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Searching for a Jewish assisted living center in Illinois may actually be given how many can be found with just the simplest of searches. Jewish retirement centers are spread across the state and come in many different shapes and sizes, from locally owned and operated, to company operated homes both here and elsewhere in the US. Figuring out which one will suit you best will be the fun part and this transitional adventure.

For example, there is the Weinberg Community for Senior Living, that is part of the CJE network of services. This local assisted living center offers a complete compliment of assisted living care, along with kosher dining, while providing regular transport so seniors can stay active in the local Jewish communities in the area.

Park Plaza is another well respected Jewish assisted living center where religious life is a real focus. Seniors are assisted both physically and spiritually so they can actively live their faith. Once again, dining is kosher and, in this case, all of the services seniors would expect to find in their synagogue are found right here in this center.

These are just two of the many examples of well-rated Jewish assisted living facilities in the state that seniors will enjoy exploring, so start the search and discover your next great home.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Illinois

Jewish assisted living facilities in Illinois is a bit pricier that many in the US average of $4,000 per month, by about $100 per month.  The Chicago area is higher still, with an average monthly rate of $4,740. But, shop a bit and seniors will find many that are less expensive. Carbondale, IL, in the southern end of the state is a good example, with a monthly rate that is closer to $3,500 per month. These prices are for standard care, typically in studio suites. They do not cover extended treatment like memory care or larger apartments.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Illinois - Amenities

Faith is a commitment to a way of life that is contemplative. It is a journey that begins and ends with the firm belief that God will be there for us. This is as true for Jews where they believe that every senior has the potential to develop a personal relationship with God that will help them define who they are, why they are and where they will be heading in the life to come. A Jewish assisted living center is designed to support this journey by providing the tools seniors need to stay on the right path.

Jewish Assisted Living in Illinois - Religious Amenities

Rabbis lead their flock through prayer and teaching. They are the guides along the way that help seniors stay the course. They counsel and comfort in both good times and bad. In short, they are the rock seniors can count on to help them stay faithful. Jewish assisted living centers will either have a Rabbi on staff to provide this key support to both residents and staff.

Jews recognize the fact that as humans, we are flawed and will stray from the righteous path God has set out for us. When this happens, Jews accept that fact that they must atone for these slips into sinfulness and part of the way they do that is to do good for others. Jewish assisted living communities will have various form of community outreach that offer seniors the opportunity to earn forgiveness through their good works.

Jewish life is marked by many different traditional foods, all prepared following well defined kosher guidelines. This will be critically important in Jewish assisted living centers where kosher dining will be expected. But it is more than just traditional dishes that make kosher, kosher. It’s all in the preparation, no matter that dishes are to be prepared. So Jewish assisted living centers will have trained chefs that know the traditions and certified kitchens that are well suited to preparing them in proper kosher fashion.

Jewish Retirement Communities in Illinois - Amenities

A recent survey suggested most people think people are old at 57. For most active seniors, I suspect they would find that laughable. Active seniors know the truth behind the phrase, “age is just a number”, because it is. Age does not define old, attitude does, and as long as seniors maintain a positive attitude, they will never get “Old”.

To help them maintain this positive attitude, seniors receive care that is typically defined as Assisted Daily Living. This involves a set of direct assistance tasks that help seniors confidently get through all of their regular personal hygiene tasks while also helping them remain mobile so they can actively enjoy the events of each new day. Medications are managed and health is monitored too so treatment outcomes and overall health can be improved. Seniors are also relieved from having to worry about house cleaning, laundry and all forms of home maintenance. It is all done for them.

For those that are forced to deal with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, there is an additional layer of service that add greater security, more consistent oversight, and a range of innovative therapies that help recover and develop memories. This is commonly referred to as Memory Care and while not a cure, it can effectively slow the progress of these diseases and bring seniors back from the brink of being permanently lost.

In the words of Julia Child, “Dining with friends and beloved family is certainly on of life’s primal and most innocent delights, one that is both soul-satisfying and eternal”. The best assisted living facilities take this to heart by offer three great meals a day in an environment that is designed for sharing with friends and family, so every meal can be the joyous occasion it should be.

One of my favorite quotes comes from a very unlikely source. Sofia Loren once said “We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing”. The activities that fill the typical day in an assisted living facility is a continuing opportunity for seniors to keep playing. They are a combination of fun and games, along with chances to learn new things that will helps keep minds engaged in life. Every single activity, no matter what form it may take, gives credence to Ms. Loren’s quote and all anyone needs to do to see that truth is to look at the energized community of seniors that call these assisted living facilities home. 

Transitioning into an assisted living facility does not mean transitioning out of any real measure of independence or privacy. The opposite is true and the first real sing of this will be the private apartments seniors enjoy calling home. These are a mix of one- and two-bedroom suites and studio units, that offer a respite from the hustle and bustle of the home beyond the apartment door.

Jewish living facilities in Illinois has a rich set of options for seniors to consider. Finding the right one could be a fun adventure.

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