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The good news in Texas is that seniors hoping to find a Jewish assisted living center to transition into are going to find some really interesting options. For example, the Legacy Senior Communities offers 2 large Jewish assisted living centers that they claim are the largest non-secular homes in Texas. Both are located in Dallas and offer continuum care, meaning seniors will be able to find what they need today and in the future as their needs evolve.

Seven Acres Jewish Senior Care Services isn’t as well rated but is still strong enough to be worth a closer look. They are based in Houston and offer care for up to 150 seniors in a distinctly Jewish living environment.

There are others and even if they are not specifically Jewish, many good assisted living centers are located in active Jewish communities where seniors will still find the spiritual support they need.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Texas

The monthly average rate for all assisted living, including Jewish assisted living residences in Texas, is also less expensive, compare to the national average of $4,000 per month. Seniors should find averages that will save them $250 or more per month.  El Paso and Texarkana are the least expensive destinations in the state. Rates in these cities drop to $2,000 +/- per month. On the other hand, Austin. TX is the most expensive destination in the state, with rates topping $5,600 per month. The majority of cities in Texas will come in at somewhere between $3,500 to $4,500, so most everything here is on par with the US average.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Texas - Amenities

Jewish assisted living centers are uniquely organized to help faithful Jews remain true to that faith. Obviously, they are also populated by seniors that are on the same path to nurturing a personal relationship with God, and that means every senior has the support of a like-minded community that shares their passions. So, the first choice for faithful seniors will always be a Jewish assisted living center.

When seniors can’t find a Jewish assisted living center they are comfortable with, the next best option will be to find a secular assisted living center that is set in a Jewish community. They can then reach out to that community and join the congregation, just as they did when they were comfortable living independently.

Jewish Retirement Communities in Texas - Religious Amenities

Life for Jews is centered around the synagogue and the surrounding Jewish community. This doesn’t change when they transition into a Jewish assisted living center or retirement community. It actually adds a layer of support by creating a Jewish environment in the home that has many of the same spiritual characteristics of a full Jewish community. That means seniors in the Jewish assisted living facilities have both in-house services along with access to the Synagogue that anchors the community.

A Rabbi’s importance for the faithful cannot be underestimated. In a Jewish assisted living facility, they are likely going to be directly ties to the center as their spiritual guide while also playing an important role in the larger Jewish community. In secular homes they are unlikely to be as closely attached to the assisted living center but can still be counted on for teaching, counseling and spiritual support, as part of the role they play in the local Synagogue.

We, as human beings, are fragile and imperfect. We sin, even when we work so very hard to avoid these slips. It is just part of our nature and God accepts this and is always happy to forgive these slips if we can prove our true desire to repent. This is known as atonement and it requires that every Jew find ways to do for others in meaningful ways that help pay recompense for out sins. A Jewish community will support each other on this road to atonement, even in the relatively small spaces of a Jewish assisted living facility.

Jews are expected to follow kosher guidelines and in a Jewish assisted living facility, this should be easy to do. Jewish assisted living centers will be certified kosher so seniors don’t need to worry about the food they are offered. In secular centers this will be a bit more difficult. It may require support from the surrounding Jewish community, and a greater involvement in preparing personal meals than might be the case for those that do not have the same dietary restrictions.

Jewish Assisted Living in Texas - General Amenities

Assisted living centers provide that helping in the form of Assisted Daily Living, and set of direct assistance seniors can count on to help with the basic needs of each day. These include help using the bathroom, bathing, dressing, and grooming. When needed, there is help with eating too. And, seniors can count on a helping hand so they can remain confidently mobile and actively involved in all they great things that will going on around them. They will also be freed from worry about daily household chore and all of the maintenance they would have been burdened with before they made this transition into an assisted living facility.

Memory care takes assisted daily living to an entirely different level, with specialize therapies that are specifically designed for seniors suffering with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Seniors are also cared for in centers that are more secure, more organized and less distracting so they can live safely and with fewer form of agitation that can lead to emotional outbursts. Not all assisted living facilities will have the ability to provide this care, so for seniors or their loved ones, it will take a bit more to find the right center for this care.

This is a Jewish assisted living center and that means there will be many religious activities to fill the day, but that doesn’t end there. There are many other activities, like hands-on classes, workshops, fitness programs, games, entertainment, movie nights and more that add to the overall ambiance of these assisted living centers.

Assisted living facilities offer three meals a day and most take great pride in the quality of the dishes they bring to the table. These are often on par with great restaurants, offering a wide variety of dishes to satisfy every taste. As an added bonus, most assisted living centers also offer all-day snacks, and that means these centers often feel more like resort and less like care homes.

Assisted living centers and centered around a group of apartments where senior enjoy their own private living spaces. These are most often studio units with efficiency kitchens and one- or two-bedroom apartments with living and dining spaces, along with well equipped kitchens. The two-bedroom apartments are designed to allow family members of close companions to share and save a bit over the cost of individual one-bedroom apartments.

Texas has a fair number of options but with ratings that run from fair to excellent, seniors will have to look carefully at these choices before deciding on their next best home.

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