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Finding a Jewish assisted living community in Idaho may be a challenge. In addition, there are very few Jewish communities in the state, though one of the strongest has been in existence for more than 125 years. That’s the Jewish community in Boise and it was from this Jewish community that the first ever Jewish governor in the US came from.

It is also possible to find an assisted living facility that is close enough to the local Synagogue to make life as a Jew spiritually healthy.

Boise is also home to a healthy Chabad Lubavitch Jewish community center that can help fill the gap for seniors that are committed to nurturing their personal relationship with God. They offer many types of services, including educational programs that dig deep into the faith so all can enjoy a fuller understanding of importance of living life as a Jew.

The fact that there are no Jewish assisted living facilities in Idaho will make things a bit more challenging for the faithful but that could turn out to be a good thing if it serves to strengthen the resolve of seniors seeking a clear path toward redemption.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Idaho

Whether it’s a Jewish assisted living facility, a Catholic assisted living facility or a secular assisted living facility, the average monthly rates in Idaho are generally less that the national average of $4,000. Statewide, the rate is closer to $3,750 per month and in cities like Idaho falls it can drop to as low as $3,350 per month. To be sure, there are more expensive cities too, like Lewiston, where the rate jump to just shy of $5,000 per month. For the most part though, all of Idaho’s cities are right around or under that national average.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Idaho - Amenities

Being faithful is enriching. It gives meaning to a common and directionless life. It provides purpose. And, it creates a way of living each day that helps everyone, especially seniors, remain actively engaged in life and the community they live in. This is certainly as true for Jews as for any faithful person. When seniors settle into a Jewish assisted living facility, they can expect an environment that supports their faithful journey. When living outside of this kind of community they will have top seek that support elsewhere. Here are some of the keys they will need to unlock the right path.

Jewish Retirement Communities in Idaho - Religious Amenities

For Jews, religious life is centered around the Synagogue and is guided by its Rabbis. Seniors will do well to find an assisted living facility that is in close proximity to one of these faith centers and that will assist them in their efforts to become actively involved in that community.

The Jewish community should also have various forms of outreach that supports their fellow Jews. Not all seniors will have the physical ability to get to the synagogue but they still in need of spiritual guidance. A Jewish community that is willing to come to these seniors will make life in a secular assisted living facility far less of an issue.

Kosher dining is another facet of Jewish life that may be missed in a secular home. They are unlikely to have the skills and the specialized kitchen set ups that are required to deliver true kosher meals. Again, if these centers are in easy reach of an active Jewish community, there may be opportunities to access kosher meals and various grocery items. The Chabad Lubavitch center has resources that can help uncover these resources.

Jewish Assisted Living in Idaho - Amenities

Everyone ages but no one is required to get old, and yes, there is a difference. Aging is an inevitable path we all start out on from the moment we are conceived and until the day God calls us back. Getting old, on the other hand, is a choice. It is giving in to the aches and pains that come with aging. It is a process of losing sight of all that is and can be good while the mind becomes focused on all the things that can no longer be done. With the right attitude, aging is little more than a series of challenges to be conquered while life is lived to its fullest. This is what a great assisted living facility can help seniors realize.

Their efforts start with ADL’s (Assisted Daily Living), that is designed to help seniors address their daily living needs. This includes help dressing and grooming, as well as assistance bathing and using the bathroom. There will be a helping hand getting up and around so seniors are able to remain confidently mobile. There is medication management too, along with regular health monitoring so treatments can be more effective. In short, assisted living facilities help the aches and pains fade into the background so seniors can stay focused on living a full and active life.

Even Alzheimer’s patients can live full and active lives with the right care. This is where Memory care comes into play. That care stars with creating a more secure and better organized living space, that is less confusing and distracting. Then caregivers provide unique therapies that help spark the recovery of lost memories, help seniors reconnect with forgotten loved ones, and create opportunities for seniors to enjoy new memories that enrich their lives. While this isn’t a cure, memory care can help slow the progress of these dementias and help seniors and their loved ones for a long time to come.

Assisted living facilities, especially the best rated ones, make dining a real event, filled with great food and share with wonderful friends in a restaurant environment that is full of laughter and wonderful conversations. These meals are served 3 times a day and are prepared by professional chefs that recognize quality and taste are just as important as nutrition.

Active seniors won’t stay active for long if they don’t have a wide variety of activities to spark their interests. Like a cruise activity coordinator, assisted living facilities employ activity coordinators that build programs that tickle the fancy of all of their residents. It could be a series of arts & crafts programs, or maybe some hands-on cooking and baking classes. It will certainly include fitness programs, along with games and all sorts of entertainment. There will be community outings, together with community outreach that brings the outside in to the home. All of these programs help to create an active environment that is positively infectious and helps every senior stay well clear of getting “Old”.

Seniors in assisted living facilities still enjoy a good deal of independence, and one of the ways that is reflected is in the private apartments they will call home. They are nicely furnished living spaces that can be easily personalized and they are spacious enough to entertain friends and family, just as they would have before making the transition into assisted living. Apartment comes in one of three sizes, studio suites, one-bedroom units and companion suites with a common living area and two bedrooms.

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