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Jewish assisted living facilities in Alabama, are difficult to identify as specifically Jewish or Kosher. So, what we’ve identified communities where Synagogues are present, and then identified assisted living facilities in those communities.

What we have found is that most of the assisted living centers offered by Atria and Brookdale are set in and around these areas, most do offer some level of Kosher food and all offer transportation to the local Synagogue for Sabbath and special holiday services.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Alabama

Costs for these Jewish assisted living facilities are pretty reasonably priced, at least compared to the national average of $4,000 per month. Here the average $3,250 per month or just about $107 per day. There are some places in the state that will go a lot easier on the budget. Dothan, AL, is a good example, with a monthly rate of just about $2,600, or about $86 per day. Auburn is the only destination in the state that comes in above the national average but even here, It’s just by about $120 per month. Every other city in the state is well below the US benchmark $4,000 per month.

Amenities in Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Alabama

Ask a Jew and they will tell you, being Jewish is so much more than a religion. It is a way of life that has a clear influence on each day. It is a way of looking at life that creates a shared sense of self and community. It’s also a community that embraces others, and this is particularly true when it comes to Jews and Christians and their share values of love, compassion, understanding, commitment to lift everyone into God’s loving embrace.

There are some things that are quite unique and important for Jews, whether they’re living in a Jewish assisted living facility, a Christian assisted living facility of a secular home.

Jewish Retirement Communities in Alabama - Religious Amenities

First, Jews, like Christians, believe in on God and the possibility for all Jews to have a personal relationship with Him. As part of a Jewish community, they are better able to nurture that relationship without the distractions that are often present in secular environments. So, the first and possibly most important element in a Jewish assisted living facility is its robust Jewish community.

Jews believe that the best way to earn a place in paradise is to do good in this world. The better one does, the more likely they will be to pass God’s test when it comes time for judgement. A Jewish community actively works to build programs and opportunities for every member of the community to live up to this high standard. A Jewish assisted living facility must be prepared to support that same effort through activities and community outreach.

The next element that is so important for the wellbeing of any Jewish community is to live up to Kosher standards of food preparation. Basically, this requires separate kitchens for dairy and meat, but it is more than that and typically requires to assistance and approval of a Rabbi. Food is also steeped in tradition, wish special dishes that mark key moments in the life of Jews throughout the ages. While tastes a much broader, these traditional dishes must be faithfully recreated in these Jewish Assisted Living facilities.

As in any setting, assisted living care can be highly personal, exposing and embarrassing. It can be difficult for seniors to adjust to this level of care, no matter how important and help that care is. Once of the best ways for get past that discomfort is for staff to deliver care that is guided by the faithful tenets of compassion, respect, discretion and patience. Caregivers that share the faith may also make the delivery of services easier to handle. So, the best assisted living centers will have caregivers that are faithful and that allow their faith to guide their hearts and hands.

Jewish Retirement Communities in Alabama - General Amenities

Look at any senior community and you will find a mix of those that are clearly old and tired, and those that seem far younger and more active than their years suggest they should be. What is even more interesting is the way the overall complexion of the community changes as the balance of seniors that refuse to give into age increases. That positive attitude is infectious, and like the incoming tide, it tends to raise everyone’s positivity levels.  

Assisted living facilities also influence this with the care they provide. Seniors having a tough time doing the basics have a tough time staying positive but then there is help with simple things like bathing, grooming and dressing, these things stop being depressing. Add help so seniors can remain actively mobile and active and attitudes improve even further. Provide medication managements so treatment outcomes are improved and very little now stands in the way of enjoying a healthy senior life.

There are tougher cases though and this is especially true for those suffering with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. For these seniors, they also need memory care that is designed with extra safety precautions and special therapies that help address the memory losses they are suffering. This is done with things like music, scent, and pet therapies that can help trigger memory recall and assisted in the development and retention of new memories.

Meal time in assisted living facilities are a very special time. They are served three times a day and are prepared by professional chefs and served in relaxing dining rooms, in small groups of friends that can enjoy the company, along with the great food. In a Jewish assisted living facility this food will be prepared in a Kosher kitchen and will include both traditional dishes, updated version of those dishes and some foods that are help seniors discover new tastes.

All-day snacks fill the gaps between meals so everyone can easily maintain a healthy metabolism and keep things like diabetes and high blood pressure in check.

Activities are a staple of daily life in assisted living facilities and often include fitness programs, social events, arts and crafts programs, cooking and backing classes, wine tasting events, educational programs, entertainment, and all sorts of games. In well run homes, the biggest problem seniors have is deciding what to do among the many things they love to do.

Apartment living provides seniors with the privacy we all need and deserve. They offer studio units, one-bedroom apartments and two-bedrooms suites that are especially suited to family member and close friends that want to share. Some assisted living facilities also provide semi-private suites that help meet budgetary constraints while still providing comfort and complete care services.

Jewish living facilities in Alabama may be a bit tough to find but it’s there and will help the faithful enjoy a life in retirement that is rich in both faith and fun. Give us a call to speak to a senior living adviser in your area.

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