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Kansas is a great place for faithful seniors to settle down in retirement, with so many really good Christian assisted living centers to choose from. Just the simplest of searches uncovers some great family run centers, like Legend Senior Living in Wichita and Kansas Christian Home in newton, KS. There are numerous choices that are focused on various denominations or are multi denominational as well, so if seniors want a Baptist home there are centers like Prairie Homestead Senior Living. If it’s a Presbyterian home, there are centers like Selina Presbyterian Manor, and Wichita Presbyterian Manor. Basically, there is something for just about every one, and it does take a whole lot of work to uncover some really great options for Christian assisted living.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Kansas

Christian assisted living facilities in Kansas are relatively expensive, compared to the national average of $4,000 per month. The statewide average in Kansas is $4,473. It climbs to $5,450 in Laurence, KS and drops as low as $3,738 in Topeka, KS. Wichita, KS, with the highest concentration of Christian assisted living facilities in the state, has an average $4,700 per month. Secular and Catholic assisted living facilities in the state are also included in these averages.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Kansas - Amenities

In the Catholic and Jewish faiths, there is a Liturgical calendar that guides worship throughout the year. This is less true among Christian denominations, where there is guidance, but no fixed calendar that all ministers, in every church, are expected to follow. There is also a much greater focus on the individual achieving a personal relationship with God and that make worship something that tends to be far more personal. Christian are guided by the bible but are able to focus on those things that are most important at any given or in response to specific circumstances.

Christian Retirement Communities in Kansas - Religious Amenities

This makes the ministers role in guiding the flock, far more important and far more dynamic. It makes the minster in a Christian assisted living facility just about the most important amenity these care centers can offer. They set the tone for services and are the source of inspiration for seniors that are working to find their way to God’s good graces. For seniors, it becomes very important to get to know the ministers in Christian assisted living facility before making a decision on which one is best.

In most of the Kansas based Christian Assisted Living residences, there is a dedicated chapel in the home, that is focused on worship. It is not a shared space. And that means both staff and residents can make their way to the chapel anytime they feel the need to say thanks or to ask for God’s help with particular needs. It’s also a great place to hold prayer meeting and participate in bible studies. Altogether, this is the next on our list of most important Christian amenities.

The caregivers are next on the list, and if we were concerned with ranking these amenities, this would probably be number 1 on that list. The nature of the care seniors will receive in an assisted living facility is highly personal. It requires a caregiver with great patience, compassion and discretion. Caregivers that share the Christian faith of these care centers can be expected to be guided by that faith and that means, their care will naturally be imbued with these qualities.

One of the last amenities on our list is the inclusion of faith-related activities that help give purpose to each new day, especially for those of faith. These include bible studies, prayer meetings, community programs, and outreach. They can also include volunteerism that takes living meaningfully to a whole new level.

Christian Assisted Living in Kansas - Amenities

Our lives are a non-fiction story, with chapters marked by years and stages in life. Each is a story that could lead one to feel old, especially as those chapters grow in number, and the story grows in volume. However, feeling old and being old are two very different things, and for active seniors who are focused on the future, age is nothing more than a door opening onto the next day, the next year, and the next chapter in a rich and active life.

Assisted living facilities help senior find their ability to stay focused on the future rather than being consumed by the present challenges age. They do this by providing direct assistance with the personal care everyone needs to accomplish but may be fining more and more difficult to do independently. Things like using the toilet, bathing, grooming, dressing, eating and moving around throughout the day. Some of this is highly personal and possibly difficult to accept, but when these things are no longer challenging, life becomes far more enjoyable.

Part of that enjoyment comes from no longer having to worry about house cleaning, laundry, changing linen and fixing the stuff around the home that inevitably breaks down. Housekeeping and maintenance teams cover all of this, so seniors don’t have too.

Meals at assisted living communities in Kansas are served 3 times a day, and in most assisted living centers, they are really good. Professional chefs work hard to develop interesting menus that are full of flavor, and nutritionally balanced. They’re served in fine dining rooms and enjoyed in the company of others seniors, that have become good friends

Memory care is offered for Alzheimer’s patients, to help slice through the clouds of dementia that make life so frustrating for them. This is called memory care and it is designed to full seniors back into the they’ve always known and help them stay enjoyably in that world for longer than would have been possible without this specialized care. All of this is delivered in an environment that is more secure as well, so seniors and their loved ones can rest, knowing they are safe and secure.

Each day is designed for living and that means, they are full of fun things to do and new things to learn. For the creative, there is arts & crafts, photography classes, woodworking shops, cooking & baking classes, games, social activities, and all sorts of clubs that help seniors explore a wide range of interests. If seniors want, they could be busy all day, every day, and well into the night.

Assisted living facilities provide apartments, so seniors have their very own home within the home. These are normally offered in studio and one-bedroom apartment configurations. They may also include two-bedroom apartments that can be shared by companions or family members, and semi-private suites where 2 to 4 seniors join and share a common room.

There are many options in Kansas for seniors looking for a real Christian assisted living facility. Give us a call to speak to a senior living adviser and get all the information you need at no charge.

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