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New York has so many Jewish assisted living facilities that the biggest problem for Jewish seniors will be deciding which is best for them. There are retirement homes that are very specifically Jewish and locally owned and operated, and others that are run by large companies, where the local residents will define how “Jewish” an assisted living center will be. In other words, when the resident population is significantly Jewish the home will be specifically set up to care for their unique needs.

A good example of a Jewish assisted living facility that has been built to be Jewish from the very start is Ateret Avot Senior Living. On Avenue N, this Jewish assisted living is based in the heart of a very active Jewish community, so they also enjoy all of the benefits that come with living in a faithful community. They also have a synagogue on the premises so seniors are never far from their religious anchor.

Then there are choices like The New Jewish Home, with Jewish assisted living centers in Manhattan, Westchester and the Bronx. All are distinctly Jewish. All are set in active Jewish communities. Besides providing a faithful living environment, their stated goal is to help seniors age like New Yorkers, and for those that have spent a lifetime living in New York, you know just how unique the NY character is.

There are others as well, like Atria homes, that aren’t always Jewish but will be in many NY locations because the resident community will help make it that way.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in New York

It should not be at all surprising that all assisted living centers, including the Christian assisted living centers that dot the state, are expensive, especially when compared against the national average of $4,000 per month. In New York that average jumps to over $7,000. Head out of the city, to places like Utica and Syracuse, NY and rates drop down quite a bit, but they are still a bit higher than the national average. It’s not all bad news though for budget conscious seniors. Especially in the upstate regions of the state, there are some very nice locations where seniors can find rates that drop even lower that the US average.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in New York - Amenities

If it was easy, it wouldn’t require faith and faith would not require a constant commitment to living as God has demanded. We would not be worried about giving thanks. We would not be concerned when we inevitably lose out way. We would blindly move through life without the least of concerns about anyone other than ourselves.

For the faithful, the folly of living such a careless life is obvious and even dangerous. They understand the need to commit to living a life that is guided by God’s commandments, both for their good and the good of the greater community. They understand the true value of building a personal relationship with God that enriches their lives.

This is an active lifestyle and a Jewish assisted living community is a great foundation for this kind of life.

Jewish Retirement Communities in New York - Religious Amenities

In a Jewish assisted living center, they will have a relationship with a rabbi and a synagogue, either as part of the staff and within the facility, or drawn from the surrounding Jewish community. In either case, the rabbi is a critical resource both for religious leadership and of counseling. They are also the primary link to the larger Jewish community beyond each Jewish assisted living center.

Being part of a community gives Jews the opportunity to reach out and serve. This is done altruistically because the faithful truly believe it is better to give than to receive. It is also done as a way to atone for one’s sins; one’s failures to live a consistently faithful life. And, it’s a way to remain active in ways that are medicinal too. Our emotional selves are boosted by the positive feedback we gain from helping others and as are emotional health improves, so does or physical health. A rabbi provides many of the links seniors in a Jewish assisted living facility will need to do this good work.

Eating kosher is a cornerstone of life as a faithful Jew. Jewish assisted living centers will understand this and either have a kosher kitchen in the home or will have organized catering from a local kosher kitchen that can help seniors. Also, seniors will have private apartments, many of which will have kitchen that are suitable for preparing a personal kosher meal.

Jewish Assisted Living in New York - General Amenities

Seniors have a choice to make. They can allow the challenges of age to get in the way of life or they can find ways to work past those challenges so the very best parts of living actively remain a part of the way they approach each new day.

ADL’s, otherwise known as Assisted Daily Living care, provides that basic daily assistance. Seniors get direct help bathing, dress, grooming and remaining confidently and safely mobile. They are helped during meals, are assisted so incontinence can be well managed and reminded about medications so treatments are more effective. Plus, most daily chores are done for them as well, including daily housekeeping and all of the maintenance, both indoors and outdoors.

Additionally, and for those that are suffering with Alzheimer’s disease, there is memory care, that takes ADL’s a big step beyond the basics. For these seniors, there is a safer living space and a range of sensory and tactile therapies that help recover what has been lost and build the ability to enjoy new experiences, without the emotional risks that many dementia patients face.

Eating is more than just filling a belly with something health. It should feed more than just the physical being. It should be an opportunity to trigger positive emotional responses that are so naturally when something truly delicious passes the lips. It should be an opportunity to socialize with fellow seniors and enjoy a few laughs and maybe even a tear or two. Assisted living facilities make this happen by preparing great meals, three times a day, that are really excellent culinary experiences and not just something cheap and quick to throw together.

Staying active in another key to fighting past the challenges of aging and discovering ways to make every day a fulfilling adventure. Assisted living facilities take time to get to know the community they are serving so they can plan a wide range of activities that tough everyone’s favorites and maybe even introduce a few things that might become favorites. They also provide lots of opportunities to play and enjoy entertainments that keep things fresh and exciting.

Apartments make living in an assisted living facility more like having a home in the heart of a great senior center. These are private spaces, organized as studios, one-bedroom apartments or companion suites, that create a warm and cozy retreat when it’s time to get a bit of rest and relaxation, while making it easy to step outside and become immersed in a community that makes life fun.

New York offers many great Jewish assisted living choices all across the state for Jewish seniors. Give us a call to speak to a senior living adviser in your area.

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