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For faithful Jews hoping to find a Jewish assisted living facility in Delaware, there may be some work to be done. In Delaware there are 3 Jewish communities in the state, 2 of which are located in Wilmington. It may be necessary for seniors to settle for an assisted living facility in one of these three communities or look to one of the neighboring states where Jewish assisted living centers are plentiful.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Delaware

Delaware is one of the most expensive states in the country when it comes to assisted living. The average monthly rate tops $6,100, making this state more that 33% more expensive when compared to the national average of $4,000 per month. The costs are also fairly consistent across the state so whether it’s Wilmington or Dover, the rates won’t vary very much, if at all.  These rates cover all of the basic care seniors will need and a studio apartment setting.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Delaware - Amenities

As a faithful Jew, life is a mission of constant improvement and atonement, all leading to a strong personal relationship with God. It is an unrelenting effort to better understand the faith and to grow stronger in the belief that God is watching over us and is anxiously hoping that he can welcome us into his paradise. It is this life-long commitment that makes Jewish assisted living facilities so helpful, but in the absence of any, seniors will have to work harder to find the right path into the light of redemption.

Jewish Assisted Living in Delaware - Religious Amenities

First, seniors will have to use numerous online resources and their fellow Jews to be able to study the Torah. They will have to find creative ways to attend services.  They will need to find community outreach programs that help enrich their faithful journey. They will have to take the lead and find their own path to a spiritually nourishing relationship with God.

They will also need to get creative when it comes to atoning for sins. In a Jewish community, this could take the form of group prayer and goods works with and across communities. In a secular community, seniors will have to find a different path to atonement that may be a bit more challenging. Oddly though, it may make those works even more pleasing to God who will know how much harder these independent Jewish seniors have had to work.

Kosher dining will also be a challenge and the best way to meet this one may be for seniors to do more of the cooking in their own apartments, rather than depending fully on the meals offered by the assisted living center. When they will join the community for meals in the dining room, they can choose dishes carefully to avoid foods that should not be on their menu and dishes that combine things like meat and cheese.

There are three keys to providing assisted living care in a way that seniors will welcome. These keys include compassionate care, constant respect and a deep well of patience. In Jewish assisted living facilities, where the care team would likely share the faith, these qualities would be almost automatic. In other care centers, it may not be quite so certain. Seniors need to meet the staff and talk to residents in an effort to determine how well the care team lives up to the key standards.

Jewish Retirement Homes in Delaware - Amenities

Whether they share the faith or not, seniors that are ready to transition into an assisted living center are nor ready to completely abandon their independence and their zest for life. They are making this move as a healthy way to adjust while they continue to enjoy a full and active life. It is these seniors that thrive in assisted living facilities and even for those that may not come in with a positive attitude, the community of seniors they will be surrounded by may well bring them back to a life of active enjoyment.

ADL’s are the rule of the day in assisted living facilities. These are Assisted Daily Living tasks that offer seniors a direct hand with a wide range of personal hygiene requirements, while also helping them stay up, active and happily engaged in each day’s activities. This includes medication management and regular health monitoring as well health outcomes can be improved and maintained over a longer period of time. Add in the fact that someone else takes care of housekeeping and maintenance and seniors are left with very little to worry about beyond having fun and making lots of new friends.

Seniors dealing with the effects of dementia will need a higher level of care. They will still benefit from ADL’s but they also need special therapies that help them reviver lost memories, enjoy new and memorable experiences and better manages the emotions that will run the gamut from confusion, to frustration and depression. This is all covered by Memory Care.

Meal time is an opportunity to experience much more than nutritional fulfillment. This is an opportunity to share great meals with good friends in the very same way that would have been the case when seniors lived independently. Three times a day, this is an opportunity to make a trip to your favorite restaurant, with your favorite companions, without having to worry about driving, parking and waiting for a table.

Beyond the meals, seniors will enjoy a long list of activities these assisted living centers will have designed specifically for them and their interests. They will most certainly include fitness programs, educational opportunities, hands-on crafts and other creative pastimes, games, entertainment, group outings and much more that make everyday something seniors will be thrilled to dive into.

As mentioned earlier, seniors enjoy a private apartment they can call home. they can relax in these studios or one- and two-bedroom suites. They can invite friends in for a meal, or a coffee. Essentially, they can do all these things in these private living spaces that they enjoyed doing when they were living independently, but with the care they need just a quick call away. 

Jewish living facilities in Delaware may be challenging to find but for committed seniors that are determined to live faithfully, this is just a challenge that they can meet and conquer.

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