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There are many Jewish assisted living facilities in Pennsylvania. Senior living centers in PA offer a wide range of services as well so seniors should be able to find living options that will allow them to age in place. This means they can make this move with confidence, knowing that as their needs change, their care will change as well without having to uproot and move once again.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Pennsylvania

With a national average of $4,000 per month for assisted living care, Pennsylvania is a bit lower, with a savings of about $85 per month. That’s not really much of a difference, but over the years, it definitely adds up. Head to Pittsburg, PA, and it gets better, with average rates that are less than $3,300, or head north to Scranton and seniors can find rates on average are just a bit higher than $2,500 per month. Philadelphia has the highest average monthly rate and $4,900+, so while there are plenty of budget-friendly destinations, they aren’t all as inviting. Bottom lines though; there is something for pretty much every budget, so no senior needs to go without the care they require.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Pennsylvania - Amenities

Living a faithful life as a Jew is a journey that seeks to find and grow a personal relationship with God. It is a quest for redemption that will lead to his forgiveness and enduring and loving embrace. This doesn’t happen simply by attending weekly Shabbat services or showing up at the synagogue for special religious holidays and celebrations. It only happens when life itself is focused on living faithfully in the eyes of God and that requires support.

Jewish Retirement Communities in Pennsylvania - Religious Amenities

The first part of finding that focus comes in the form of a synagogue or dedicated chapel. This space doesn’t have to be dedicated to the Jewish faith alone, but it does have to be focused exclusively on faithful activities. It would be best of this was located on the premises of a Jewish assisted living facility, but having easy access to a local synagogue can be just as good.

Rabbis are the next key to finding the way to that personal relationship with God that is so important. These are the guides and teachers that help illuminate the way and help bring congregation members back to the righteous path when they stray.

The Jewish community both in and around a Jewish assisted living facility also have an important part to play in the lives of the faithful. Jews understand a simply realty of being human. We are imperfect and no matter how hard we try we will never be perfect. The goal then it to consistently do better and to fully embrace the need to atone for our sins when we do fail. For those that make the very real effort to stay true to the faith and atone when they stay, God is forgiving. The community will help fellow Jews find meaningful ways to achieve atonement.

Finally, Jews are expected to follow kosher rules when it comes to dining and those are far easier to stay true to when they are living in a Jewish assisted living facility. It will have a kosher kitchen that is certified. The foods they being into that kitchen will be similarly certified as kosher. If the assisted living center isn’t Jewish, it may be necessary to look to outside caters and grocery stores to help meet this requirement.

Jewish Assisted Living in PA - General Amenities

Alzheimer’s patients need more than just these basics. They need memory care that recognizes them as valuable members of society, that still want and deserve a life that is dignified and fulfilling. This starts with creating an environment that is better secured so they won’t wander of and get lost. Then, they need a space that is better organized to combat confusions and memory debilitating distractions. They need therapies that help spark reminiscences and that lead to the development of new memories they can look back on with a smile. This is what Memory Care is all about.

Activities for all patients are another key way assisted living facilities help seniors avoid the trap of getting “Old”. By having lots of fun and interesting things to be occupied with, seniors are far less likely to get lost in the despair that can come with each new ache and each new wrinkle. Community organizers take time to learn what each resident enjoys most and they develop activities that are built around those things. So, for those that like working with their hands, it might be crafting, or knitting. It could be woodworking or maybe some gardening. Maybe it’s learning new skills or improving old ones or maybe it’s just a bunch of games seniors can share a laugh over. Whatever it is, these activities make each day worth getting out of bed for.

Another thing that’s worth getting up for are the three great meals these assisted living centers serve each day. They are delicious, nutritious, drawn for great favorites and shared with friends, both new and old.

There are choices when it comes to privacy. Assisted living centers are geared to helping seniors live as independent a life as possible and one of the key ways they do that is to ensure every senior has a private place to call home. These can be in studio / efficiency apartments or one-and two-bedroom suites, that are nicely furnished, spacious and uniquely home to each senior that settles into them.

The choices for Jewish assisted living centers in Pennsylvania are going to be fairly easy to find and even those that are faithful, without being specifically focused on the Jewish faith can offer seniors both the physical and the spiritual support they need.

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