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In Georgia, seniors won’t have to look very far to locate a well-respected Jewish assisted living facility and there are a really nice mix of owner operated and large company run residences. They are dotted across the state as well so most every large community has something to offer the faithful Jewish senior looking for an assisted living center that will help care for both the physical and spiritual health.

Take Jewish Home Life as a good example. They offer a network of 9 Jewish senior care centers, with care options for seniors at every stage of life. This offers seniors the opportunity to age in place so one move is the only move they will need to get the kind of care they require today and into the future.

Allegro is another strong option for Jewish assisted living, with care centers in Alpharetta, Buckhead and Marietta, Georgia. These are all specifically assisted living communities but each one is attached to independent living communities and full nursing home facilities so again; seniors can age in place when they select one of these care centers.

There are plenty of others to consider so look at these are just a good place to get started on this search.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Georgia

Jewish assisted living facilities in in this state are precisely in line with the national average of $4,000 per month but there are some pretty wide swings in the pricing as seniors search various cities in this state. For example, average monthly rates drop to $3,600 in Warner Robins, Georgia while Brunswick, GA, jumps to $6,000 per month. Atlanta, where the majority of Christian assisted living facilities are based is also reasonable inexpensive, at $3,750 per month, so overall, Georgia is a pretty budget-friendly destination.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Georgia - Amenities

As any faithful senior will know, being a Jew is more than just attending services on the Sabbath. It is more than a Passover Seder feast. Being a faithful Jew is being committed to living a good and honest life that is full of prayer and a never-ending quest to build an ever-stronger personal relationship with God. It is prayer and atonement. It is traditions and history. It is a religion that shapes the very essence of who we are as faithful Jews. Any Jewish assisted living center will need to understand the true nature of this faithful way of living and work to support every senior that has chosen to follow this path to redemption.

Jewish Assisted Living in Georgia - Religious Amenities

The first way they do that is by bringing a Rabbi in to help guide these communities of faithful seniors. They are teachers and counselors. They lead services and help lead each senior to a deeper appreciation and understanding of their faith. The Rabbi may not be a full-time member of the staff but they should be available 24/7 to address the needs of the community as they arise.

Eating kosher is another key for the faithful. Jewish assisted living facilities will need to provide kosher meals that adhere to all of the guidelines about what can be served and how meals are to be prepared. They also need to stay true to the traditional dishes that will have marked joyous times in the lives of all their residents. The Rabbi will either be able to certify compliance or help organize inspections that will lead to these certifications and seniors should be sure to have a look at these as they consider each home.

Going from independent living to assisted living where help is needed with some of the most basic personal hygiene tasks can be extremely uncomfortable. This will be especially true of the care they receive is devoid of any real compassion or patience. Fortunately, these are qualities that are common among Jews and so, the care teams in these Jewish assisted living facilities can be expected to bring these qualities to their care in a completely natural way.

Jewish Retirement Homes in Georgia - Amenities

Some seniors see each new ache and pain as an opportunity to complain and do less. Others see these as natural signs of aging that can be challenged. They are nothing more than a bump in the road. All they ever do is slow just long enough to get over the bump and then they are right back at life that is active, interesting and always fulfilling. This is the attitude every senior needs to adopt and it is this attitude that a good assisted living facility will help every senior maintain.

They do that by providing Assisted Daily Living care; a series of personal assistances that help seniors deal with the daily basics like bathing, using the toilet, grooming and dressing. They help seniors get up and around too so everyone stays active and engaged with all that is fun in the community. These assisted living facilities also take charge of medications and help monitor health so seniors can get the best results from their treatments and continue to live actively.

When Alzheimer’s enters the picture, seniors need more than just assisted daily living. They need memory care and a safer and more secure environment that can help keep them from getting into trouble. They also need specialized therapies that helps them recover lost memories, reconnect with loved ones, and begin developing new memories that help enrich each day. Memory care doesn’t cure the disease but it can help slow its progress, so the quality of life they do enjoy is far richer.

Dining in as assisted living facility is certainly much more than just nourishment. It is nothing like cafeteria or hospital food that is balance but dull and often flavorless. Dining in these assisted living centers is more like a trip to your favorite restaurant, three times a day if you wish, where you can share excellent meals with good friends while you enjoy a few laughs and some great conversation.

One of the secrets to living a long and active life is to stay both physically and mentally active. Assisted living centers help make that happen by bring seniors a long list of activities that include fitness, for the body and crafts and learning activities for the mind. Plus, there is the emotional health that comes from plain old fun and games, mix with a healthy dose of entertainment. These things keep seniors enthusiastically engaged in life and that inevitably leads to a longer and healthier life.

Privacy is offered in the form of apartment living. These living spaces comes in sizes that range from one and two-bedroom apartments, as well as efficiency suites. Each of these apartments can be personalized and with well equipped kitchens, they are every bit as welcoming for entertaining friends and family and the old family home was.

It won’t take much effort to find a really good Jewish Assisted Living center in Georgia. The only real problem may be in deciding which of the many good choice will be best.

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