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Kentucky really doesn’t have too many options to offer in terms of Jewish assisted living facilities. One of the options for those that are committed to staying in this state may be to settle into a multi-denominational assisted living center where they will at least find the comfort of having other faithful seniors to share life with.

For well-regarded non-denominational assisted living centers, Atria is often a good choice, with homes in many states, they also have a strong a lot of experience and a string management team to draw on. They are also well known for adding amenities that meet the specific needs of each individual community so if you find one with a decent sized group of Jewish seniors, they will most likely be happy to add things like kosher dinging to what they offer.

Brookdale senior Living is very similar to Atria in that they are a large company with many assisted living centers and a strong management team to draw upon. They have also demonstrated a willingness to add amenities to individual homes based on the specific wants and desires of each individual community. So once again, find a community that has a large enough group of Jewish residents and things like kosher dining may well be added.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in Kentucky

Jewish assisted living facilities in Kentucky offer more good news, this time relating to the cost of care. At an average monthly rate of $3,497, these centers will save seniors about $500 per month over the monthly average for the US, where costs top $4,000 per month. Rates drop as low as $2,166 in Owensville but can also climb to nearly $4,300 in Lexington. Louisville rates are on par with the rest of the US at just about $4,060 per month.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in Kentucky - Amenities

When there are no specifically Jewish assisted living facilities to settle into, and hardly any Jewish communities to fall back on, finding a healthy way to feeds one’s soul becomes challenging. It will require a bit of creative thinking and a good deal more effort to attain what every faithful Jew desire; a personal relationship with God.

Jewish Retirement Communities in Kentucky - Religious Amenities

Seniors can start with finding ways to stay connected to a synagogue and Rabbi. It could be done by finding an assisted living facility that is reasonably close to a synagogue. Both Louisville and Lexington have Jewish communities and nearby assisted living facilities that could help make this a good solution. This will be especially true for homes in the Atria or Brookdale network of assisted living facilities.

If seniors can’t find a nearby home that can keep them connected to their faith, the next best alternative may be to drawn upon online resources that are designed to help Jews everywhere stay faithfully connected. Resources like My Jewish Learning or Jewish Interactive, offer a wide range of support services, including prayer, education and even community outreach and volunteer programs, so while you may not be living in the middle of a Jewish community, you can still be well connected to one in the virtual world.

Eating kosher is the next major challenges ad again, the best way to meet this challenge it to find an assisted living center that is part of a larger Jewish community, where kosher dining will be the norm. If that isn’t possible, each senior has access to a kitchen and a wealth of online resources that can help them prepare some really great kosher meals. One of these really fun resources is found at They have a combination of daily suggestions and full holiday menus so finding just what you want should be easy.

Jewish Retirement Communities in Kentucky - Amenities

Staying active is one of the most important keys to staying young, and the best way to keep activities levels high is to approach each day with a healthy attitude. Seniors simply can’t get old is the refuse to give in to the challenges of aging. They have to willing give in to those challenges and since that is a matter of free will, they are equally free to give “Old” the inglorious salute it deserves. Assisted living facilities are designed to help seniors make the right choices when it comes to getting old and they are there to constantly reaffirm how right seniors were in making that positive choice.

This is accomplished by helping seniors deal with the most annoying personal hygiene tasks where stiff joints, sore muscles and unsteady legs make the basics too much of a challenge to accomplish independently. This is known as Assisted Daily Living care of ADL’s and it includes help using the bathroom, bathing, grooming dressing and getting up and around with confidence. It may also include help eating when motor control becomes an issue. These bits of assistance are matched to medication management so the right meds are taken in the right doses so medical outcomes can be optimized. It also includes health monitoring so any new issues can be identified and referred to a physician for early treatment.

Assisted living facilities also take over daily tasks like housekeeping, laundry service, changing linens and fixing the things that inevitably break down and need to be repaired or replaced. Seniors certainly never have to worry again about climbing a ladder to change a light build or getting out in the hot sun to mow the lawn.

Three times a day, assisted living facilities offer seniors an opportunity to enjoy a great meal, prepared by great chefs and served in fine dining rooms, in the company of great friends and even family. This certainly isn’t hospital food and you’ll find no cafeteria lines here. This is fine dining at its finest.

Activities help make life in an assisted living facility fun, educational and entertaining. They are designed with resident’s in mind so everyone finds a full list of things to do that they truly enjoy. It could be artisan classes or a fitness a new isometric fitness program. Maybe it’s a program for learning a foreign language or a hands-on opportunity to learn portrait photography. Whatever it may be, these activities offer a great way to make each day a wonderful experience that seniors will want to share with others.

Apartment are the way seniors enjoy personal space in these assisted living facilities. They come in the form of studio suites and one- or two-bedroom apartments. The two-bedroom apartments are designed to be shared with family or close friends where both can share a bit over the cost of having two one-bedrooms apartments for each.

Jewish living facilities in Kentucky isn’t going to be easy but it won’t be impossible either. It’s just going to take a bit more effort.

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