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There aren’t many Jewish retirement homes in Oklahoma, still some options exist for those who are looking for an assisted living that will support their faith. For example, Brookdale Village, in Oklahoma City is strongly rated at 4.5-stars and is close enough the Temple B’nai Israel. This offers the possibility that residents there can easily reach out to that Jewish community for their support. It also offers the possibility that there will be other Jewish seniors in residence there so a senior coming in will not feel totally alone.

There will be similar options as well so seniors should not give up hope of finding something where they can live their faith while enjoying a bit of needed care.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Oklahoma

Monthly rates for Jewish assisted living centers in Oklahoma come in at about $3,500, making this state about $500 less expensive than the average rates across the US. This is pretty consistent across the entire state as well, so most any city will be relatively budget-friendly. Tulsa, OK, is the only exception, with rates that average $4,370 month. That isn’t wildly higher though so there is a fair chance of finding something affordable, regardless of where seniors chose to settle.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Oklahoma - Amenities

Seniors that are committed to living a life that is active and spiritually rich will want to find a Jewish assisted living facility that focuses on delivering 4 critical amenities. In the absence of any of these, the next best choice may be to find an assisted living facility that is part of a larger Jewish community and it set close to the church that anchors that community. Either way, these 4 amenities will have a serious positive impact on life.

Jewish Retirement Communities in Oklahoma - Religious Amenities

In Jewish communities there is the synagogue and that synagogue provides its spiritual center. It’s a contemplative center that focuses its members and works to bring each closer to finding a personal relationship with God. The chapel in an assisted living facility plays this same important role, but with less focus as it will be shared by many. Still, this place of worship also provides the spiritual anchor for these communities, where God is always in focus and prayer is woven into just about everything that happens. Whether seniors have found a Jewish assisted living facility or a center in a Jewish community, these synagogues and chapels have a critical role to play in their future.

Rabbis provide focus, guidance and learning. They take the congregation under their wings and actively work to help each member find their faith in God in ways that they may not have realized without the Rabbi’s support.  They may not be in-house and on staff but as long as they are close and on-call, they can provide seniors the guidance they will need to stay true to their faith.

A Rabbi and the greater Jewish community also help seniors as they strive to atone for their sins throughout life. The fact that we are all imperfect is undeniable. The fact that God will look past these sins when we are truly repentant and atone for those sins is equally undeniable. The Rabbi and the community can help seniors find the right path to atonement so each has the potential to restore or refresh their personal relationship with God.

When Jewish seniors do not find the support of a Jewish assisted living facility, they are faced with a real challenge when it comes to eating kosher. At the very least, they need to find homes that will help them find kosher ingredients they may use to prepare their own meals or at least ensure that seniors can reach out to the local Jewish community for support.

Jewish Assisted Living in Oklahoma - General Amenities

When people are working, and supporting families, the longing for a simpler and happier life in retirement isn’t all that unusual. It’s not too hard to imagine how much more enjoyable life will be as weight of responsibilities eases. Unfortunately, getting to that stage brings a new set of challenges for many, that are the direct result of aging. Aching bones, arthritic joints, failing memory, reduced strength and stamina can make the reality of retirement far different from what was imagined.

Assisted living centers are designed to ease all of these discomforts so life in retirement can actually look and feel a lot like what seniors had been hoping for. It starts with caregivers, playing an active role in the daily activities associated with personal hygiene. These are typically known as ADL’s and they form the core of care provide by these teams. Complimenting that core is medication management and health monitoring that helps seniors stay healthier and more active.

Assisted living centers also eliminate most of the daily chores associated with house cleaning and maintenance, with teams that step in a deal with these requirements. That includes doing personal laundry, cleaning personal apartments and repairing things in those apartments so everything is running as it should, without stress.

Apartments are the way privacy is enjoyed in the assisted living facilities. Seniors have the ability to choose a space they will be comfortable calling home, from a set of studio apartments, one-bedroom suites, and semi-private or companion rooms and apartments. The semi-private rooms are normally shared by 2 or 4 seniors. Companion apartments are designed to accommodate two family members or close friends that are happy to share some while also saving some over the cost of an individual one-bedroom apartment.

For seniors fighting battles with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, there is memory care. For these seniors, they enjoy a more secure and more organized living environment, where distractions are minimized so attention can be given to therapies that help recover lost memories, and create new ones. These therapies are designed to help seniors and their loved ones reconnect while hopefully slowing the progress of these diseases.

Assisted living facilities strive to provide three really enjoyable meals each day. They are part of a menu of dishes that offer great favorites while introducing some new things seniors may come to love. Meals are prepared by professional teams, guided by strained dieticians, and enjoyed in the company of fellow seniors, joining together in fine dining rooms. Seniors also enjoy all-day snacks that help them maintain blood sugar and energy levels.

There are some good senior living options in Oklahoma that will help seniors to live an active and spiritually fulfilling life.

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