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New Hampshire has many really well rated Jewish assisted living centers to offer seniors looking to transition from independent life to assisted living. There are immersive environments that are dedicated to helping seniors fully explore their Jewish faith, while caring for the physical needs, and that is going to make this search for seniors that are anxious to maintain the connection they have to their faith.

Seniors will also find assisted living centers that have adapted their services based on the Jewish community that have come to call them home. Atria Senior living is a very good example of an assisted living center that is always evolving to meet the needs of the current resident population, and when they are based in and around Jewish communities, that population is always likely to be decidedly Jewish.

New Hampshire has options for faithful seniors and it’s likely going to be a good bit of fun exploring them as seniors look to find the best in this crowd.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in New Hampshire

While New Hampshire has a lot to offer, it certainly isn’t one of the most budget-friendly places for Jewish assisted living facilities. In fact, all types of assisted living in this state are fairly expensive. While the national average for assisted living runs at about $4,000, the average in New Hampshire tops $7,000 per month and some cities, like Manchester, NH, are even higher than that. For seniors that love that know and love this state, this rates probably won’t be too surprising. For anyone that may be considering relocating here, these costs may raise a few eyebrows.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in New Hampshire - Amenities

Being Jewish requires an active and heartfelt commitment to living faithfully at all times.  It requires a true desire to build a personal relationship with God that grows as faith grows. It requires constant learning and a nearly unquenchable yearning to great understanding of God and the design He has for each of our lives. This isn’t a faith that can be satisfied by simply attending the Shabbat services. You can’t just show up of Passover and Yom Kippur. This is a faith that must be lived and that often requires support.

Jewish Retirement Communities in New Hampshire - Religious Amenities

The first thing every Jew need is a Rabbi they can count on for guidance and teaching. They are a senior’s path finder to that personal relationship with God that is so very important. They are also the rock seniors can lean on when life seems to become a bit to challenging. They will lift spirits and refocus attention on the things that really matter so seniors can more easily look past and work through the challenges of aging.

Atonement is the next critical element that help define the faithful life of a Jew. We are imperfect and when we stay from God’s path, we need we be willing to confess our sins and offer heartfelt restitution. In this way, Jewish seniors are able to atone for their sins and earn God’s promise of forgiveness.

The next important part of a Jewish life is centered in kosher dining. This is a specific set of guidelines about what to eat and how food is to be prepared. When an assisted living facility isn’t Jewish, providing kosher meals may not be possible. But, in a Jewish assisted living facility, this will be a common practice for faithful seniors, who will certainly appreciate meeting these dietary requirements.

Jewish Assisted Living in New Hampshire - General Amenities

Living an active life isn’t just a goal for many seniors. It is an absolute way of life that the refuse to allow aging to interrupt. They may allow for getting a bit slower. They may even accept that there will be something they simply cannot do any more, but they will never give in to becoming old and inactive as long as there’s breadth in their lungs.

Senior assisted living centers are designed for these seniors and those that hope to be like them. They provide seniors with just the right support so they can continue to live as independently as possible by helping they deal with the challenges of aging that impact daily life. It starts with Assisted Daily Living (ADL’s), that help seniors bathe, dress and groom. They also help seniors remain confidently mobile. They provide medication management and regular health monitoring as well. These are the basics of assisted living and while not all seniors will need all of these types of care, they are offered to all.

For those dealing with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, there is Memory Care. These is a specially design combination of therapies and greater security that help seniors continue to lead fulfilling lives despite the very serious challenges of these health problems.

Seniors living in an assisted living facility will enjoy three great meals a day, and in New Hampshire, there is a very good chance that the menus will have been designed by some very famous celebrity chefs. They are executed by professionally trained culinary teams and served in luxurious dining rooms. They are meant to be shared with friends but can also be enjoyed in the quite of a senior’s private apartment.

Activities make the world go round. They make things fun and interesting. They ward off boredom and the risks associated with becoming sedentary and withdrawn. These activities are designed to improve physical fitness, to exercise fine motor skills and imagination, to draw out laughter, and to simply be fun and engaging.

Apartments are the home within these homes for each resident. They are normally offered as studio suites, one-bedroom apartments and companion suites that join two bedrooms to a common living and dining space.

New Hampshire provides a lot of options for Jewish assisted living, so seniors should have no problem finding an assisted living community they will be happy to call home.

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