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There are Jewish communities in Wyoming, with assisted living centers in close proximity. The Jewish communities are located in Laramie, Jackson Hole, Casper and Cheyenne, WY. In these cities, seniors will find dozens of choices for assisted living.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Wyoming

All assisted living including Jewish assisted living, if they can be found, are a bit less expensive, compared to the national average of $4,000 per month. In Wyoming the monthly rates will be closer to $3,800. This is true in most every city in this state, with the exception of Casper and Cheyenne. In these cities the rates top the national average by about $500 per month. These rates will be higher, based on the type and size apartment selected and for additional care related to issues like Alzheimer’s memory care.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Wyoming - Amenities

Finding a Jewish assisted living center or one that at least is connected with a local Jewish congregation, requires focusing on four key amenities. These will determine the extent of their commitment to the faith and will help seniors gauge the level of spiritual support they will be able to count on. However, even when these are less than what may be hoped for, seniors can still find their way to God. It may just take a bit more effort.

Jewish Retirement Communities in Wyoming - Religious Amenities

Some seniors may choose to find an assisted living center that is in easy reach of a synagogue and that helps seniors become and stay actively involved in the congregation. This may mean helping with special transportation or maybe reaching out to the congregation and inviting them in to the center so they can minister to Jewish seniors. In either case, seniors will want to remain actively connected as they pursue their faith in God.

They will also want to develop a relationship with a local rabbi. These are the preacher, teachers and counselors Jews depend on for support as they work to develop a personal relationship with God, and this will certainly continue to be the case even after transitioning into an assisted living residence. Assisted living facilities will need to facilitate these interactions in order to help ensure the spiritual health of their residents.

Atonement play an important role in Jewish life. It is key to maintaining a meaningful relationship with God, even when they have moments of doubt in their faith. We are imperfect, and Jews both understand this simple truth and recognize the efforts God requires as atonement. The congregation often work together to create opportunities for members to find peach and achieve a meaningful measure of atonement.

When living outside of a Jewish community, eating kosher is often the most difficult thing to do. Seniors will need the support of the local Jewish community to find kosher foods and they will have to continue to prepare many of their own meals in order to continue to stay true to their kosher dining traditions.

Jewish Assisted Living - General Amenities

Old isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. At least, it isn’t as much fun as many of us imagined when we were younger and longed for things like retirement. We never considered the aching bones, stiff joints, and diminished stamina. Tripping and falling was something we laughed about until it started to be a risk for a major injury. And, no one considered that there might come a day when getting behind the wheel of your car would no longer be a good idea and you would become depend on others just to get out and about. This is where assisted living facilities come to your rescue.

These care centers help seniors stay confidently mobile by offering a helping hand, in a safe environment, so seniors don’t feel limited by what they can get involved with. They provide personal assistance too with things like bathing, using the toilet, grooming and dressing, so seniors can jump into each day with confidence. They provide medication management so treatment outcomes are improved, and they continually monitor health so any developing problems can be identified and dealt with early on. They also relieve seniors from the need to worry about most household chores, like cleaning, changing bedding, and doing repairs around the house. When all of this is covered by a caring team, old is so bad after all.

For seniors that have a pet, the thought of leaving them behind can be unbearable. Fortunately, there are some assisted living facilities that are pet friendly and will be just as happy to welcome Fifi and her human partner, so the transition is bad at all.

One of the many myths about assisted living facilities is that food is no better than a prison house cafeteria, serving slop on metal trays. This could not be further from the truth is most assisted living facilities. They are equipped with professional kitchens and trained chefs that take great pride in delivering culinary excellence, three time a day, every day. Add all-day snack and assisted living facilities start to feel a lot like a great cruise, with all day dining.

Another great myth is that assisted living facilities offer no real privacy, and again, this could not be further from the truth. Apartments in assisted living centers provide each senior a private home within these homes, and they come in various sizes so everyone will find something they will be happy to settle into.

Wyoming will not make it easy for seniors, but it won’t be impossible either. Seniors will have to find a good assisted living facility that has a strong connection to a Jewish congregation, and spiritual life will be good.

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