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Ohio is home to so many Christian assisted living facilities, and that is actually some very good news for faithful seniors that are committed to staying strong in their faith, even after transitioning from independent living. Interestingly, many of these Christian assisted living facilities are also referred to as communities, meaning they understand one of the most important values of the Christian faith, and that is standing strong together and helping each other.

Here are just a few best rated:

Christian House – Palestine, OH is a well rated and fairly new assisted living center opened in 2017 and includes home care, independent living, assisted living and respite care.

Christian Village Communities – A collection of 2 Christian Assisted Living centers, one in Mason and one in Cincinnati, OH, where the focus is on building a close-knit neighborhood.

Worthington Christian Village – Based in Columbus, OH, where care covers everything from independent living, assisted living and a center for those that require full-time nursing care.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Ohio

Compared to the national average of $4,000 per month for Christian assisted living care, Ohio facilities are just a bit more expensive. However, there are several cities in the state the buck that trend, and even in the pricier cities, rates aren’t grossly out of line. Cleveland and Youngstown are good examples, where the monthly rate of $3,600 per month is about $400 less per month. Toledo, OH, is one of the few places in the state that is significantly higher at $5,000+ per month, and that is tilting the results significantly. Don’t be dismayed. Overall, Ohio is pretty reasonable.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Ohio - Amenities

Given how many choices seniors will have to consider, it may be good to focus on 4 key amenities that may Christian assisted living facilities unique, in comparison to most secular assisted living centers. These are the things that help support a faithful life, and they are very much the things that have support that faithful life in most every Christian community across the nation.

Christian Retirement Communities in Ohio - Religious Amenities

  1. In a Christian community, the church provides a beacon of hope for all. It is a magnet that draws people in when they need help but it’s also a magnet for those that have a want to share and help others. It is this balance that helps define the faith and that builds a real Christian community. The same is true in a Christian assisted living facility where the chapel plays this critical role. It must be a dedicated space, available to all 24/7, where the focus is and will always be on building a personal relationship with God.
  2. Faith defines the Christian church but that doesn’t mean all churches are the same. Pastors have a tremendous influence on the personality of each Christian assisted living community. It is their personalities that often influence these communities, both in subtle and not so subtle ways. For seniors considering a Christian assisted living facility, this can be a critically important factor in the decision process. If they are comfortable with the pastor, they are far more likely to enjoy a fulfilling spiritual life that they will if they simple do not feel comfortable.
  3. Seniors come to an assisted living facility because they need some help with many of the basic things that we all need to do every day to feel comfortable and confident. But, this type of care can be very personal and even embarrassing. Care teams that share the Christian faith and abide by the tenets of love, compassion, and patience, so senior residents can enjoy the full benefit of care that truly meets their daily needs.
  4. Christians that are committed to growing a personal relationship with God understand that it requires much more than just attending church services once a week. It requires prayer. It requires study. It requires committing to others in faith. This is an active life and growing faith requires active support. Religious activities help seniors find their faithful path and must be an important part of what any good Christian assisted living facility provides for their seniors.

Christian Assisted Living in Ohio - General Amenities

Assisted living centers accomplish this with a set of basic care activities commonly referred to as Assisted Daily Living tasks, or ADL’s. They include all of the normal personal hygiene tasks we all need to accomplish each day, including using the toilet, bathing, grooming, dressing, remaining confidently mobile and meeting all of the other challenges that come with diminished sight and limited hearing. They also provide medication management so seniors remain on a healthy path that allows them to remain active.

These assisted living facilities also relieve seniors from the need to worry about house cleaning and laundry, lawn cutting and snow removal, and pretty much everything else they may have done that needed a hammer or screwdriver. Heck, in assisted living facilities, seniors don’t even have to worry about changing a burnt lightbulb.

Private apartments have kitchens so seniors could cook for themselves if they wanted, but there’s a good chance they won’t. Assisted living centers provide three really great meals every day. Menus are created that offer both new and familiar dishes, so everyone finds something they will love. These dishes are then professionally prepared by trained culinary staff. They are served in very pleasant dining rooms, around comfortable tables where friends can gather and share the joy of sharing a great meal. So, while seniors can, they may not want to eat alone all that often.

The other important element in an assisted living facility is the company of other seniors, that are facing the same challenges, with the same positive outlook on life. Community activity planners help this happen by creating various activities that these seniors can come together and enjoy. Programs often include arts & crafts, various hand-on classes, educational seminars, entertainment, games, fitness sessions, community outings, along with many other fun ways to make each day meaningful and invigorating, both mentally and physically. In a good assisted living facility, life is never boring.

Apartments provide private space for seniors, so they can maintain a reasonably independent life, in their own comfortable home within these homes. They are varied in size, starting with studio units. For those that want more space, there are one-bedroom units that include living dining and kitchen space. And, for those that have a family member or companions they would like to share with, there are two-bedroom apartments, where the pair shares a common living, dining and kitchen space, while enjoying their own bedrooms. For those seniors that are happy to share or are looking to stretch a tight budget, there are semi-private rooms as well. These are typically shared with 2 or 4 seniors.

Christian assisted living facilities in Ohio offer lots of choices so for Faithful seniors, they can look forward to a bright future where spiritual, physical and mental care all come together.

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22 Christian Assisted Living Facilities in Ohio

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