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Jewish assisted living in Minnesota certain won’t leave Jews seniors wanting. There are dozens of faith-based care centers dotted across this state. Oddly though, very few seem to have many reviews upon which to build a reliable rating. For example, Roitenberg Family Assisted Living show a rating of a perfect 5-stars, but only three reviews. That is not enough to ensure the legitimacy of this score. This means they basically can’t be relied upon in the selection process. Only a direct visit will uncover those that are truly worth considering.

The first one on our list of potential care centers is Shalom Care Compassion Community. There are 2 assisted living centers in this group, Ackerberg Shalom West Inn St. Louis Park and Shaller Shalom East in St. Paul, MN. Both are built around the Jewish faith, including of course, full kosher dining menus. This is one where the rating of 3.9-stars is probably worth trusting as it has been developed with nearly 30 published customer reviews.

The next 2 are also part of the Shalom group; Roitenberg Family Assisted Living and Bentson Family Assisted living, with 5-star and 3-star ratings, respectively. However, the first has just 5 reviews and the second has just 3. This suggests that neither should be given much weight in the selection process. By appearance, they do look like they would be worth a visit, and they are also focused on the faith.

Mill City Senior Living is another worth mentioning. This is based in the historic area of Faribault, MN where the mills produced woolen clothes and blankets for the soldiers since 1865. The assisted living center is faith-based but it is unclear if this is a Jewish assisted living facility or a non-denominational care center.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Minnesota

The national average for assisted living is currently at $4,000 per month. In Minnesota, they are about $200 less expensive, on average, with rates across the state that range from a low of $3,000 to a high of nearly $4,800. Rochester, MN, is the most budget-friendly city in the state, while the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area is the least budget-friendly. Most cities though are right in the middle so there really aren’t any major price variations to be concerned about.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Minnesota - Amenities

Living as a Jew is living a life where faith is never far from one’s thoughts. It is a faith that requires a constant commitment to living life as God has prescribed and that means a life of prayer, study, and goodwill toward one’s fellow man. It is a faith that is built around the belief that each individual should be working constantly toward building a personal relationship with God that enriches each day. Jewish assisted living facilities can help seniors make this a successful journey by creating a faithful environment that helps them effectively focus on the path ahead.

Jewish Retirement Communities in Minnesota - Religious Amenities

It starts with the Rabbi each of these Jewish assisted living centers should have either on staff or on constant call. As with any Jewish community, the Rabbi will lead seniors through the Sabbath and holiday services. They will also teach and counsel seniors on this faithful journey. They are the rock seniors will lean on the guide that will keep them on the true path to redemption. Their importance cannot be underestimated.

Atonement is something every faithful Jew recognizes as important in their lives. They understand that no matter how hard they try; they will fall from the righteous path and will have to fight to regain the promises of a faithful life. That requires doing such good that the weight of their sins is counterbalanced and that requires support. Jewish assisted living centers and the Jewish communities they are a part of will help seniors find effective ways to atone.

Eating kosher is a basic requirement of living faithfully as a Jew. A Jewish assisted living center will have to make serious efforts to organize and equip their kitchens properly, to ensure only kosher foods enter those kitchens, and to ensure the culinary team is properly trained in the art of creating kosher dishes. All of this much be properly certified so seniors can have confidence in their adherence to this religious requirement.

Jewish Assisted Living in Minnesota - Amenities

Getting older simply isn’t optional. Everyone does, from the moment we’re born until that moment when we release out last breadth. That isn’t the same as getting old though. That is a choice. It is a surrender to the aches, the pains, and the various other challenges getting older presents. No one has to get old as long as they can keep a positive outlook in the face of these challenges. Assisted living centers are designed to help seniors address the challenges with relative ease so they never get the chance to take hold and cloud the future.

The primary way this is done is through assisted daily living or ADL’s. ADL’s offer direct assistance with a range of personal care tasks that help seniors feel confidently normal as they launch their way into each new day. It might start with a helping hand getting out of bed in the morning and getting through the typical routines of bathing, using the toilet, getting dressed and grooming. It follows with ambulatory care, which means there is a helping hand so seniors can get from one activity to the next and one meal to the next, throughout the day. This is where medication management and health monitoring also come into focus. So, ADL’s provide all of the basic needs for most seniors so they can stay focused on all that is good in life.

Some seniors, especially those dealing with various forms of dementia, like Alzheimer’s disease, will need care that goes above and beyond the ADL’s. They will need a more secure and better organized living space that helps keep them safe. They will need special sensory and tactile therapies that help them recover lost memories and retain new ones. They will also need emotional care that helps tamp down things like anxiety, confusion, frustration and depression; something these seniors are particularly susceptible to. These are offered under the title of Memory Care.

Meals are served 3 times a day, in fine dining rooms that are perfect for sharing great meals and enjoying the company of friends. The menus are a diverse mix of traditional favorites and new dining experience that often become favorites. There are nutritionally balance, they are kosher and they are prepared by true professionals.

The best days in life have a mix of laughter and learning. These two elements, along with faith, enrich lives and make each new day something to look forward to with excitement. That is where daily activities come into play. There are artisan programs that stimulate the imagination and help maintain fine motor skills. There are fitness programs that help improve stamina, coordination and balance. There are educational programs that help learn more about what we love and pursue new things we hoped to learn and never found time for. Seniors will also find a great mix of games, outings and entertainment, just because they are fun ways to stay active.

Privacy is afforded with individual apartments. Seniors will have to decide how much space they need and then choose between studio unites, one-bedroom apartments and companion suites with two bedrooms. Monthly rates will be determined based on the size of the selected apartment.

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