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Washington has many assisted living facilities within easy reach of the dozen or so Jewish communities that are dotted across the state. Jewish retirement communities can be found in Tacoma, Seattle, mercer Island and Olympia, WA, and close to these, seniors will find dozens of assisted living choices.

For example, The Summit at First Hill is a Jewish Retirement Community located in Washington. This includes the Klien Galland Home, which is focused on long term and memory care.

If the choice is to settle into an assisted living facility that is secular in nature but has easy access to a Jewish community and synagogue, Emerald City Senior Living could be an excellent one to consider.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Washington

Jewish assisted living facilities in Washington are expensive. There is just no better way to put it when the statewide monthly average is a full $1,500 higher than the national average. Across the US that average is $4,000. In Washington it is $5,500. Wala Wala and Spokane are the only 2 exceptions. In these cities, the average monthly rate matches the US average. Everything else is well over $4,000 and in place like Olympia and Longview, WA, the rates top $5,500.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Washington - Amenities

With the significant lack of Jewish assisted living facilities in this state, seniors will have to turn to local Jewish communities for the support they need. That means they will have to ensure that the assisted living facilities they do consider will support them as they head out to the synagogue and actively participate in the local community. If they are unable to offer that support then seniors should certainly move on to another that will.

Jewish Retirement Communities in Washington - Religious Amenities

The heart of a Jewish community lies in its synagogue. This is faith’s home and center of Jewish life for all of the faith in the congregation. It is an active place that offers much more that just Shabbat and holiday services. These are places where communities bond and learn. It is a place where individuals active help others in and around the community in the spirit of care and honest concern. The synagogue is the place the congregation turns to in times of joy and times of sorrow. It is God’s home and He is anxious to welcome of His faithful followers, no matter where they may be coming from.

The Rabbi makes is the glue that bring a community together and keeps them together. This is the person that guides the faithful in every aspect of their religious life. The rabbi teaches and counsels. They console and help guide the congregation into God’s redeeming light. In a Jewish assisted living center, they will be actively involved in daily life. When the assisted living center is secular, they will be available when needed by anyone that wants to visit.

When life becomes too distracting, Jews firmly believe in the power Atonement has to bring them back to the right path. These is a heartfelt process of doing good that helps them balance the scales so they can get back to a truly fulfilling personal relationship with God. A Jewish community, whether part of a Jewish assisted living center or not, will be there to help support this effort.

Another important element of living a Jewish life is one that requires following is kosher diet. It does require special care with the selection of ingredient and the way meals are prepared.

Jewish Assisted Living in Washington - General Amenities

As we age, it becomes increasingly difficult to ignore the signs of getting older and all too easy to get bogged down by the aches, pains and wrinkles that seem to increase with each passing day. It is these seniors that assisted living facilities are designed for.

The care these assisted living facilities provide are known as ADL’s, or Assisted Daily Living. They include direct assistance with many daily hygiene tasks, like bathing, grooming and dressing. They can help seniors eat when limbs are to unsteady to do that without some help. They also help keep seniors confidently mobile so they can actively participate in everything the center has to offer. They provide medication management and regular health monitoring as well, so treatments are more effective and developing problems are caught and treated early.

For seniors dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, there is an additional level of care that helps them deal with the emotional impact of memory loss, while helping them reconnect with some of those lost memories and the family members that may have been forgotten. This care is known as Memory Care.

Meals are served three times a day, and they are really great. They are a far cry better than a typical hospital meals and worlds better that anything a cafeteria serves up. Dishes are professionally prepared and served in grand dining rooms. Seniors sit in small groups of friends, just as they would in their favorite restaurant, and enjoy sharing both good times and good food.

Privacy comes in the form of personal apartments that are a home within these homes. Assisted living centers typically offer studio units and one-bedroom apartments, but they may also have two-bedroom units and semi-private rooms. In any case, these are well designed and nicely furnished spaces that seniors will be happy to settle into.

So, there is at least a handful of Jewish assisted living facilities in Washington. Seniors will have to consider alternatives and stay connected to one of the many Jewish communities in this state.

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