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Montana isn’t an easy place to find Jewish assisted living facilities. However, there are a number of active Jewish communities dotted across the state and that means there are likely going to be some good alternatives for faithful seniors to settle on. It may just require a bit more work and a willingness to compromise just a bit on how much support seniors will have on their faithful journey.

Seniors that are willing to follow this alternative path can look at care centers like those offered by The Goodman Group. The offer The Villages Senior Residences in Missoula. MT. This is a home based on faith in a multi-denominational way there no one religion claims dominance. Rather, many denominations live and worship as one.

Grandview Residences, in Great Falls, MT offer 4 more excellent examples of Christian assisted living centers where Jews are likely to feel very comfortable. This is home to a well-respected Chabad community that is ready to support seniors and all others that are committed to living a Jewish life.

Montana may not be the perfect setting for a Jewish senior but is certainly can be a good place to settle into.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Montana

The cost for all assisted living facilities including Jewish or faith-based centers, average as bit less than average notional rates, but not by very much, and most cities in the state are a bit higher than the average pf $4,000 per month. Great Falls, MT, is the most economical at $3,800 per month, with Missoula, MT, holding the top spot at nearly $4,900 per month. Billing sit at about the middle of the range at $4,300+ per month. So, assisted living in Montana won’t break the bank when compared to the rest of the US but it may be as completely satisfying for the Catholic soul.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Montana - Amenities

It will be harder to live a truly Jewish life with so few Jewish assisted living centers available. It will just be tougher. It will require a willingness to consider a broader set of alternatives.  It will mean having to think outside the box and accepting a great measure of responsibility as seniors work to build their own relationship with God.

Jewish Retirement Communities in Montana - Religious Amenities

The first and most important task will be finding a Rabbi and if seniors find a care facility that is close to a Jewish community, that should not be too difficult at all. If you can’t comfortably close to a Jewish community look at online resources like for a wide range of support services that can make life’s journey much easier.

A Rabbi does more than just lead services. They are teachers and counselors as well. Visit and check out their Ask A Rabbi service or join one of the various sources for live streaming Shabbat and other Jewish holiday services.

Atonement, meaning confession, with restitution and sacrifice are key elements of Jewish life and here again, there are online services that help with creative and meaningful ways to atone for one’s sins. If there are no local resources available to help with this, you and turn again to as a good place to return to God’s good graces.

Eating kosher is important and more than a bit challenging when living outside of a Jewish community. The first thing to look at are assisted living centers that are close to a Jewish community. That will make access to kosher meals, kosher caterers and kosher groceries a lot easier to get a hold of. If seniors will need to prepare their own meals and need some help, visit for great recipes and more.

Jewish Assisted Living in Montana - General Amenities

If you feel your age, that doesn’t mean you are old. It just means you are arriving at that stage in life where a bit of a helping hand would be appreciated. Seniors that are determined to live an active life understand this. They know getting old is not the same as aging and they know that is really won’t take much to help them continue to live actively so they can fully enjoy life.

If you are or would like to be one of these active seniors and need a bit of a helping hand, assisted living centers and their Assisted Daily Living care could be exactly what you are looking for. These centers offer seniors caregivers that will help with all of the normal daily hygiene activities like bathing, grooming and dressing. They will help seniors manage incontinence. The provide ambulatory help, meaning they help seniors get from place to place so there is nothing they cannot enjoy during the day. The manage medications and monitor health so everyone remains healthier. In short, they make life possible without the annoying challenges aging presents.

For seniors that have been impacted by Alzheimer’s disease, there is Memory care which is a level of care that is added onto the ADL’s we’ve just talked about. This provides seniors with more safe and secure living spaces while offering a number of unique therapies that help restore lost memories and build new ones. Memory care also focuses on reducing levels of anxiety, confusion, frustration and depression so emotional outburst can be minimized.

Great meals are served 3 times a day, either in the company of friends around the table or in the privacy of a resident’s apartment. Meals are prepared by professional chefs that are often well known and respected in the community.

If boredom is allowed to set in, both physical and mental health begin to deteriorate. Activities that are fun and interesting, help prevent this from happening and assisted living facilities are full of activities, each and every day. They often include artisan shops, music programs, educational opportunities and lots of games and entertainment. Of course, there are many fitness programs offered to keep seniors physically active.

Studio, One-bedroom and companion suites are the types of apartments that provide privacy for seniors living in an assisted living facility. These are their home within the assisted living home. The selected size will determine the monthly rate each senior will pay for their care.

There are many senior living options available in the state of Montana – give us a call to speak to a local senior living adviser and learn about assisted living options in your area.

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