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Nevada has no specifically Jewish assisted living centers to offer but what they do have are many secular assisted living centers that make spiritual care a focused offering. For faithful Jews, that isn’t necessarily the best solution but, combined with the many Jewish communities, especially those in and around Las Vegas, seniors can still get the care they need in an environment that is spiritually fulfilling.

Take Sunrise Senior living as an example. This is a multi-state company that offers Sunrise of Henderson in Nevada, a large resort-style assisted living center that takes a holistic approach to care the cover physical, mental and spiritual care. It is also very highly rated and based in Henderson, it is close to 5 different Jewish communities that can support those seniors that settle into the Sunrise assisted living center.

Sunshine Retirement Living in Reno, NV, is another well regarded assisted living center that make spiritual care a focus of their services. It too is surrounded by a number of Jewish communities that are able to support any senior that choses to settle here.

While Nevada has no specifically Jewish assisted living centers to offer, there is a lot of support available for faithful seniors that chose to settle in the state.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Nevada

There is more good news here in Nevada. While there may be no Jewish assisted living facilities available, secular assisted living facility rates are actually a good deal less expensive, compared to the national monthly average of $4,000, by about $600 per month. Las Vegas and Carson City are both a bit more expensive, with average monthly rates that are closer to $3,600, but that still means a discount of more than 7%, compared to the national average. There is an even cheaper alternative in Reno, where rates drop below $3,300 per month, so seniors can find some very nice assisted living centers that are budget-friendly.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Nevada - Amenities

Being Jewish requires commitment and that includes and active effort to build a truly personal relationship with God. God asks much of his children but offer a lot in return. We just have to make the effort fully and consistently to earn his promises. Having support along the way helps Jews stay on the right path and in a Jewish community that support can be little more than a call away.

Jewish Assisted Living in Nevada - Religious Amenities

The first thing every Jew need is a Rabbi they can lean on to help them participate fully in services, understand their faith more deeply, and make restitution when they falter. Any of the Jewish communities in Nevada will have Rabbis that are ready to serve in this role for anyone that comes to them with an honest desire to live as God asks.

Even with that support, and no matter how hard we humans try, we will lose our way and fall to all sorts of temptations. We are imperfect but we can be redeemed. Atonement is they way we do that and again, we need guidance. Rabbis and the larger Jewish community with help each other understand their faults, work to avoid making the same mistakes and find effective way atone for those sins so we can regain the righteous path, leading to God’s promise of forgiveness.

The most challenging thing to do as an independent Jew is eat kosher. In Nevada, seniors may actually find kosher kitchens in secular homes when the population of Jewish resident grows large enough. Even if they don’t, the local Jewish communities will have plenty to offer seniors so they can stay on track with their kosher dining requirements. They can even help seniors learn to prepare their own kosher meals in their private apartments. It may not be as good as living in a kosher Jewish assisted living center but it does come close.

Jewish Retirement Communities in Nevada - General Amenities

Living an active life should be the ultimate goal for all of us, and especially for those seniors that are beginning to experience the challenges of aging, this is the best and only way to truly avoid becoming “Old”. Remember, aging isn’t optional but getting old is. Keep the right positive attitude and get a bit of help, and seniors never need to cross that bridge from aging to old.

Senior assisted living centers accomplish this with care know by the acronym, ADL. This is Assisted Daily Living and it provides direct assistance with basic daily needs to are often the first and most challenging features of aging. This includes help bathing, dress and grooming. It can provide incontinence care and will always include medication management. It provides ambulatory care so seniors can move easily from place to place throughout the day. And, it provides health monitoring on a regular basis so any emerging health issues can be identified and address before they become serious.

Seniors that are being further challenged by Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia will be offered memory care which is a series of special therapies, that are delivered in a more secure environment. Therapies often include tactile and sensory programs that stimulate the recovery of lost memories so seniors are able to reconnect with the loved ones they have forgotten and so they can have better short-term memory retention that helps make daily life more fulfilling.

Senior assisted living centers offer 3 meals a day that are selected from great a menu of recognized classics and many new taste experiences. These are restaurant quality meals, prepared by professional chefs and enjoyed in great dining rooms, in the company of good friends.

Assisted living is all about activities when it isn’t about direct care. This is what help make each day worth living and in the best of these care centers, senior wake with a spring in their step, knowing what great things they’re about to get involved with. These programs always include staples like fitness, art, and other physically and mentally stimulating programs. They always also include lots of games, plenty of entertainment and great community outings.

Apartments provide privacy and generally come in three sizes, companion suites that have two bedrooms, one-bedroom apartment and studio/efficiency units.

Nevada doesn’t offer much in the way of Jewish assisted living facilities but it does have lots of community support for Jewish seniors, so faith will always be a healthy part of a senior’s life, even when living in a secular assisted living center.

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