of a senior and it can start right from the moment they get out of bed in the morning. A helping hand can make loosening stiff joint a whole lot easier. They often help with hygiene as well. Bathing is a good example where a senior may need a bit of a helping hand getting in and out of the shower or getting to all of those hard to reach places. Then there grooming and dressing, eating and just being able to confidently get from place to place throughout the day. Plus, there is medication management and health monitoring sop treatments have a good chance of being effective. These are the basics known as ADL’s, (Assisted Daily Living).

For seniors suffering with Alzheimer’s disease, their needs go well beyond the basics. They need memory care; a set of sensory and tactile therapies that help restore lost memories while helping improve short term memory. These are offered in a setting that is more secure and better organized so seniors are less likely to suffer outbursts resulting from anxiety, depression, confusion and frustration.

Meals are served 3 times a day and these are typically restaurant quality offerings. They can be shared in the company of others in wonderful dining rooms or enjoyed privately in a senior’s apartment.

Life is never boring in an assisted living center with activities that fill each day with a host of fun and interesting things to do. These can include all sorts of skills classes, artisan programs, fitness activities, games, entertainment, group outings, and plenty of time to just sit and enjoy the company of good friends.

Apartments in assisted living facilities provide privacy and generally come in three sizes, companion suites that have two bedrooms, one-bedroom apartment and studio/efficiency units.

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