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Jewish assisted living centers in Connecticut are specifically focused on helping faithful seniors follow their Jewish heart as they journey toward a strong and personal relationship with God.

Let’s start with Jewish Senior Services, a senior living campus in southern Connecticut, where seniors are immersed in a faithful community of caregivers and fellow seniors. In this community, seniors will find a wide range of services for seniors at all stages of life but in particular, they will find a dedicated Jewish retirement home, that includes 32 apartments for active seniors in need of basic daily assistance.

Next on the list of Jewish assisted living facilities seniors can explore The Towers, in New Haven, Connecticut, with more than 300 apartments, spread across two towers. It isn’t fancy but it is unabashedly Jewish, so for seniors looking for a faithful place to call home, this could be a wonderful choice.

Finally, seniors may want to have a look at Hoffman SummerWood A Hebrew Senior Care Service in West Hartford. This is a combination of independent and assisted living, in a distinctly Jewish community, with all of the spiritual care programs seniors should hope to find. This one in particular seem unique, with their TRYUS program, where seniors actually get the chance to try them out before making a final decision about relocating.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Connecticut

Connecticut, not surprisingly, is a bit expensive when it comes to assisted living. At about 20% more than the national average of $4,000 per month, Jewish assisted living facilities could be a bit tough for seniors to handle on a fix, but there are less expensive options too. In New Haven, rates drop below $3,800 per month. The opposite is true in Bridgeport where rates skyrocket to more than $6,700 per month.  These are average rates for basic care, with a studio apartment to call home.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Connecticut - Amenities

Living a faithful life is one that looks beyond the self and seeks to do good for others. It is an active journey toward a life filled with faith and trust in God’s mercy, all while working to earn that mercy by remaining actively committed to the faith. This isn’t a path that can be traveled with only the occasional pray. It isn’t a destination that will be reached by attending a weekly service or by observing Passover. This takes an active commitment that is far easier to stick to when in the company of others that are equally dedicated to traveling the same road. This is why Jewish assisted living facilities are so important.

Jewish Retirement Homes in Connecticut - Religious Amenities

Let’s start with the Rabbi. This one individual can shape the very spirit of a Jewish assisted living facility with a commitment to prayer and teaching. In Jewish centers, this will often be a full-time role that is offered in-house, so the Rabbi is always available to meet the needs of the faithful at a moment’s notice.

Then, seniors need to look at the daily activities that are part of daily life in these Jewish assisted living centers. Are they filled with opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of the faith and do they offer opportunities for seniors to atone for their shortcomings? A faithful Jew understands that no one is perfect but, that doesn’t mean we don’t keep striving for perfection while actively atoning for their failures. It is in this way that they find the surest chance of earning God’s undying mercy.

Eating kosher is more than just a requirement as a faithful Jew. It is a source of great memories, with wonderful foods that have marked our lives with priceless memories. A Jewish assisted living facility will certainly offer kosher dining but they will also offer dishes that bring back those cherished memories through a combination of smells and flavors. Yes, they will be certified. No, they will not serve prohibited foods. But what they are really offering is an experience that is born of faith and enthusiastically welcomes residents.

There are three rules in caring for seniors in an assisted living environment. Serve with compassion, treat seniors with respect, and have patience. When the care team shares the Jewish faith, these qualities are often automatic. They are simply part of life as a Jew. They aren’t things that are turned on or off. They are simply ways of treating others that a has been taught from the time we made our first friend and began meeting people outside of our homes. In Jewish assisted living centers, seniors can expect these qualities to be equally automatic among the caregivers.

Jewish Assisted Living in Connecticut - Amenities

Go to your favorite community restaurant and there is a good chance you’ll find a group of seniors, enjoying a meal together with a lively bunch of friends. They probably won’t be to boisterous as they will be mindful of others around them, but there will be no doubt that they are having a good time. This is what senior living can and should always be about. It should be a life full of opportunities to actively enjoy life, whether around a dinner table, or over a lively game of bridge. Seniors don’t stop living just because they are getting older and any assisted living center that is worth calling home will help make that happen.

The first things they will do is help seniors deal with their daily needs so aging doesn’t become a barrier to an active life. This includes help with bathing, dressing and grooming. It includes help getting up and around so they can continue to be active. It delivers medication management and health monitoring so treatments can actually work well and early. It relieves seniors of the need to worry about doing chores around the house too because who likes to do laundry and climb a ladder to change a light bulb. These are the basics commonly known as ADL’s (Assisted Daily Living).

The next things assisted living facilities do is to curate a wide variety of activities that give every senior lots of great ways to fill their days. Being active is one of the keys to being healthy so these activities will include things like fitness programs that help keep bodies flexible, while helping to improve stamina. They will also include food for the mind in the form of educational opportunities. Finally, they include lots of opportunities for just having fun, with games and all sorts of entertainment.

In line with having fun, meals are another opportunity to do much more than just offer nourishment. These are dining experiences, that happen 3 times a day, and include all sorts of culinary treats, including dishes that are all-time favorites, and others that challenge the palette with new tastes that might become favorites. In many assisted living facilities, chefs will also invite residents to share their favorite recipes so the entire community can experience something new and wonderful.

When transitioning into an assisted living facility, it is a transition into apartment living for many. Essentially, it is downsizing that does not require giving up privacy. Apartments, in sizes that range from studio suite to one- and two-bedroom units provide comfortable living spaces that have all the trappings of a real home worth setting into.

Jewish living facilities in Connecticut offer many options. It might be a bit expensive but it is likely to be very rewarding. It’s just a matter of finding the right one among so many choices.

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