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Finding a great Christian Assisted living facility in Minnesota is easy. In fact, it’s just a quick search away to finding 50+ assisted living facilities that have been built on faith. Some, like Avinity and Augustana Care, have multiple Christian assisted living centers, across the state, so finding something local is fairly easy too. There are others, like Cornerstone Assisted Living and Memory Care, with a single assisted living center, that is proud to offer a Christ centered community where management and the staff actively share the faith with their residents. So, for faithful seniors, Minnesota certainly has a wealth of opportunities to settle into a faithful life in retirement.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Minnesota

The national average for assisted living is currently at $4,000 per month. In Minnesota, they are about $200 less expensive, on average, with rates across the state that range from a low of $3,000 to a high of nearly $4,800. Rochester, MN, is the most budget-friendly city in the state, while the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area is the least budget-friendly. Most cities though are right in the middle so there really aren’t any major price variations to be concerned about.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Minnesota - Amenities

The key advantage when selecting a Christian assisted living facility is the focus on faith that these senior living centers create. For seniors looking to create a deeper and stronger personal relationship with God, this faithful focus helps tremendously. Plus, a Christian assisted living facility puts like-minded seniors together in a supportive community where everyone is able to help everyone else find their own path into God’s graces.

Christian Retirement Communities in Minnesota - Religious Amenities

When considering a Christian assisted living facility, there are four key amenities that must be present. These are the pillar that support a faithful life, and it all starts with the minister that leads the flock. This is the spiritual guide, the shepherd if you will, that leads seniors along a path of faithful discovery, and it’s that discovery that lead each person to that personal relationship with God that is critically important. In fact, this is such an important amenity that it may be best for seniors to find a great minister first and then consider the assisted living center that is home to their ministry.

The next key ingredient or pillar, are the caregivers that serve the seniors in a Christian assisted living center. When faith guides their efforts, care is imbued with all of these qualities and seniors quickly become comfortable and eventually appreciative of all that is being done for them.

The third pillar is the chapel. This is Faith’s physical home; in the same way the church is faith home in any faithful community. It is a warm and comforting space where the faithful can congregate for worship, prayer meeting and bible studies. It is a place that seniors can gravitate toward when life seems anything but peaceful. It is the place seniors can count on whenever they feel the challenges of age bring them down, because they know God’s hand will be there to lift them up and over any hurdle.

Finally, there are faithful activities that help seniors find that personal relationship with the lord they must have if they are to enjoy a life that is truly blessed. These activities will always be anchored by bible study but, they will also include guest peaking programs, choir programs, community outreach, and even opportunities to become active volunteers in and beyond the Christian assisted living community they call home.

Christian Assisted Living in Minnesota - Amenities

For many, life is a play, in three acts, that starts with glorious independence and a carefree attitude. In act two, life becomes just a bit challenging and what was carefree independence, becomes a life that is blessed by just the right amount of care. The final act, is the final act and when acts one and two are well play, this act arrives peacefully and passes quickly. Assisted living is designed to help those heading into or already in the middle of act 2, where full independence is no longer possible and the final act is still a lifetime away.

When is it then that independence is no longer a reasonable option? When a senior gets up and, on their feet, only to find a pair of wobbly legs and a room that is spinning like a merry-go-round, it is time for act 2. When getting in and out of the shower, even with a spider’s web of grab bars, feels like something only a trained gymnast should be doing, it’s time for act 2. When remembering what medication to take and how much of each need to be taken, feels more like trying to solve a sudoku puzzle, it’s definitely time for act 2. It is time for an assisted living facility.

The care seniors will need in act 2 is covered under a group of tasks known as Assisted Daily Living or ADL’s. It includes assistance with common daily activities like bathing, using the toilet and grooming. There is help dressing, a steady hand or a gentle push to get around the center, and a helping hand so eating is enjoyable rather than frustrating. Reminders and even administration of medications is provided so nothing gets missed and health outcomes are improved. These ADL’s even cover incontinence therapies that provide a greater measure of confidence as the day’s activities unfold.

Seniors also get to pretty much forget about daily chores like house cleaning and maintenance. Assisted living facilities have dedicated teams that deal with all of this, including inside a senior’s private apartment. These folks take care of laundry and linen changes as well so in many ways, life in an assisted is even better than living in a fine hotel.

Privacy is not lost in assisted living facilities, this comes in the form of an apartment, where seniors have a unique space that is exclusively theirs to settle into. This is their home, within the home and it comes in various layouts and styles. The choices include semi-private suite, studio units, and one- or two-bedroom apartments. Not all assisted living facilities will offer the two-bedroom and when they do, they may refer to these as companion suites where two family members or companions can share both the space and a reduced per-person cost.

Speaking of sharing, meal-time is a great time to share great food with old and new friends, in a restaurant setting and with dishes that are beautifully prepared and wonderfully presented. These meals happen 3 times each day, and while many assisted living facilities offer in-room dining, most seniors seem to enjoy these opportunities to join the community and enjoy their meals.

In order to maintain a healthy energy level and keep blood sugar in balance, and just to satisfy those occasional between-meal craving, there are healthy snacks on offer, pretty much all day and all night long.

For pet lovers, there are some assisted living centers that will welcome small dogs and cats to join their owners as residents. This include service pets, especially service dogs and that make both the transition into assisted living and life in general, far more comfortable for these pet-lovers.

Activities round out the main offering in assisted living facilities, and these are in addition to the faith-related activities these homes will have on their schedule. They are designed to tap into the interests of all of the residents so each day begins and ends with a healthy dose of fun, entertainment and education. Life should never be boring and with these activities it won’t be.

There are some really great choices for Christian assisted living in Minnesota, and it really won’t take very much effort at all to uncover them. Give us a call to speak to a local senior living adviser at no charge to learn about senior living options in your area.

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