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Texas has an incredible list of Christian assisted living facilities, with everything from self-contained assisted living centers, to full communities with a mix of assisted living, memory care, hospice and independent living. For some seniors, the larger communities can be particularly important since they allow seniors to “age in place”. This mean they transition once and never need to worry about making that move again.

The Craig Senior Living is a very well rated example of a complete Christian Assisted living community, set in Amarillo, TX, with room for nearly 200 seniors needing different stage of care. Then, consider one of the three Cristian Care Seniors Living Communities, located in Mesquite, Allen and Fort Worth, Texas, where they are self-contained and focused on providing assisted living care and memory care.

There are many other examples, in many different styles and dotted all across the state, so seniors committed to living a life of faith in the care of a compassionate team, will do well to consider this state.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Texas

The monthly average rate for all assisted living, including Christian assisted living residences in Texas, is also less expensive, when compared to the national average of $4,000 per month. Seniors can find averages that will save them $250 or more per month.  El Paso and Texarkana are the least expensive destinations in the state. Rates in these cities drop to $2,000 +/- per month. On the other hand, Austin. TX is the most expensive destination in the state, with rates topping $5,600 per month. The majority of cities in Texas will come in at somewhere between $3,500 to $4,500, so most everything here is on par with the US average.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Texas - Amenities

Christian assisted living centers have a unique purpose. While most assisted living centers provide physical and emotional care, these Christian centers add spiritual care, and that makes a huge difference for those seniors that are committed to following the teaching of Jesus Christ. It allows them to make the transition from independent living with the certainty that they will not be far from God and all His blessings.

Assisted living communities in Texas are a unique blend of large and small centers and that means the amenities will vary based on the nature of each. Regardless of their size, each assisted living facility will need to deliver four cornerstones that make faith possible.

Christian Retirement Communities in Texas - Religious Amenities

  1. The larger retirement communities in Texas are likely to have a Christian church that will look and feel very similar to the community churches seniors will have attended before they made the transition. Even in these communities though, there will also be a dedicated chapel that will always close at hand and always open, because needing to pray with God doesn’t happen on a predefined schedule. Whether a church or a chapel, this is where weekly devotional services are held and this is the setting for prayer meetings and bible studies, making this the heart of the Christian world.
  2. A chapel isn’t a chapel without a chaplain or minister, that will guide the flock in their passion to build a more meaningful and more personal relationship with God. These ministers are teachers, they are guides and they are a steady force that helps keep seniors from getting lost in the challenges of aging. Like caregivers who provide physical assistance, this makes the minister a critical instrument in the wellness of every member of the congregation.
  3. There are a few tenets of the Christian faith that speak directly to caregivers as they deliver the support seniors have come here for. These included compassion, understanding, patience, respect and love. While it is certainly possible for a non-believer to provide great care, a truly faithful caregiver will come to this effort more naturally and that often makes a noticeable difference.
  4. We’ve already mentioned some activities, like devotional services, prayer meetings and bible studies. These are a great start when it comes to Christian assisted living centers. Add to these community outreach and the opportunity to get involved in the ministry of faith through volunteerism, and each day becomes an enriching experience.

Christian Assisted Living Facilities in Texas - General Amenities

There a are few things in life that are inevitable, and everyone know what they are – Death and Taxes. But, here’s the deal. No one needs to simply lay down and accept either. With careful planning, tax bill can be reduced and with the right care, death can be pressed into the distant future. All that’s really required is a fighting attitude and a helping hand.

Assisted living centers provide that helping in the form of Assisted Daily Living, and set of direct assistance seniors can count on to help with the basic needs of each day. These include help using the bathroom, bathing, dressing, and grooming. When needed, there is help with eating too. And, seniors can count on a helping hand so they can remain confidently mobile and actively involved in all they great things that will going on around them. They will also be freed from worry about daily household chore and all of the maintenance they would have been burdened with before they made this transition into an assisted living facility.

Memory care takes assisted daily living to an entirely different level, with specialize therapies that are specifically designed for seniors suffering with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. They are also cared for in centers that are more secure, more organized and less distracting so they can live safely and with fewer form of agitation that can lead to emotional outbursts. Not all assisted living facilities will have the ability to provide this care, so for seniors or their loved ones, it will take a bit more to find the right center for this care.

This is a Christian assisted living center and that means there will be many religious activities to fill the day, but that doesn’t end there. There are many other activities, like hands-on classes, workshops, fitness programs, games, entertainment, movie nights and more that add to the overall ambiance of these assisted living centers.

Assisted living facilities offer three meals a day and most take great pride in the quality of the dishes they bring to the table. These are often on par with great restaurants, offering a wide variety of dishes to satisfy every taste. As an added bonus, most assisted living centers also offer all-day snacks, and that means these centers often feel more like resort and less like care homes.

Assisted living centers and centered around a group of apartments where senior enjoy their own private living spaces. These are most often studio units with efficiency kitchens and one- or two-bedroom apartments with living and dining spaces, along with well equipped kitchens. The two-bedroom apartments are designed to allow family members of close companions to share and save a bit over the cost of individual one-bedroom apartments.

Texas has lots to offer faithful seniors who need a Christian assisted living facility. It will just take a little bit of research to find the best one or simply give us a call and speak to a local senior living adviser in your area at no charge.

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