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When it comes to Jewish assisted living facilities in South Carolina, there aren’t many options, so seniors that are Jewish may need to look for assisted living centers that are focused on faith, without being specifically Jewish. In this case, there will be many senior living centers that can offer them an exceptional level of comfort. Even better will be to find one of these senior care centers that are in or close to Jewish communities where they can reach out and find direct support for their Jewish faith.

Take a look at these examples of assisted living in South Carolina:

Atria Forrest is a well rated example of a home that has a solid focus on spiritual health but is not focused exclusively on the Jewish faith. This, and many of the other Atria Living Centers will be set up in a similar way, and in many cases, these homes can be counted on to make specific adjustments when the population of any home leans more to one faith over another. This means that an Atria residence with a population of Jewish Seniors may well start to look like a Jewish assisted living center.

The Palmettos of Parklane is another potentially good choice. They are fairly well rated and are in easy reach of the Beth Shalom Synagogue. This is an active Jewish community that will no doubt be ready to welcome new congregants that have made this assisted living center their home.

These are just a few of the really good options seniors will find in South Carolina for Jewish assisted living care.

Cost of Jewish Assisted Living in South Carolina

There is lots of good pricing information for Jewish assisted living centers in South Carolina is a lot of pricing data available for South Carolina and the story it tells is encouraging. While the national rate for assisted living care across the US averages $4,000, in South Carolina that average is just $3,500. These prices are fairly consistent across the state as well, with only a few exceptions. Exception number 1 is in Sumter, SC, drop well below $2,000 per month. Exception number 2 is in Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head Island where rates top $4,100 per month.

Jewish Assisted Living Communities in South Carolina - Amenities

A Jewish assisted living center is a Jewish community in miniature. It is a place where the faithful gather to worship, and where the community comes together in good times and bad times. It is a spiritual environment where every senior has the opportunity to fortify their personal relationship with God. It is a faithful community is supportive of every senior that is committed to living as God demands.

Jewish Assisted Living in South Carolina - Religious Amenities

Everything starts with the synagogue and a local Rabbi, where seniors find support for their faith and guidance along the path to salvation. This is a calm port in any storm. It is always there, and always beckoning, whether for the Sabbath, or just a simple community gathering. It I home to study as well, so each senior can find a greater depth of understanding of their faith.

The Rabbi also helps seniors that are looking for effective ways to atone for their sins. This is a key element in the Jewish faith and one that is, by design, difficult to accomplish. With the Rabbi’s guidance, Jews can find the right opportunities to find their path to atonement while enriching the lives of others through their service.

The one element in Jewish life that can be the most challenging is abiding by kosher dining requirements. These are a set of rules that determine what can be consumed and how foods are to be prepared so that they can be certified as kosher. Because these guidelines add complexities to a professional kitchen, they can sometimes be passed over and in these cases, seniors may have to reach out to the local Jewish community for support. They may also find that they will prepare more of their own meals as a way of ensuing faithful adherence to kosher dining requirements.

Jewish Assisted Living in South Carolina - General Amenities

If a senior accepts that they are old then they are and the end-game is at hand. If, on the other hand, seniors refuse to get old and decide instead to fight back against the ravages of age, there is a bright future and an active life that awaits them in an assisted living center. Old is not inevitable, it is a choice, just as choosing to remaining vibrantly engaged with all the life has to offer, is a choice. Choose life and an assisted living center will be there to help you satisfy that desire.

Assisted living facilities help with daily activities like bathing, grooming, dressing, using the toilet and staying mobile (ambulatory care). They get help eating when manual dexterity is limited, and they receive guidance with physical fitness that helps restore strength, stamina and balance. Retirees enjoy medication management and regular health monitoring that creates better treatment outcomes. Together, this care is referred to as ADL’s (Assisted Daily Living).

Memory care is the next level of service, and is designed especially for seniors that are working through various forms of dementia, like Alzheimer’s disease. This care includes a series of therapies involving sensory and tactile stimulation. Lost memories are often linked to these senses and by finding the right sight, sound or smell, they can be brought back out of the clouds. This care is delivered in a more secure environment where seniors will have less risk of wandering off and getting into trouble.

Being active has a direct impact on being healthy and the more active a senior is, the more likely they are to remain healthy well into the future. This is accomplished with a calendar that is rich with interesting things to do and to learn. It is filled with crafts, and projects. It is stocked with opportunities for learning and playing, interacting with others and enjoying the community that surrounds them. There is no need to ever get bored in an assisted living center when there is some much there that can make each day a fulfilling adventure.

Meals are served three times a day, in fine dining rooms, and these are not just some thrown-together hospital food that is far too focused on nutrition while forgetting all about flavor and texture. These are professionally prepared dishes that most any foodie would love. They are drawn from menus of all-time favorite comfort foods and some new dining experiences seniors may come to love.

Apartments and privacy are the way life happens in assisted living facilities. It is in these spaces that seniors are able to create their own home within these homes. They are normally comprised of studio units with efficiency kitchens and one-bedroom apartments, with comfortable living, dining and kitchen areas that are warm and welcoming. Some assisted living centers also provide two-bedroom apartments, known as companion suites, that family or a couple of close friends can share so each can save some over the cost of a single one-bedroom apartment.

South Carolina has a rich set of Jewish assisted living facilities that are not especially defined as Jewish but that provide plenty of support for faithful Jewish seniors.

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