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When it comes to Jewish assisted living facilities, Indiana has quite a lot to offer seniors. There are some centers that are purely Jewish, while other have a Jewish leaning while welcoming many other faiths to join the community. This means seniors will find a broad array of options to explore as they consider the best way to transition from independent to assisted living.

Let’s start with Hooverwood, where the mission statement if very straight forward. All Israel id responsible for everyone, meaning every faithful Jew must look out for each other. This sets the tone for Jewish assisted living center that is truly focused on offering a spiritual life that compliments the physical care they provide.

Kraft Commons, which is part of the same Hooverwood group, is another very well rated Jewish assisted living community with a passion for the Jewish faith. This home is designed to be a bit more contemporary, without compromising the quality of physical, emotional and spiritual care that has earned them such rave reviews.

Finally, consider Capitol Senior Living, a non-denominational assisted living center that is rooted in faith but not focused on any one over another. For those seniors that enjoy to opportunity to interact outside of the faith, this could be an excellent alternative to a traditionally Jewish assisted living center.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Indiana

Jewish assisted living facilities in Indiana are priced at about $4,100 per month, making these centers a bit more expensive than the average of $4,000 across the US. That isn’t all that much and when you dig deeper and explore individual cities, there are plenty of very budget-friendly destinations in this state. For example, Bloomington, IN, has an average rate that comes in below $3,000 per month. There are also much more expensive destinations. Muncie for example is nearly $5,700 per month.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Indiana - Amenities

For any Jew that is invested in building a meaningful and personal relationship with God, life in a Jewish assisted living facility is most certainly the way to go. They will be as actively supportive as needed to help every senior attained this goal and find salvation. It is who they are and an absolute requirement of their faith to help lead others to redemption.

Jewish Retirement Communities in Indiana - Religious Amenities

In these Jewish assisted living centers, seniors will find a dedicated Rabbi that will lead them in the services while also teaching and counseling. In fact, they play the same role in these care centers as they do in any Synagogue or Schule. They may not always live in-house, but they will always be close by when needed. Seniors should certainly meet this Rabbi as they consider their choices for assisted living.

Humans are not perfect. No matter how hard we try, we occasionally trip and fall of the righteous path God has set out for us. Jews understand this and accept that they will need to faithfully atone for their sins if they have any hope of finding God’s mercy. They understand that it is earned and not something that can be taken for granted. One of the ways to atone is to do for others selflessly and a true Jewish assisted living facility will find ways to support residents in that endeavor.

Growing up as a Jew, the memories of traditional foods is indelibly etched in our minds. They marked the greatest moments of our childhood as we joined the Passover Seder or enjoy the incredible foods that filled the Hanukah tables. What we probably didn’t think much about back then was how carefully these meals were prepared. We probably never really appreciated the effort behind eating kosher. Jewish assisted living facilities do understand and many seniors appreciate the opportunity to get back to true kosher dining.

Jewish Assisted Living in Indiana - Amenities

Getting old doesn’t have to be a curse. It will slow seniors down but that is little more than a challenge; a pothole if you will that must be navigated so it does not real damage. It isn’t just a cute when you hear someone say, “Like a great wine, I get better with age”. It is an undeniable truth for those that approach aging with the right attitude. Yes, aging does change things but no one needs to get “old” without at least putting up a really good fight.

Assisted living centers are like a prize fighter’s corner crew. They exist to help seniors fight and win the battle to stay active, to stay vibrant, and to never stop having fun, no matter how challenging getting older may become.

Their tool kit includes a set of assisted daily living tasks that help senior stay on top of the normal daily routines of bathing, grooming and dressing. They will help seniors stay confidently mobile. They will provide a helping hand at mealtimes. If needed, they can even be counted on to help with trips to the bathroom. The manage medications and monitor health as well. And, they take over all of the grunt work associated with keeping house and fixing the things that inevitably break around the home. This is the first level of care.

On top of this, there is Memory Care that is specially designed for seniors dealing with various forms of dementia, like Alzheimer’s disease. In this level of care, the environment becomes more secure and greater attention is paid to each senior to ensure they are kept safe. They then deliver unique therapies that help reconnect lost memories and reawaken relationships with forgotten loved ones, all while helping seniors find enjoyment in daily life once again.

In a Jewish assisted living center then menu will offer lots of tradition with dishes like gefilte fish, chicken soup with kneidlach, brisket, roasted chicken, and potato dishes like kugel or latkes and tzimmes. They also include non-traditional favorites that go beyond traditions and expand the world of fine dining. All of this is executed by top quality chefs, in professional kitchens and served around dining tables where friends and family can enjoy each other’s as they enjoy 3 great meals a day.

In order to stay fruitfully active, seniors need a variety of activities they will be happy to dive into. That could include any number of things but, they must always cover a mix of physical, educational and spiritual programs that engages every part of the whole person. And let’s not forget to throw in a healthy dose of fun and games, mixed with some great entertainment.

Privacy in assisted living comes in the form of apartment life. With a mix of studio units and one- or two-bedroom apartments, seniors get to pick a space they can settle into comfortably. Often, these include well equipped kitchen too so even in these assisted living facilities, seniors can still invite friends and family over for a nice dinner or maybe just a relaxing cup of coffee or tea.

Jewish living facilities in Indiana has lots to offer the faithful. It will just take a bit of effort to find the one that best fits you and your needs.

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