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In the state of Hawaii there are Jewish communities located on Kauai, Oahu, and Maui. That means faithful seniors will most likely dig into the assisted living facilities in these Jewish communities where they may cater to those of the faith.

For example, the Regency ay Puakea is an assisted living center located in the same community as the Jewish Community of Kauai, with its reform synagogue. It may well be that many of the seniors that call this assisted living center home are Jewish and that the center may have made special accommodation for them and their religion.

Head to Oahu and many of the leading assisted living centers are in the same areas as the Aloha Jewish center, Temple Emanu-El, and Chabad of Hawaii. Again, these assisted living centers in these communities are likely to have significant Jewish populations and these assisted living centers have likely made accommodations for them.

For Jewish people there are some very accommodating assisted living communities in Hawaii.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Hawaii

Like everything in Hawaii, Jewish, and secular assisted living facilities in this state are expensive, but not by as much as you might think.  While the national average for assisted living is about $4,000 per month, centers in Hawaii come in at just about $4,500, so just a bit more than 12% higher. Also, and unlike most of the other states, the prices across Hawaii are pretty consistent, with only about a $200 difference separating the most expensive from the least expensive cities in this state.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Hawaii - Amenities

Life as a Jew is a constant journey toward building a rich personal relationship with God, along with a never-ending effort to do good and to atone for our inevitable failures. The stronger our faith; the more effort we put into building our faith, the greater the chance that God will accept us into his loving embrace. Any assisted living center, whether Jewish or not, must recognize the importance of this journey never forget that spiritual health is more important than physical health.

Jewish Retirement Communities in Hawaii - Religious Amenities

If the assisted living facility isn’t specifically Jewish, they probably don’t have a Rabbi on call but they may still have a qualified chaplain that can serve the needs of the faithful. So, this should be the first question seniors ask.  It may also be that assisted living centers that are set in or close to Jewish communities will have or can arrange for visits by local Rabbis. Again, make sure this is at or near the top of the list of questions to be asked and answered. It will always be easier to stay faithful when there is a teacher/guide on hand to help lead the way.

In the absence of anyone in the community that can play this role, seniors can form their own groups of the faithful and turn to resources on the internet to find guidance. While it certainly isn’t the same, it is a reasonable alternative that can help keep the path to salvation well lit, and doing this as a group helps every member of the group remain true to their faith.

In Jewish assisted living centers, seniors would be able to count on true kosher dining. In a non-denominational or secular home, this is unlikely to be available in-house. Again, for those assisted living facilities in and around Jewish communities, there may be ways to reach out and gain access to kosher meals. If not, apartments in these homes are equipped with kitchens and seniors are always free to prepare their own meals. This can even be done as a group where everyone shares in meals preparation, making it a real community bonding activity.

Whether this is a Jewish assisted living facility or not, the care they will offer seniors is highly personal and potentially embarrassing, especially in the early days of transitioning into an assisted living environment. Seniors will find it far less embarrassing when the caregivers deliver their support along with a healthy dose of compassion, respect and patience.  Someone that shares the Jewish faith will find that these qualities come pretty naturally but they do not have to be Jewish to do a great job. Seniors need to talk with residents in any home they are considering and get a feel for how well these qualities are represented.

Jewish Assisted Living in Hawaii - Amenities

In the to stay young at heart, assisted living facilities step up and help seniors deal with many of the normal challenges that come with aging. For example, personal hygiene becomes more of a challenge when joints stiffen and balance and coordination are diminished. Caregivers help offset this by offering a direct hand with things like bathing, groom and dressing. They can even help with using the toilet when needed. As unsteady hands make eating a bit too messy, they will help there as well. They also get help with medication management and health monitoring so treatment outcomes can be improved. In short, all of the things that could lead to grimly accepting old age are countered by care that eases the pain and allows seniors to stay positive.

Alzheimer’s is a completely different kettle of fish when it comes to care. Beyond the assisted daily living, they need special therapies that help reclaim lost memories and work to build new ones, all while providing a more secure space that keep them protected against wandering off and becoming lost. This is known as Memory Care and is offered as an additional service by many assisted living facilities.

One of the greatest joys in life is being able to share a great meal with family and friends. In assisted living facilities, with their professional kitchens and pro chefs, meals are served three times a day that really do recreate these moments of joy for all. The dishes are still well balanced but with a focus on flavor and texture, these dishes are anything but boring or institutional. And in between, seniors often enjoy all-day snacks that help maintain nutritional balance.

An active life requires activities that help seniors remain enthusiastically engaged in life and their community. Assisted living centers have community organizers that develop a wide range of these activities, based on the interests of the senior residents, that accomplish exactly that. There are craft programs, hands-on learning opportunities, fitness programs, games, entertainment and group outings that help seniors stay on their toes while offering something worth looking forward to, each and every day.

Assisted living still has a large measure of independence and that starts with giving each senior a private place to call home. These are normally apartments that vary in size, from studio suites to large one- and two-bedroom apartments. All have space to relax and a kitchen large enough to cook a decent meal and even entertain friends and family.

Look to the Jewish assisted living communities in Hawaii and faithful seniors may be pleasantly surprised by what they uncover.

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17 Jewish Assisted Living Facilities in Hawaii

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