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In Florida, toss a stone and there is a very good chance you will find an assisted living facility. They are seriously that plentiful and it really isn’t surprising when you consider how attractive Florida has been for retiring seniors. There is something about the weather in Florida, especially when compared to the wicked cold of northeast winters that make this destination so inviting. So, do your own quick search and get ready dig into a great list of options.

Our search found well rated Jewish retirement homes in just about every major city in the state including Miami, Clear Water, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and Tampa, so not only are there plenty of options, there is a good chance you can find exactly what you’re after in exactly the location you most want to live in.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Florida

Jewish assisted living facilities in Florida are about $500 less expensive at $3,500 per month, than the average cost across the US, so beside offering a lot of choices, those choices are reasonably budget friendly. They can be even friendlier in places like Sebring, FL, for example, where the average rate drops to $2,836. As always, there are cases where the prices are much higher too, like in Tallahassee, FL, where they jump to $4,774 per month. One of the most popular retirement destinations in Florida is Port St. Lucie, FL, and rates here are exactly the same as the statewide rate of $3,500 per month.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Florida - Amenities

Living as a Jew is full of traditions. It is full of history. It is an active way of life and one that demands much of its faithful followers. This is a loving God for those that are committed to living life as he commands and that mean working hard to fully understand the demands of the faith and then working equally hard to develop a real personal relationship with Him. Do this and God’s promise of redemption and life everlasting is the reward. Jewish assisted living facilities and their resident community will understand these commitments and happily share their journey to God’s loving embrace.

Jewish Assisted Living in Florida - Religious Amenities

They will be called many things but the first and most important is Teacher. The is the primary role of a Rabbi. The teach the faith so others can find their way into the light of our Lord. The next is pathfinder, because they help guide seniors through the challenges as each works to find their own very personal relationship with God. Lastly, it is facilitator as they help seniors find the right their path to atonement for their inevitable sins. The rabbi will often be a full-time member of the community but even when they aren’t, they are always available to meet the needs of seniors, no matter when the call comes in.

While there are various forms of kosher food preparation, the bottom line is, Jewish seniors will expect and appreciate knowing their meals have been prepared according to kosher traditions. They will also appreciate the traditional dishes that kosher kitchens are known for. The smells and the tastes are unmistakable for those that grew up in a Jewish family, and each and every one of those dishes helps anchor heart-warming memories. A Jewish assisted living facility that isn’t kosher, isn’t really Jewish either.

In the Jewish faith, there is an inherent need to serve others with compassion and respect. In a Jewish assisted living facility, where care is often highly personal, service requires patience as well. For those caregivers that share the Jewish faith, these qualities will come naturally and when they do, seniors can feel the heart of the caregiver. That helps ease their discomfort so the care can be fully appreciate.

Jewish Retirement Homes in Florida - Amenities

Life in an assisted living centers isn’t what most people expect. What they expect is a quiet home where seniors sit quietly, often lost in their own thoughts, and where not very much ever happens that might be considered fun or interesting. If that is what you are expecting, get ready to be surprised. The reality is, these are dynamic living centers where seniors are all about living life fully, each and every day. The vibe is active and energized. Seniors are engaged, they are happy and having fun. This is what a good assisted living center fosters because they believe this is exactly the life every senior in their care deserves.

That care is known as Assisted Daily Living (ADL), and it includes personal assistance with daily hygiene, as well as a helping hand staying confidently mobile. They will help seniors eat when needed, and they will help them dress and groom if required. They will help them monitor medications and provide regular health monitoring so they can continue to live fully and active lives, well into the future. They will also help with housekeeping and maintenance so seniors needn’t worry about any of that boring stuff that consumes time that can be better spent having fun.

For those seniors that need more than these basics, most often resulting from Alzheimer’s disease, there is Memory care. This is a special environment that is more secure so seniors are protected from wandering off and getting lost. It also helps create a tranquil space where special memory enhancing therapies can be applied. Finally, caregivers work with these seniors to help manage emotional issues that can result in harmful outbursts that often mark the lives of those with dementia.

Kosher meals are just the start of the dining experience in these assisted living centers. Professional chefs work to bring meals to the table that are on par with some of the best restaurants. They are served in lovely dining rooms and shared with fellow seniors so that each meal, including breakfast, lunch and dinner, are truly enjoyable.

For seniors to remain active they need activities that keep them enthused. They must have something interesting to look forward to as the climb out of bed each morning, and activities that leave them with a smile on their faces as they climb back into bed each night. Most commonly, these include various form of craft programs, fitness programs, educational programs, and just a whole lot of fun, games and entertainment.

Each senior enjoys a private apartment that they can call home. These are normally offered in layouts that include studio suites and one- or two-bedroom apartments. These are fully furnished and typically have a kitchen that will allow them to prepare their own meals whenever the mood strikes them. For many, just being able to relax in the morning, sitting at the table with the morning paper and a hot cup of coffee is enough to make them feel truly at home.

Seniors won’t have to work very hard at all to find great Jewish assisted living facilities all over this state.  All they’ll really need to do is decide where in Florida they want to settle down.

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