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Jewish assisted living facilities in Arizona, can be found without too much trouble, but there aren’t many, and some of those that are out there are open to every faith.

That doesn’t mean faithful seniors will lose a critically important religious connection. It just means they will have to work a bit harder to maintain their faith and to develop a community of others that they can share their faith with. The next way to do that may be to find an assisted living center that is set in a Jewish community. With easy access to the local Synagogue and a faithful community, there will be many opportunities to stay connected to the faith and continue on the path to building a personal relationship with God.

For those that would like to see what a Jewish Assisted Living Center in the state of Arizona looks like, visit the Kivel Campus of Care in Phoenix or any of the 5 Starfish Care Homes, in and around the Tucson area. These are good examples of centers that are influenced by the Jewish faith.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Arizona

Arizona’s rates for Jewish assisted living, as well as all other types of homes, averages $3,750 per month, or about $250 under the national average of $4,000 per month. Cities like Yuma are less expensive at $3,450 per month and in the middle of the pack are Prescott and Phoenix that both come in at $3,500 per month. Tucson, AZ, is the costliest alternative, with a monthly average that tops $4,700 per month.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Arizona - Amenities

Living an actively faithful life as a Jew requires a few unique things that are only found in Jewish Assisted Living facilities or in assisted living centers with large Jewish populations.

Jewish Senior Homes in Arizona - Religious Amenities

First, living a faithful life as a Jew requires a living environment that is supportive of pray, that consistently observant of faithful activities like Sabbath services, as well as all of the most important Jewish holidays. Even simple things like supporting the lighting of the Sabbat candle at sundown on Friday will be an important practice for faithful Jews. These must be consistently observed without reservation.

Atonement is a foundational principle in the Jewish faith. No matter how hard we try, none of us is perfect and we must work hard to correct our imperfections and atone for the damage those imperfections as they impact our souls and the wellbeing of those around us. This is accomplished both through prayer and by reaching out and doing good for others. A Jewish assisted living center will have to recognize this critically important effort and support programs that help seniors find peace with God.

Eating Kosher is another uniquely Jewish requirement. It sets out specific methods for preparing foods, and defines certain dietary restrictions that must be observed. For example, in Kosher dining, pork is off the menu and in Kosher kitchens, dairy and meat products are prepared in unique spaces that ensure no cross contamination. Whether this is a Jewish assisted living center or not, it must help support this critical requirement for their Jewish residents.

In delivering assisted living care, there are certain values that must be consistently applied.  These include compassion, discretion, respect and patience. For Jews, these are basic tenets for how life, in every setting, should be lived. For caregivers that share the faith, it will be easier for them to brings these values to their efforts with far greater consistency.

Jewish Retirement Communities in Arizona - Amenities

If a senior walks into an assisted living facility and it isn’t a lively setting where seniors are engaged, having fun, and enjoying the company of others, they will have found an assisted living facility where seniors are on an unfortunate downward path that will not end well. If, on the other hand, it is a lively environment, filled with laughter, and lots of activities that have people engaged, they have found a home where age is little more than a challenge that can be overcome, and where life remains active and fulfilling. These are the best of the best assisted living facilities.

To help make that happen for seniors, assisted living facilities provide Daily Assisted Living care (ADL’s), that include direct help with things like bathing, dressing, grooming and using the toilet. It is a helping hand so seniors can remain confidently mobile and involved in life. It is medication management so doses are taken as they should be and treatment outcomes can be improved. It is health monitoring too, so any new problems that might develop can be identified and treat early.

For Jewish seniors dealing with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, there is memory care. This care goes above and beyond ADL, with therapies that are designed to stimulate memory recovery, along with the development of new memories that make life richer and less emotionally stressful. This is what memory care is all about.

Meals are events, each and every time seniors gather in the dining room for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These are professionally prepared meals, full over both old favorites, traditional dishes, and new experiences that often become favorites. They are nutritionally balance too so seniors can enjoy guilt-free dining. All-day snacks also help keep metabolisms and sugar levels in check.

Staying active means staying engaged in a wide range of activities that help make each day fun and exciting. These can include staples like arts & crafts, wood working, fitness and more. But to be really interesting, they also include many educational opportunities that help expand skills and experiences. There are also lots of simple fun in the form of games, entertainment, social events and community outings.

Seniors enjoy privacy in apartments that are typically styled as studio suites and one-bedroom units. These are personal spaces that can be dressed to make them feel like the real home they are intended to become for every resident. For those residents in assisted living that want to share with a family member of close friend, they may also find two-bedroom apartments that can be shared and for those on a tight budget, they may find semi-private rooms that are share with 2 to 4 seniors.

Jewish living facilities in Arizona don’t offer a long list of options but still, there are good options that will be well worth considering.

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