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In the state of Utah, Jewish communities are based in Salat Lake City, Ogden, Park City and St. George, Utah so seniors won’t be limited to just a narrow portion of this state and may well be able to stay with the Jewish community they currently call home, while transitioning into an assisted living facility.

One of the best places to start this search for a Jewish assisted living center will be with the Chabad Jewish Center, with locations in Salt Lake City and Ogden, UT. They will know exactly where Jewish seniors are settling and how each of the assisted living centers that serve them, are performing. Seniors can also call upon their local Rabbi and Jewish community for guidance. This can be especially important if seniors are hoping to remain part of the congregation they know and love.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Utah

The average monthly cost for Jewish assisted living facilities, as well as all others, average $3,400 per month, putting these care centers well below the national average of $4,000 per month. The range of prices is also pretty tight, with Logan, UT, coming in as the least expensive at $3,100, and Salt Lake City holding the top spot at $3,885. So, everything in this state comes in below the national average, at least by a bit, making Utah a friendly place for Jewish assisted living facilities.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Utah - Amenities

There are certain basic amenities Jews would expect to find in any Jewish assisted living facility and for the most part, these mirror what they currently enjoy as part of a Jewish congregation. When the assisted living center is secular, these will still have to be found in the local Jewish communities so in many ways, there is no real difference to the way seniors pursue their spiritual health today and how they will pursue the same after they transition into an assisted living facility..

Jewish Retirement Communities in Utah - Religious Amenities

As is the case in every faithful community, the house of worship, in this case the synagogue, is the center of the faithful world. It is the glue that holds the community together. It is home to worship service, counseling and religious education. It is God’s house and he is inviting everyone to come and partake of all the blessings He is prepared to shower upon them. In a Jewish assisted living facility, the synagogue may actually be a part of the living center but for most, this will be a traditional synagogue that serves the whole Jewish community.

If the synagogue is the spiritual center of faith, the Rabbi is the heart and soul of that spiritual center. This is the shepherd that guides the flock along the path to spiritual fulfillment. This is the teach and the counselor. This is the path to solace in time of great trials and tribulations. Rabbis help the faithful find their way and stay true to their faith as each individual strive to build a personal relationship with God. Even in a Jewish assisted living center, the Rabbi will most likely come from a local Jewish community, so living in a secular assisted living facility shouldn’t make too much of a difference.

Atonement is a critical part of any Jew’s path to building a fulfilling personal relationship with God. Jews understand that they are imperfect beings. They know they will stray. The do their best to ensure it is rare and that the don’t stray far from the path but, they know they will have to atone when they do. A Jewish community shares this need and as a community, they build ways that allow every member of the faith to atone and find their way back to the righteous path.

Jewish Assisted Living in Utah - General Amenities

The primary card that assisted living facilities provide is centered on Assisted Daily Living or ADL’s. These are a series of tasks that help seniors deal with all sorts of personal hygiene tasks, like bathing, using the toilet, grooming, dressing, stay confidently mobile, eating without embarrassment, and just getting through each day with a minimum of discomfort and a whole lot of freedom.

To ensure good treatment outcomes, caregivers in the assisted living facilities focus on medication management, while monitoring health. This help ensure what is known is properly treated and what may be new is identified and treated early.

Beyond this care, there are programs for those that need various forms of rehabilitation therapy and memory care. Memory care, in particular, is a far more focus level of care, where seniors are protected from the danger that can come from failing memories, while also helping them recover and retain memories. The goal of all of this is to help each senior remain connected to their world and their loved ones in meaningful ways and for as long as humanly possible.

In addition to the actives that are found in Jewish assisted living facilities, all assisted living facilities strive to fill each day with many interesting and exciting things to do. This gives each resident the ability to choose their favorites and to stay as active as they want. These typically include arts & crafts, hands-on class like cooking and baking, woodworking shops, gardening, fitness, music, reading clubs, games and all sorts of social activities. In these assisted living facilities bored is designed out of each day so seniors remain meaningfully engaged in life.

There are 3 meals each day, served in beautiful dining rooms, and shared with friends. They are drawn from menus of all-time favorites and some new experiences seniors may grow to love. They are prepared by professional chefs that are guided by trained dieticians. These are not just meals. These are dining experiences.

Seniors will come into an assisted living facility with a choice to make on the type of private space they want to settle into. These include studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. Some assisted living centers may also offer semi-private rooms for those seniors that like the company of others or need a space that is a bit more economical.

Utah has very little to offer in terms of Jewish assisted living facilities but lots in terms of active Jewish communities. That means seniors can and will find great alternative as they plan for their transition of independent to assisted living. Give us a call to learn about senior living options in the state of Utah.

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