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Oregon has a pretty thin selection of Jewish assisted living centers and even its Jewish communities aren’t very deep. That may make it difficult for Jewish seniors to find a good choice as they look to transition into an assisted living center.

The only specifically Jewish assisted living center we’ve been able to identify is The Rose Schnitzer Manor that offers assisted living where all faiths are welcome but where the Jewish faith is at the core of who they are. It is based in Portland, OR and enjoys a very strong 4.7-star rating.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Oregon

Jewish assisted living facilities in Oregon average $4,500 per month, making them about $500 more per month, compared to the national average for assisted living care. Look at specific cites though and seniors can find averages that are bit more budget friendly. For example, Medford, OR, averages $3,900+ per month and that city isn’t alone in this state. As with any average, there are highs prices as well. Portland is a good example, where rates come very close to $5,000 per month. All of this means there are rates for pretty much any budget. It may just require a bit of flexibility in where home will be.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Oregon - Amenities

Life as a Jew is active. It is prayerful. It is a life of repentance. For the truly faithful, this isn’t a casual faith but rather, a faith that is constantly striving to create and nurture a personal relationship with God. That makes the kind of support that can be found in a Jewish assisted living center so helpful. But when that option isn’t available, finding an assisted living center that is respectful of the faith and is in easy reach of a Jewish community can be just as supportive.

Jewish Assisted Living in Oregon - Religious Amenities

Regardless of the type of assisted living centers seniors will settle into, there are certain key amenities seniors will need to have access to. In a Jewish assisted living center, there will be in-house. In other assisted living centers, it may require connecting with a local Jewish community for support.

At a minimum, seniors will want to participate in weekly Shabbat services, holiday services and other special Jewish celebrations. They will also want to be readily connected to the Jewish community, through their Rabbi, for guidance and religious education. They will need community support as they look for meaningful ways to atone for their sins, and they will need dietary support so they can follow important kosher requirements.

Even if the transition to assisted living isn’t supported by a Jewish assisted living center, these requirements are still important so seniors will have to look very carefully at the alternatives

Jewish Communities in Oregon - General Amenities

Assisted living centers are the gardens and caregivers are the gardeners that help battle the weeds aging, so seniors can maintain firm roots in an active and fulfilling life in retirement. They do this with what are commonly known as ADL’s, (Assisted Daily Living care). First, they help seniors with personal hygiene, because it makes real difference in a senior’s emotional health when they feel clean and ready to face the day. Then, they help them stay mobile so they can confidently get for meals to activities and more. Without ever feeling left behind.

Assisted daily living centers do more to keep seniors free to enjoy life. They eliminate most household chores. Seniors don’t have to worry about cleaning, doing laundry, moving the lawn, raking leaves, shoveling snow or even changing a lightbulb. It’s all done for them.

Helping Alzheimer’s patients is a completely different kettle of fish. For these seniors, the environment they live in needs to be more secure, more organized and much less hectic. Memory care is required to help them reconnect with memories that have been lost in the clouds of dementia and they need tools that help them form new memories that make life worth living. Most of all, they need to be treated with the same dignity any human being deserves.

Privacy is never lost in an assisted living facility. Seniors enjoy a home, within the home, in the form of studio and one-bedroom apartments. In some cases, there are two-bedrooms apartments too, that allow family members or close companions to share a home together, while saving a bit, compared to the cost of two one-bedroom apartments. There are also some that offer semi-private suites for those seniors that are happy to share and save a bit on the monthly rates.

Meals are another really important element of life in an assisted living facility, and it goes much deeper than just providing sustenance. Really great meals are served three times a day, in an environment that encourages community gatherings and interaction in ways that may meal time feel more like a fun time out at a favorite restaurant.

Oregon offers some really good Jewish options to consider on this actively spiritual journey.

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