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Kentucky is a wonderful place for seniors to find a home for their faith, as they search for an assisted living facility to help them through some of the basics of life. Christian assisted living facilities in this state are plentiful and are stretched across the state. Just a quick search and seniors will find Christian Care Communities, with assisted living centers from Hopkinsville in the west, to Grayson in the east; Louisville to the north and Bowling Green, near the southern border. Faith is strong in Kentucky and so are the options for Christian assisted living facilities.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Kentucky

Christian assisted living facilities in Kentucky have another benefit as well. At an average monthly rate of $3,497, these centers help seniors save about $500 per month, in comparison to the average rate of $4,000 per month across the US. Rates dip into the $2,000 range in places like Owensville, KY, where the average comes in at $2,166. Even Lexington, KY, where the rates are above the national average, costs aren’t too far out of line, at $4,300 per month. So, there are plenty of choices and the prices are manageable for most seniors.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Kentucky - Amenities

Christians, compared to Jews and Catholics, are unique in the way they approach their faith in God. The Catholic and Jewish faiths are based on a set liturgy, with each Sunday or Sabbath set to focus on a specific event or lesson in faith. For Christian, the focus in on developing a personal relationship with God, and that means each person will have to find their own path in order to attain that goal. Yes, there are specific teachings and a church hierarchy that helps set guideline, but in the end, each church, each pastor, and each member of the faith has the freedom to speak directly with God, in their own voice.

Christian Retirement Communities in Kentucky - Religious Amenities

Seniors have the freedom to find their own path but that doesn’t mean they have no need to help and guidance. That is what the church pastor’s role is. They are the Shepherds of the faithful, helping shine a light on the path, so seniors can more easily follow in in their faithful journey. These pastors play this role whether in a community church or in one of the dedicated chapel that are a hallmark of any truly Christian assisted living facility, and this is why they are an amenity well worth highlighting and one that is important for seniors to get to know before deciding on any one assisted living center to settle into.

The chapel is most definitely an important amenity for a Christian assisted living community. It is like the church that anchors any faithful community. It is the community center where the community comes together in worship and neighborly love and support. That makes the chapel for more than just a place to gather for Sunday worship. It provides a dedicated space for individuals and groups to gather for all sorts of faith related activities or to just sit quietly and say thanks, and pray for God’s continued blessings.

The care seniors will receive in an assisted living facility can be very personal. It can be a tough adjustment, especially for seniors that were hesitant about moving into an assisted living environment. In Christian assisted living facilities this care is delivered by caregivers that share the Christian faith and allow that faith to guide their hands and their hearts, and when God’s is guiding them there is a level of compassion, love and patience that makes what they do feel like the blessing it is meant to be. So, as amenities go, this one is key to helping seniors get the most from their decision to settle into a Christian assisted living residence.

For seniors to find their own path to God requires more than a Shepherd. It requires a deep understanding of God’s teaching, delivered to them through the bible. That requires Bible study, the first of many faithful activities that mark time in a Christian assisted living facility. The next thing they need to time to pray, and prayer meetings are a supportive way to make prayer more meaningful. So, prayer meetings are another staple activity in these residences. In faith, there is a deep need to help others through acts of kindness and that means finding opportunities to volunteer in the community and beyond. So, here is one more staple activity that will always be afforded in a Christian assisted living center. Together, these create the last unique a very special amenity that is especially suited to the faithful as they pursue a life filled with faith in God.

Christian Assisted Living in Kentucky - Amenities

In the story of our lives, there are up and downs, trails and tribulations, and moments when we look up and wonder what happened to the lives we knew, not too long ago. This is especially true as seniors pass that point in life where the body starts to recognize its age while the mind refuses to accept the sometimes-painful reality. What used to be done without out a second thought is now a challenge that seniors don’t feel comfortable facing alone. This marks the perfect time to fight back and an assisted living facility is a senior’s best weapon in this battle.

The basics of personal hygiene are where it all starts. Assisted living facilities and their care teams offer what are commonly known as ADL’s or Assisted Daily Living tasks. They include help with bathing, toileting, dressing, grooming, eating, moving around safely, getting the medications that are needed, and keeping a watchful eye on seniors so health issues can be identified and treated before they become major issues.

Assisted living centers also deal with all of the housekeeping, getting laundry done, changing linens regularly and dealing with all of the typical maintenance that used to be so annoying. All seniors are left to worry about may be cleaning up after enjoying some time with a morning coffee and the daily paper.

Each senior in Christian assisted living facilities in Kentucky enjoys some measure of privacy, in a personal living space of their choice. These include semi-private suites, studio units and one- two-bedroom apartments. No matter the choice, these are spaces that create a real home, within a home, where seniors can comfortably relax and entertain friends and family.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served each day, and in most assisted living centers, this is more like going out to eat in a favorite restaurant. There is a varied menu to choose from and culinary team that will execute each dish to near perfection. These menus are nutritional as well, with trained dieticians keeping a watchful eye on the balance each senior will enjoy, no matter what their favorite dishes may be. In addition to these 3 daily meals, there are snacks available throughout the day so no one goes hungry and thinks like blood sugar are kept in proper balance.

Loved ones are often most concerned with family members that are suffering with various forms of dementia and unable to care for themselves or make a decision about assisted living care. For these family members, there is memory care, when unique spaces are set aside for those that need enhanced security, and specialized therapies, while being isolated from the noise and confusion that is often found in common living spaces. These therapies and secured spaces are designed to help bring these seniors cut through the cloud of dementia so they can reconnect in meaningful ways with their loved ones.

In addition to the faith-based activities that will be a part of daily life in a Christian assisted living facility, there are many other things that help seniors make each day meaningful and just plain fun. They include things like skill classes (cooking, photography, crafting, woodworking), educational programs, outdoor activities like gardening and hiking, games, social activities and more. Seniors can enjoy idle time if they want but they never have to worry about getting bored when there is so much on offer, each and every day.

There are plenty of options in Kentucky for seniors looking for a Christian assisted living facility. Give us a call to speak to a local assisted living adviser.

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