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Jewish assisted living facilities in North Dakota offer few specifically Jewish options and there are alternatives that could be just as good. Just be sure to evaluate each with care before settling on any one. There are many in places like Fargo and Grand Forks and by being close, Jewish seniors have a good opportunity of getting the faithful support they need.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in North Dakota

On average, and compared to the National average rate of $4,000 per month, Jewish assisted living centers in North Dakota, are about $600 less expensive.  Bismarck, ND, . It gets even better. Grand Forks, ND, costs less than $2,000 per month for similar care. Fargo, ND, is the most expensive city in the state but even there, prices are right at the national average of $4,000 per month so nothing in North Dakota is out of line with the rest of the nation.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in North Dakota - Amenities

When seniors are searching for a Jewish assisted living facility to transition into, or into a community that is within a Jewish community, there are some key amenities they should pay very close attention to. These extent to which each home makes these available or assists seniors in accessing them, will help determine how comfortable seniors will feel as they pursue a faithful future.

Jewish Assisted Living in North Dakota - Religious Amenities

The first amenity is an easy access to a local synagogue. A house of worship, where the faithful community gather in praise and in the support of one another is critically important, regardless of what religion is followed. Seniors must be sure the home they decide to settle into will not deprive them of this worship center.

Rabbis are also critically important. Beside leading the services, they are teachers and counselors, that work to support every member of the congregation. They are called on in times of crisis and must be readily available to answer that call. When an assisted living center is in close proximity to a Jewish community, having a rabbi close will be far more likely. Seniors again need to be sure that this key person will be there for them.

Seniors will also do well to live in communities where other Jews can be found. There is a certain comfort that comes from being able to share common experiences and to travel similar roads to salvation with others that share the faith.  Those hommes that are set in Jewish communities are far more likely to have Jewish populations than any that are set outside these faith centers.

The next amenity is often the most difficult one to find support for. Jews are required to follow a kosher diet. This diet limits the types of food they may eat and the way that food must be prepared to ensure cleanliness. An assisted living facility that isn’t specifically Jewish is unlikely to have the facilities in place that would allow them to be kosher certified. This means seniors will have to reach out to the local Jewish community for support and they may need to be prepared to prepare more of their own meals. Seniors need to be aware of these limitations and have a solid plan for addressing them.

Jewish Retirement Communities in North Dakota - General Amenities

As people age, they often become withdrawn and even reclusive. They become complacent about personal care. They lapse when it comes to taking their meds and keeping doctor’s appointments. Loved ones may see this a try to fix it, but for many, it is more than they can manage when there is work and kids and spouses to worry about. It requires more than they can do but doing nothing is clearly not an option. Assisted living facilities offer a clear and effective solution. They help bring senior back and help them reclaim the active lives aging has attempted to steal from them.

They accomplish this with a program of care that is commonly known as Assisted Daily Living or ADL’s. It includes direct assistance with personal hygiene, assistance with mobility, help for those with limited manual dexterity, and medication management. Together, these services help seniors feel whole again, and when the medications are back under control, medical outcomes improve so they continue on a far more positive trajectory. Caregivers also monitor health so any problems that may show up can be identified and treated before they become more serious health issues.

Assisted living centers also take care of daily housekeeping, regular laundry service, schedule linen changes and all of the maintenance in and around the home. This include services within private apartments so all seniors may be left with might be a bit of light dusting and cleaning up if they decide to cook an occasional meal for themselves.

Cooking even the occasional meal may not be all that much fun when the 3 meals a day that are served in the assisted living facilities are so good. The culinary teams learn about resident’s favorites and then add some of their own. Turn those into great breakfasts, lunches and dinners that seniors love sharing around the table with their fellow seniors.

When seniors come into an assisted living facility, they have often felt some measure of isolation as the challenges of aging limited their mobility. Now that they getting the basic care they need and are felling “human” again, they can get back to doing the things they’ve always enjoyed, and they can do them in the company of others that share these same pleasures. Some of those things will include hands-on classes for things they’ve always wanted to become involved in or maybe just some friendly time around a game table playing bridge, or poker or scrabble. It could be joining together on movie night or getting out and enjoying an invigorating walk. It doesn’t really matter what it is though. What mater is that seniors get the change to live active lives again and that helps them start to feel alive again.

Apartments in assisted living centers equal privacy in these centers. Seniors will select from semi-private suites, studio units and one- or two-bedroom accommodations. These are their homes within the home and their go-to place when they just feel the need for a bit of alone time. Prices vary based on the space selected, with the most economical space being the semi-private suites. While two-bedroom accommodations are the costlier, they are designed to be share by two companions, and the net cost to each, compared to taking two one-bedroom apartment provides a less expensive alternative.

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