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Ohio is home to many Jewish assisted living facilities, though variety may not be all that it appears to be. Many of these Jewish assisted living centers are part of the same group so they are run by just a few companies. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They are all well and on appearance, they seem to be very pleasant places to settle into. And with their focus on the Jewish faith, they are likely to be exactly what faithful seniors are looking for in a new home.

Here are a few examples of assisted living in Ohio to consider.

Both run by the Youngstown Area Jewish federation, there is Levy Gardens and Heritage Manor. Both of these Jewish assisted living centers are supported by the federation, with services that include rabbinical care and various community outreach programs seniors are sure to appreciate. The average rating for these two assisted living centers tops 4.5-stars making them well worth considering.

Menorah Park is another multi-residence company, offering 2 Jewish assisted living centers and one memory care center. This also appear to be very pleasant homes where Jewish seniors are supported in their faith with a combination of in-house and community support services. The ratings for these care centers are not quite as strong as the previous example but at an average 4-stars, they are still worth a closer look.

One last example worth considering is Bloom at Lakewood. This isn’t specifically a Jewish assisted living center but is does have a strong focus on faith and is mentioned here because of the many in-house health service this center offers. Seniors are unlikely to have to look beyond this care center for any health-related needs, short of actual hospitalization.

There are others of course, these are just some quick examples to get seniors started. They should consider the following faith-related amenities though as part of any true assessment of a Jewish assisted living center.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Ohio

Compared to the national average of $4,000 per month for Jewish assisted living care, Ohio facilities are just a bit more expensive. However, there are several cities in the state the buck that trend, and even in the pricier cities, rates aren’t grossly out of line. Cleveland and Youngstown are good examples, where the monthly rate of $3,600 per month is about $400 less per month. Toledo, OH, is one of the few places in the state that is significantly higher at $5,000+ per month, and that is tilting the results significantly. Don’t be dismayed. Overall, Ohio is pretty reasonable.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Ohio - Amenities

A Jewish life, steeped in faith, is an active life of prayer, contemplation, and recompense. Faith colors life in a very real and active way when a faithful Jew is truly committed to living a life that remains true to God’s teaching. In support of that, there are a number of amenities that make a religious life far easier to remain true to.

Jewish Assisted Living in Ohio - Religious Amenities

In a Jewish community, the synagogue, the local rabbi, and the community itself provide a beacon of hope and support for all who seek to build a personal relationship with God. In a Jewish assisted living center these may be amenities that are found in-house, or they may be offered by the community in which these centers are set. The key though it that they be within easy reach, even for those that may have limited mobility and the center’s care team must work to facilitate this access.

Jews understand that no matter how faithful they are, they are human and humans are imperfect creatures. They will stray from the righteous path and sin. When these things happen, Jews know they can find their way back into God’s good graces through atonement. They can sacrifice and do good for others, and that can help bring the scales back in balance and reinvigorate their personal relationship with God. This requires various forms of outreach and for that, the Jewish assisted living center’s staff and the local Jewish community need to work together to build the programs seniors will depend on.

Finally, Jews are expected to follow strict dietary guidelines. These kosher rules identify foods that are not appropriate, along with rules for food preparation that insure purity and cleanliness. In Jewish assisted living facility, it should be expected that they will be equipped and certified kosher by a respected authority and that certification must be consistently maintained.

Jewish Retirement Communities in Ohio - General Amenities

Life is a series of great challenges and great joys, and while it may not always feel that way, it is never always one or the other. For aging adults, they can easily begin thinking that that many challenges they face have chased all the joy from the room. If they give into that, they go from aging to old. For those that refuse to give in, assisted living helps them deal with the challenges while holding tight to those things in life that keep seniors active and bring real joy to their world.

Assisted living centers accomplish this with a set of basic care activities commonly referred to as Assisted Daily Living tasks, or ADL’s. They include all of the normal personal hygiene tasks we all need to accomplish each day, including using the toilet, bathing, grooming, dressing, remaining confidently mobile and meeting all of the other challenges that come with diminished sight and limited hearing. They also provide medication management so seniors remain on a healthy path that allows them to remain active.

These assisted living facilities also relieve seniors from the need to worry about house cleaning and laundry, lawn cutting and snow removal, and pretty much everything else they may have done that needed a hammer or screwdriver. In assisted living facilities, seniors don’t even have to worry about changing a burnt lightbulb.

Private apartments have kitchens so seniors could cook for themselves if they wanted, but there’s a good chance they won’t. Assisted living centers provide three really great meals every day. Menus are created that offer both new and familiar dishes, so everyone finds something they will love. These dishes are then professionally prepared by trained culinary staff. They are served in very pleasant dining rooms, around comfortable tables where friends can gather and share the joy of sharing a great meal. So, while seniors can, they may not want to eat alone all that often.

The other important element in an assisted living facility is the company of other seniors, that are facing the same challenges, with the same positive outlook on life. Community activity planners help this happen by creating various activities that these seniors can come together and enjoy. Programs often include arts & crafts, various hand-on classes, educational seminars, entertainment, games, fitness sessions, community outings, along with many other fun ways to make each day meaningful and invigorating, both mentally and physically. In a good assisted living facility, life is never boring.

Apartments in assisted living centers provide private space for seniors, so they can maintain a reasonably independent life, in their own comfortable home within these homes. Apartment units are varied in size, starting with studio units. For those seniors that want more space, there are one-bedroom units that include living dining and kitchen space. And, for those that have a family member or companions they would like to share with, there are two-bedroom apartments, where the pair shares a common living, dining and kitchen space, while enjoying their own bedrooms. For those seniors that are happy to share or are looking to stretch a tight budget, there are semi-private rooms as well. These are typically shared with 2 or 4 seniors.

Jewish assisted living facilities in Ohio offer plenty of interesting choices, even if there isn’t a lot of variety. Seniors just need to be sure they are providing the key amenities a faithful life will depend on.

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