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In California, even the most basic search for Jewish assisted living facilities turns up dozens of very well rated care centers worth considering. In a combination of privately owned and operated homes and those that are part of larger companies with multiple care facilities, there are almost too many choices for anyone to be able to easily sort through. Let’s look at an example of Jewish assisted living in California.

We’ll start with The Reutlinger Community Schiff Center for Life. This is a continuum Jewish assisted living facility that is owned by a larger company but is locally operated. This allows them to benefit from the strength of the larger parent while still being able to act independently to meet the specific needs of their residents.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in California

For about $500 more per month, over the national average of $4,000, Californian can find some very good Jewish assisted living residences that will be reasonably kind to their budgets. For example, Merced, CA, offer average monthly rates that a bit less than $3,200 per month and Riverside, CA, where the rates are still under the national average, at $3,525.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in California - Amenities

As with all of the Judeo-Christian faiths, being Jewish requires an active commitment to living faithfully and that means, a commitment that goes much further that just attending a weekly service and observing an important religious holiday. It requires prayer, it requires learning, and in the Jewish faith, it requires a constant effort to atone for one’s sins on the way to building a stronger and more rewarding personal relationship with God. Jewish assisted living facilities help seniors accomplish this in a few very important ways.

Jewish Retirement Homes in California - Religious Amenities

The first thing a Jewish assisted living facility will offer is a Rabbi, either on staff and brought in from the local Jewish community, that will help seniors in prayer, will offer spiritual guidance, and will help educate their community so each member can find deeper understanding of their faith. In many cases, these Rabbis will also be qualified and happy to works with those of others faiths, but as Rabbis, they are especially important to Jews.

Part of what a Rabbi will do is to help seniors understand their own weaknesses so they can work to strengthen them and so they can atone for their faults. This is their path to redemption, in the eyes of God and their Rabbi is their guide along this path. Along this path are opportunities to do good works for the benefit of others and a Jewish assisted living facility will certainly need to play an active role in helping seniors reach out and find opportunities to do these good deeds.

A Jewish assisted living facility will have a Kosher kitchen, and that means they will effectively have two kitchens, one for the preparation of means and another for the preparation of all dairy products. These kitchens will be inspected regularly and certified Kosher.

Caregivers must bring large measure of compassion, respect and patience to their work in order to help senior get past the discomfort. Caregivers that share the Jewish faith will being these qualities to their work naturally and that is why a Jewish assisted living facility can be so much more comforting for Jewish seniors.

Jewish Assisted Living in California - Amenities

For seniors that haven’t experienced life in a care center, one of the things that surprises them most when they do visit for the first time is the laughter and positive energy that pervades these centers. These seniors enjoy a zest for life that is unmistakable and often infectious. You can help but join the fun when there is some much of it surrounding you each and every day. It is this group effect that might be the very best reason for seniors to consider life in an assisted living facility. It is the personal care that makes all of this possible.

Care is known as Assisted Daily Living or ADL’s and it includes a set of personal care tasks that address personal hygiene and health. It starts with assistance as needed to bathe, use the toilet, dress and groom. It provides assistance so seniors can remain confidently mobile. There is medication management and health monitoring as well to help ensure the best treatment outcomes for all. It also helps relieve seniors from having to worry about daily living tasks like housekeeping and maintenance around the home.

On top of the ADL’s, Memory Care Centers offer help to seniors dealing with dementia. It starts with setting aside a section of the facility that is more secure so seniors won’t wander off and wind up getting lost and in trouble. It than provides a set therapies that help seniors reconnect with lost memories and development new ones, while keeping negative emotions like confusion, frustration and anxiety in check. Together, this is known as Memory Care.

Dining is a special event that is repeated 3 times a day, every day. Meals are prepared by professional chefs that take time getting to know what their community loves and then building on that to introduce news things that often becomes community favorites. Seniors get to share these meals with friends and even family, in lovely dining rooms that are full of great fun and lots of positive energy.

An active senior is a healthier senior so assisted living centers off an exciting calendar of events and programs that make each day something to look forward to. It could be games on Monday, and educational program on Tuesday, fitness programs, both indoors and outdoors, just about every day, and games and entertainment to fill the rest of the days. Bottom line is, there is no room for boredom in a well-run assisted living

As their home, within these assisted living center homes, seniors have private apartments to settle into. They are normally set out in one-and two-bedroom apartments, but will also include studio suites for those that prefer smaller and more intimate living arrangement.

Jewish living facilities in California won’t require all that much work to find but it will require some effort in trying to find the best on this long list of choices. Give us a call to learn more about Jewish Assisted Living in your area.

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