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Missouri is a tough place for Jewish assisted living. There are some Jewish retirement communities but they are few and far between so senior may find it tough to find one in their preferred community. When they do find one, the next challenge will be finding an available space you can settle into.

One of the few truly Jewish assisted living centers is the Gladys & Henry Crown Center for Senior Living, based in St. Louis where the majority of Jewish communities can also be found. This care center has all of the services seniors would expect in any good assisted living center, plus kosher meals and may most uniquely, an extensive focus on volunteer programs that help senior atone while giving back to the community.

For seniors that are willing to consider other alternatives for assisted living, centers like Charter Senior Living is an excellent alternative. Most importantly though is their easy access to 3 different Jewish community centers and synagogues.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Missouri

In addition to so many good choices, seniors will be thrilled to learn that rates for Jewish assisted living facilities are much more budget-friendly than they are in just about any state in the union. While national rate average $4,000 per month, the average rate in Missouri is just $3,000 and there isn’t a single city in this state where the averages climb beyond $3,500. Go west to Joplin, St. Joseph and Kansas City, MO, and they are all well under the state average.

Amenities in Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Missouri

It may be difficult to live life as a Jew with so few Jewish assisted living centers available. But difficult does not mean impossible. It just means seniors may have to think outside the box a bit and take on a great measure of responsibility for the faithful lives.

Jewish Retirement Communities in Missouri - Religious Amenities

The first difficulty will be finding a Rabbi to help lead service and provide both teaching and counseling. Get close to any of the Jewish communities in Missouri and that will become much easier.

Having the support of a Rabbi to lead services in person and to help teach and counsel is a great help. You can find this support in the local Jewish communities or once again, you can look online for this support. Visit Chabad.org and check out their Ask A Rabbi service or join once of the many source for live streaming Shabbat and other Jewish holiday services.

Atonement, that combines confession with restitution and sacrifice are also important facets of Jewish life and here again, there are online resources that help with prayer and other creative ways to give to the community. Once again, Chabad.org is a good place to start on the path to atonement.

Eating kosher is important and unfortunately difficult when living outside of a Jewish care center or community, so the first thing to look at are assisted living centers that are in easy reach of Jewish assisted living centers or communities. Otherwise, get help shopping for kosher ingredients and if you need, visit kosher.com for all the support most seniors will need to prepare their own kosher meals.

Jewish Assisted Living - General Amenities

Getting old, whether conscious or unconscious, is a choice. It is not and never will be inevitable. We have been built to live like fully and actively and as long as we maintain a positive outlook on life, we can do exactly that. Seniors just need a bit of a helping hand to make that work for them.

If you are the kind of senior that absolutely refuses to be hobbled by the challenges of aging, you may need Assisted Daily Living care, and that is exactly what seniors find in an assisted living center. This is direct assistance with basic hygiene and mobility that helps deal directly with aching muscles, stiff joints, uncertain balance and limited stamina. Plus, seniors are assisted with medications so they are never missed, and they are monitored for developing health issues so they can get early treatment.

Alzheimer’s creates an additional level of care needs for seniors. These include a more secure living environment, along with sensory and tactile therapies that help restore lost memories and help seniors enjoy and retain the memories that come with new experiences.

Meals are served 3 times a day, either in private apartments or in fine dining rooms where they can be shared with fellow seniors. They are prepared in professional kitchens, by respected chefs who understand how to balance great flavors and textures with balanced nutrition.

Activities help create a life full of fun, laughter and the opportunity to continually learn new things. These are the traits of an active life that keeps seniors engaged and constantly looking forward. Assisted living centers spend a good deal of time designing programs that accomplish exactly this while tapping into many of the things their senior community has always done or wished they could try.

Privacy is available with individual apartments. Seniors will have to determine how much space they need and then select a studio unit, one-bedroom apartment and companion suite with two bedrooms. Monthly rates will be set based on the size of the selected apartment.

With some effort it is possible to find Jewish senior living options that will offer an opportunity to continue building a personal relationship with God.

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