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New Jersey has plenty of well rated Jewish assisted living centers up and down the state, but especially concentrated in the areas directly across the river from New York. There are a fair number of Jewish Retirement communities that are also dotted along the Jersey coast as well and that means there are loads of great choices for Jewish seniors to consider as they search for a supportive assisted living environment to call home.

Let’s start with The Jewish Home Family assisted living center. In this center, seniors enjoy an immersive Jewish experience while getting the assistance they need to continue living a fruitful life of faith. It is kosher too and served by a fulltime Rabbi so seniors are never left wanting for support.

JCHC is another excellent example of an immersive Jewish assisted living center with both basic and memory care that focuses on giving seniors worthwhile living opportunities, no matter what challenges aging has thrown at them.

Another great example of Jewish senior living center in NJ is Mattison Crossing at Manalapan Avenue. This center, located in Freehold, New Jersey, believes that caring for the spiritual and religious needs of their residents is essential to increased well-being. An on-site Synagogue provides an ideal setting for prayer, meditation, and weekly Shabbat services. Residents and their families love that there is a Kosher-style, authentic Jewish cuisine with such everyday favorites as Bubbe's Matzoh Ball Soup and Bagels, Cream Cheese and Lox. Local Rabbis visit residents for weekly Shabbat services and all High Holy Days. Mattison's residents enjoy connecting with the local youth groups and community synagogues to help celebrate in a multi-generational fashion throughout the year.

There are others of course so use these tow as good examples and then dig into a long list of really good Jewish assisted living options.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in New Jersey

When it comes to Jewish assisted living facilities, New Jersey rates are not cheap. In fact, they are well above the national average of $4,000 per month, but for those that live there, that won’t come as any real surprise. Seniors should expect to pay an average of $6,400 per month. However, as seniors explore rates in various cities, there are good options come a lot closer to the national average. Two great examples are Ocean City and Vineland, where the rates come down to $4,600 per month. Trenton and Princeton, NJ, are the most expensive cities in the state with prices that top $6,700 per month.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in New Jersey - Amenities

Being Jewish is not something you can be lazy at and still gain all that God has promised. It requires work. It required consistency. It requires repentance and it requires atonement. In other words, no one gets a free pass into the light of God without putting in the effort needed to earn that place. A Jewish assisted living center is designed to support seniors that are willing to make that commitment.

Jewish Retirement Communities in New Jersey - Religious Amenities

First, they provide a Rabbi that will offer devotional service while also helping teach. counsel and console the flock. They are the first line of defense against sinfulness and the support seniors turn to when they have strayed from the righteous path. Seniors will lean on this Rabbi in all sorts of ways and that make that person one of the most important members of the care team.

The community, both in the home and in the surrounding Jewish communities are the next most important amenity Jewish assisted living centers provide access too. These communities help support each other and can more fully understand and appreciate the challenges of living a faithful life. They will be accepting and ready to help when members of the community stray from the right path and fall into sin and they will be there to help them atone for those failures. This is a tight-knit community, especially among seniors and that is why they are so very important to staying true to the faith.

Finally, Jews are required to follow kosher dining rules that have been set down over the ages. These rules require special foods and preparation methods that must be strictly followed and certified by kosher experts. Jewish assisted living facilities will know exactly what is required, they will know exactly how to meet those requirements and they will undoubtedly maintain their certifications so they residents can eat with confidence and enjoy some of the best traditional Jewish dishes.

Jewish Assisted Living in New Jersey - General Amenities

Seniors are going to face challenges as they grow older and those challenges will pressure them to give in and accept that they can no longer be active. Giving in to this pressure can only lead to disaster. Face these challenges head on, with a bit of a helping hand and absolutely refuse to give in and give up and what follows is an active senior life that is more exciting that most would ever imagine. Essentially, it’s oaky to seek help and avoid giving in to getting “Old”.

That help comes from assisted living facilities where ADL’s or Assisted Daily Living care is provided. This is a set of direct support services that help seniors deal with things like bathing, grooming, and dressing. It provides ambulatory assistance so senior can stay active throughout the day an in many different environments. This care provides medication management and health monitoring too so treatment outcomes are improved and good health is maintained well into the future. These are the basics of ADL care

For seniors afflicted with some form of dementia, basic care isn’t enough. They need extended care that includes a more secure environment, a more organized and less confusing set of daily activities, special menus, and unique sensory and tactile therapies that help recover lost memories and retain new memories with greater consistency. This is Memory Care.

Meals are a daily event, happening three times a day, that make living in one of these centers feel more like life in a top-class resort than anything seniors might have been expecting. These are a great combination of classic dishes and new dining experiences, that stay true to kosher traditions while offering unique fusions with many different cuisines. They are offered in luxurious dining rooms or served in private apartments, but they a really best enjoy in the company of good friends, sitting around the table.

Remain active requires a wide array of activities. These activities have to touch many different needs including fitness, mental acuity, creativity, game play, entertainment and more. When properly balanced, seniors are never lacking something to do that they will absolutely love and look forward to doing again and again.

Apartments allow seniors to enjoy a real home within these homes. They are normally offered in three configurations; companion suites, one-bedroom apartments and studio suites. The companion suites connect two private bed-rooms to a common living room and dining space, along with a kitchen where seniors can easily prepare their own meals if they wish.

New Jersey offers some really great options for Jewish assisted living. It’ll just take a bit of exploration to find the best one for your future.

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