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With companies like Bethesda Senior Living Communities, with 6 Christian assisted living communities, Friendship Village with two more, and many other independent faith-based assisted living centers in Missouri, there are many top-quality choices for seniors to consider. Then there are others, like Silver Creek by Americare, that are also very well rated but don’t place as much emphasis on spiritual health. These can also be good choices for seniors that are happy to take the lead and create their own path to spiritual fulfillment. In either case, there is a lot to consider in Missouri.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Missouri

In addition to so many good choices, seniors will be thrilled to learn that rates for Christian assisted living facilities are much more budget-friendly than they are in just about any state in the union. While national rate average $4,000 per month, the average rate in Missouri is just $3,000 and there isn’t a single city in this state where the averages climb beyond $3,500. Go west to Joplin, St. Joseph and Kansas City, MO, and they are all well under the state average.

Amenities in Christian Assisted Living Communities in Missouri

In every faithful community across Missouri and across the US, Christian churches and their pastors provide the glue that holds these communities together.  In many cases, they do more than that. They help define the very character of these communities. In Christian assisted living communities they play an equally important role, though in miniature form and this is exactly why they are so important to faithful seniors, preparing to transition from independent to assisted living.

For these seniors, it is important to consider each of the following amenities offered by Christian assisted living facilities.

Christian Assisted Living in Missouri - Religious Amenities

  1. Seniors should begin by getting to know the ministers in each of these Christian assisted living centers. While they may be guided by the flock they care for, they will ultimately set the tone and define the character of these faithful communities. Seniors will need to be comfortable in the direction of these shepherds before making a decision on any assisted living center.
  2. Caregivers are equally important since they will help ensure the physical health of the community. In a Christian assisted living community, seniors should expect that these members of the team will share the faith and allow that faith to inform their efforts. They will commit to the Christian values of love and compassion in delivering care. They will help make care that could be uncomfortable and embarrassing, a welcome part of each day. Seniors need to get to know the staff and try to gauge how their faith guides them.
  3. Like the community church, the chapel is a faithful anchor that can be counted on, anytime any of the faithful feel the need to reach out to God. That is the nature of having a personal relationship with God, but if the chapel isn’t always available, or is a shared space that serves too many other purposes, a link in that anchor’s chain will be broken and its value to the community will be diminished. Seniors need to ask about how the chapel is used in the setting each Christian assisted living facility to ensure it will provide for their spiritual needs.
  4. Seniors also need to ask about the faith-related activities residents in these Christian assisted living facilities will enjoy. They certainly should include bible study and prayer meetings. They should also have guest speaker programs, choir meetings, ministry opportunities and programs that will seniors to become involved as volunteers in the larger community of the faithful.

Christian Assisted Living in Missouri - General Amenities

There is a clear distinction between getting older and being old. Getting older is a count that began the moment we were conceived and continues on a steady pace, until God calls us back to his home. Getting old is different. It is certainly not inevitable. It is an attitude and that means it can be changed by the power of faith and positive thinking. Yes, there will be aches and pains. There will be limitation in what seniors can do, compared to what they were once able to do. But those don’t make a persona old. They just make them a bit more challenged than they used to be. It is at this stage in life that assisted living facility can help keep attitudes positive and help seniors stay youthfully active.

Whether Christian or not, assisted living facilities offer simple and yet, critical daily assistance. These are simple things, like helping seniors out of bed in the morning, and helping them remain mobile and active throughout the day. It is a helping hand getting in and out for the shower, and when getting dressed and groomed at the start of the day. It is the reminders seniors need to ensure they are getting to right medications, at the right times, and in the right dosages, so health is enhanced. These are known as Assisted Daily Living services and they give seniors the tools they need to maintain a youthful attitude.

Assisted living facilities offer a very nice additional benefit by dealing with just about all of the housekeeping and absolutely all of the maintenance around the home. They even take care of personal laundry and linens changes.

When seniors first consider an assisted living facility, one of the first questions they ask deals with privacy. They are used to living independently, in their own homes and are fearful that a group residence will give them no real escape when they just need a bit of alone time. The answer through is simple. There are private apartments that give seniors a nicely appointed private space that is exclusively theirs to settle into. They are most often configured as studio units with kitchenettes and one-bedroom suites with living a dining space, a separate bedroom and a kitchen where they can comfortably prepare their own meals.

When it comes to meals though, what these homes offer is pretty excellent. Trained chefs guide culinary teams in preparing great dishes. In fact, eating in these assisted living centers feel more like heading out to a favorite restaurant, in the company of friends, where everyone can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner without ever chopping another onion or dirtying another frying pan.

Alzheimer’s is a crushing disease of the brain that robs seniors of their memories, and rob families of the loved one that is so very important to them. Many assisted living centers provide memory care for these seniors that can help them reconnect with those lost memories and that can help families rediscover the person who they though were forever lost. Loved ones can also enjoy the confidence of knowing these memory care centers are keeping their loved ones safe and secure, in spaces that are more carefully monitored and far more organized.

Active seniors are healthier seniors. Actually, that’s true for just about everyone but for retired folks, staying active can be a real challenge. Assisted living facilities meet this challenge with a long list of activities that tap into the interests of all of their residents, and that means everyone finds things to do that they will love getting wrapped up in. It could be a craft project, or maybe a cooking class. It might be a touch of gardening or woodworking. It could be a series of educational programs, or maybe an exercise program. Whatever it is, seniors will have to opportunity to be as active as they wish.

Missouri offers seniors many Christian assisted living options. And, it offers seniors the opportunity to enjoy a measure of spiritual health that can keep them young, even as the years march on.

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