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Jewish Assisted living facilities in the state of Arkansas are often found in Jewish communities. Seniors who are looking for assisted living centers that help seniors to continue a faithful life in those communities are likely to find significant populations of faithful Jewish seniors in residence. When the community is large enough, assisted living centers often add key services that meet the needs of that community, and that means things like Kosher dining are likely going to be available.

There are also several faith-based assisted living centers that are not specifically Jewish but welcome all faiths and work to support those faiths. In Arkansas, Cornerstone Seniors Care, with 5 homes in the state, is a good example of a well-regarded home where faith plays an active part in daily life.

One other way seniors may be able to find an assisted living center that will support their faith is to look at centers that have a focus on Life Long Learning. In most centers that dial in on learning opportunities, they often turn to faith as one form of personal education that is most welcome and most beneficial.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Arkansas

Arkansas’s rates for Jewish assisted living, as well as all other types of senior living centers, averages $3,750 per month, or about $250 under the national average of $4,000 per month. Cities like Yuma are less expensive at $3,450 per month and in the middle of the pack are Prescott and Phoenix that both come in at $3,500 per month. Tucson, AZ, is the costliest alternative, with a monthly average that tops $4,700 per month.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Arkansas - Amenities

How does a Jew define being Jewish? For the truly faithful you can be sure it goes far deeper than just attending weekly services or celebrating key holidays. Being truly Jewish defines how life, each and every day, plays out as each Jew strives to build a personal relationship with God. It defines how each Jew interacts with other, given their deep belief that atonement is the only way to find the light of God’s good graces. So, being Jewish isn’t a passive way of being, and the assisted living center that support these members of the faith must realize this and support them on their journey.

Jewish Retirement Homes in Arkansas - Religious Amenities

Prayer is never far from the conscious mind in the life of a faithful Jew. Small acts of faith color each day, before, during and after the Sabbath. Then there are the random acts of kindness, big and small, that help the faithful stay true to a life of atonement. These are things any supportive assisted living environment must understand and support. They do not have to be Jewish Assisted Living Facilities but even those that aren’t, have an important role to play.

Speaking of atonement, Jews recognize our inherent imperfections. We recognize that we are weak, and no matter how hard we try, we can lose our way. Atonement humbles us. It reminds us of our failings and it challenges us to find ways to make up for those shortcomings. This certainly requires time and space to pray but it also requires outreach. It needs opportunities to do for others, selflessly. Once again, any assisted living center, Jewish or otherwise, need to help seniors find these opportunities to live their faith.

Kosher dining is one a few key staples that help make life uniquely Jewish, and it’s filled with all sorts of traditional dishes most older seniors will especially love. But it is more than just the dishes. It is the way food is prepared that is important in a Kosher kitchen. For meals to be truly Kosher they must be prepared under strict guidelines that include the absolute separation of dairy and meat, with separate cooking areas and a unique set of utensils for each.

The caregivers in a Jewish assisted living facility would reasonably be expected to be active in the faith and that in turn, brings a set of shared values to the care they offer. It is care that is full of compassion, respect, and patience because the nature of the care they offer demands nothing less. Keep in mind that helping someone bathe or use the toilet is extremely personal and potentially embarrassing if these shared values are not allowed to guide the hands and the hearts of caregivers.

Jewish Assisted Living in Arkansas - Amenities

Encounter a group of seniors with a zest for life and you can’t help but be drawn in by the positive outlook and pure fun that is so obviously part of their world. They are funny, boisterous, engaging sometimes a bit irreverent and always ready to dive into life with an attitude that boldly faces every challenge age throws at them with hardly a flinch. These are the seniors assisted living facilities are designed for. If that’s you or if that’s what you want to get back to, assisted living has a lot to offer.

Caregivers in these assisted living centers provide a helping hand with bathing, using the toilet, grooming, dressing and getting around and staying mobile as each day unfolds. They help with eating too when unsteady hands make that a bit too challenging. They will manage medication and monitor health too so seniors stay active.

Then there are more secure areas of these assisted living centers where seniors with various forms of dementia are cared for. In memory care centers, seniors also benefit from unique therapies that help them recover memories, reconnect with loved ones and live a life that is far less frustration.

Meals are typically a dining experience that seniors look forward to, in these assisted living centers. Besides offering kosher meals, they are prepared by professional chefs, and guided by trained dieticians. They are shared in wonderful dining rooms that are typically full of energy and laughter at each meal and it is the combination of great food and great fun that make mealtime so very welcome.

Activities are another staple of assisted living because boredom can never be allowed to take root. There is always something, from the basics like arts and crafts, and all sorts of games, to a long list of educational opportunities that take activities to a whole new level. Of course, there are fitness programs, entertainment, outdoor events and more that keep things interesting and make life a bit of an adventure with each new day.

In assisted living centers seniors find a home and, in this home, they find private apartments that become their own personal piece of this home. They are a mix of studio units and one-bedroom apartments, for the most part. However, if senior family members of close friends want to share, there are some assisted living centers that also offer two-bedroom suites.

Jewish living facilities in Arkansas will take a good deal of digging to uncover, but with some many healthy Jewish communities in the state, there are sure to be some excellent choices. Give us a call to speak to a senior living adviser in your area.

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