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In the state of Oregon there are some really good Christian Assisted Living choices, like Parkview Christian Retirement Community, Turner Retirement Homes and Providence Benedictine Orchard House Personalized Living Center. But there are also secular choices, that are also very well regarded, where faith isn’t in focus but that are part of a larger Christian community. Either of these types of senior living homes can offer faithful seniors hope for a spiritually fulfilling future.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Oregon

Christian assisted living facilities in Oregon average $4,500 per month, making them about $500 more per month, compared to the national average for assisted living care. Look at specific cites though and seniors can find averages that are bit more budget friendly. For example, Medford, OR, averages $3,900+ per month and that city isn’t alone in this state. As with any average, there are high prices as well. Portland is a good example, where rates come very close to $5,000 per month. All of this means there are rates for pretty much any budget. It may just require a bit of flexibility in where senior living home will be.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Oregon - Amenities

The life of a faithful senior is an active life of worship, of community involvement, and of giving, all of which are shared with a community of others, that are seeking to gain a personal relationship with God. How they achieve that, how they make that journey, may be unique, but the destination is always the same. In a Christian assisted living facility, there are four key amenities that help seniors reach their ultimate desire to be closer to God.

Christian Retirement Communities in Oregon - Religious Amenities

  1. The first of these is the chapel, and this dedicated space play the same role as the community church where seniors will have worship when they were living independently. It will be where weekly services are offered, where bible study happens, where prayer meetings occur and where seniors will come to any time that they feel they need to talk directly with God. Being faithful isn’t a part time deal and neither can the chapel be a sometimes yes and sometimes no, place for religious contemplation.
  2. Pastors are the next amenity, the nest key to a faithful life, committed to Christ. As in the local church, pastors set the tone for the community. They set the path and they guide the flock. They are there to share the joys and help people through and challenges that impact a person’s very belief in God. They also help educate and are often the glue that holds these faithful communities together. In Christian assisted living centers, their role is no less important and certainly just as active.
  3. As mentioned earlier, being faithful is a commitment. It is an active lifestyle. It certainly isn’t limited to attending mass once a week and saying Grace before each meal. The way to a truly personal relationship with God, requires study, it requires pray, and it requires giving one’s self in order to help others. Activities offered in Christian assisted living centers help seniors live exactly this type of faithful life and for that reason, they are amenities on our list that must not be ignored.
  4. Care in an assisted living facility tends to be highly personal. It is exposing and maybe even embarrassing. This will be especially true for seniors that are only just transitioning from independent living, into an assisted living environment. The best way to ease this transition is to deliver this care under the guiding hand of a few key tenets of the Christian faith. These include love, respect, compassion and patience. When caregivers share the Christian faith, they will inherently understand the importance of these tenets in the work they do.

Christian Assisted Living in Oregon - General Amenities

Assisted living centers are the gardens and caregivers are the gardeners that help battle the weeds of aging, so seniors can maintain firm roots in an active and fulfilling life in retirement. They do this with what are commonly known as ADL’s, (Assisted Daily Living care). First, they help seniors with personal hygiene, because it makes real difference in a senior’s emotional health when they feel clean and ready to face the day. Then, they help them stay mobile so they can confidently get for meals to activities and more. Without ever feeling left behind.

Assisted daily living centers do more to keep seniors free to enjoy life. They eliminate most household chores. Seniors don’t have to worry about cleaning, doing laundry, moving the lawn, raking leaves, shoveling snow or even changing a lightbulb. It’s all done for them.

Helping Alzheimer’s patients is a completely different kettle of fish. For these seniors, the environment they live in needs to be more secure, more organized and much less hectic. Memory care is required to help them reconnect with memories that have been lost in the clouds of dementia and they need tools that help them form new memories that make life worth living. Most of all, they need to be treated with the same dignity any human being deserves.

Privacy is never lost in an assisted living facility. Seniors enjoy a home, within the home, in the form of studio and one-bedroom apartments. In some cases, there are two-bedrooms apartments too, that allow family members or close companions to share a home together, while saving a bit, compared to the cost of two one-bedroom apartments. There are also some that offer semi-private suites for those seniors that are happy to share and save a bit on the monthly rates.

Meals are another really important element of life in an assisted living facility, and it goes much deeper than just providing sustenance. Really great meals are served in assisted living centers three times a day, in an environment that encourages community gatherings and interaction in ways that may meal time feel more like a fun time out at a favorite restaurant.

Assisted living in Oregon may not be as Christian as Christian may have hoped for but there are certainly some really good Christian assisted living facilities and communities to consider.

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