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Tennessee has very few Jewish assisted living facilities available even though there are dozens of active Jewish communities in the state. In most places, there is a greater balance given the greater need to serve faithful Jewish seniors. In Tennessee, there must be a number of secular assisted living centers, in and around the many Jewish communities, that are serving the needs of these Jewish communities.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Tennessee

Jewish assisted living facilities, and secular assisted living facilities are right on the mark, compared to the nation average of $4,000 per month. Chattanooga, TN, has the lowest average cost, at $3,225, but there individual Jewish assisted living centers, Like Grace manor in Nashville where staring rates can drop to $2,500 per month. Prices are another area where extra attention will be required. There are some really great deals to go along with some really great Jewish centers for seniors in Tennessee.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Tennessee - Amenities

Living an active life as a Jew requires commitment. It required a constant striving to build a meaningful and personal relationship with God. This doesn’t happen simply by attending weekly Shabbat services or appearing at the synagogue for important holidays. It requires much more dedication and to remain dedicated often requires support from other Jews that are committed to the same faithful path.

Jewish Retirement Communities in Tennessee - Religious Amenities

That support starts in the synagogue where services are held, where teaching takes place and where counseling is offered. This is the spiritual anchor of the community where the faithful turn in times of great joy and the deepest sorrow. Even in a Jewish assisted living facility, the local synagogue will still play this important role in their spiritual lives.

The Rabbi is also incredibly important. The path to building a personal relationship with God takes hard work and those on that path often find the need to reach out for support. This is the Rabbi’s most important role. They will help keep the faithful on the righteous path to God’s loving embrace and forgiveness.

On this path to God’s loving embrace, even the best of us will stray. We will sin. We will lose focus. Jews recognize this and understand the very real need to atone meaningfully for these indiscretions. They understand that this is the only way they can return to God’s loving embrace and they are helped in that process by the Jewish community they call home. There will be many opportunities to get actively involved for the good of others that will help them find redemption in God’s eyes.

Kosher dining is an important part of Jewish life and in a Jewish assisted living facility, it is easy to stay kosher. They will be certified by the proper authorities so seniors can enjoy dining with the knowledge that they are remaining true to this tenet of their faith. In a secular assisted living facility this won’t be as easy. They will need to do more of their own food preparation and reach out to the local Jewish community for support.

Jewish Assisted Living in Tennessee - General Amenities

Assisted living centers provide direct care for all of these things with a set of tasks that are referred to as ADL’s or Assisted Daily Living tasks. These include help with mobility so seniors can stay confidently active. They also provide direct assistance with dressing, bathing and grooming, as well as assistance using the toilet. Medications are managed to help ensure better treatment outcomes and health is monitored to quickly identify any developing health issues. In addition, daily housekeeping and maintenance are handled without seniors every having to worry about picking up a mop or climbing a ladder.

There are additional levels of care as well to help those seniors that need rehabilitation therapy or who may be suffering with Alzheimer’s disease. For the latter, assisted living facilities offer memory care which is a combination of sensation therapies using music, smell, taste and touch, and greater security so these patients are less likely to wander off get lost.

Community managers in these assisted living facilities work to develop a wide range of programs that help seniors keep happily busy, both mentally and physically. There are fitness programs, craft programs, hands-on learning programs, plus a whole lot of fun, games and entertainment that adds to the excitement of each new day.

Meals are served three times a day, in fine dining rooms and share around the table with good friends. They are selected from a well-planned menu and prepared by professional chefs that never forget that nutritional value is worthless if the food doesn’t taste great, from start to finish.

Apartments in Jewish retirement communities and in assisted living facilities offer seniors both a slice of home and the privacy they desire. These are laid out in studio or efficiency designs and one- or two-bedroom apartments. For those that are on a tight budget or just like the comradery of sharing, there are also semi-private suites.

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