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In Hawaii, it may be challenging to find a true Christian assisted living facility. They are far more likely to be Catholic or secular, rather than Christian. For the faithful this does present some challenges but, it could be that a Catholic assisted living center may be the best alternative, as opposed to a secular home where faith has no real role in daily life. Then again, a secular residence could allow seniors to take a more direct role in shaping their spiritual lives, and possible together with other seniors, a Christian community might grow and flourish.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Hawaii

Like everything in Hawaii, Christian, Catholic and secular assisted living facilities in this state are expensive, but not by as much as you might think.  While the national average for assisted living is about $4,000 per month, centers in Hawaii come in at just about $4,500, so just a bit more than 12% higher. Also, and unlike most of the other states, the prices across Hawaii are pretty consistent, with only about a $200 difference separating the most expensive from the least expensive cities in this state.

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Hawaii - Amenities

Being a Christian means devoutly working to build a personal relationship with God. This requires commitment and the effort is often helped by other that share that same desire to worship the Lord. This is why Christian assisted living centers can play such an important role for seniors. The provide a nurturing environment where the community bring every member of the congregation into the loving light of God. In Hawaii, with so few choices for Christian assisted living, the question becomes, “how do seniors get the spiritual support they need”.

Christian Retirement Communities in Hawaii - Religious Amenities

The first step on this journey may be to consider another faith-based center, Catholic for example, where the way people worship will be different but the God the worship will be the one true God. There is commonality in that, that could make these homes more welcoming places to settle into.

Some secular homes can provide a nurturing environment as well. Just because they do not focus on faith does not mean they are not run by faithful people. So, look at the assisted living centers and ask question about their chapel. Learn how that space is most often used. Ask about what opportunities there are for visiting preachers and others to share the faith. And, find out how connected they are with local religious communities that seniors can become a part of.

It does not have to be a Christian assisted living facility in order to be spiritually fulfilling but it does have to be supportive of that desire, among their residents.

If a secular residence becomes the option of choice, seniors will have to take a much more active role in guiding their faithful endeavors. They will not have a pastor to guide them. As an alternative, they can join together with fellow seniors to create groups that will support each other. Seniors can still enjoy bible reading and study without a pastor to guide them, when they work together as a faithful team.

This of course, leads to a conversation about religious activities. If seniors opt for a catholic center, as opposed to a Christian assisted living facility, there will still be numerous religious activities that can help them live their faith. They just have to be prepared for more of a Gospel focus than might be typical in a Christian center.

If they are settling into a secular center, then it will be up to seniors to work with community managers to ensure faith has a place on the calendar of activities each home will be developing. These community managers will already be looking for ways to engage all of their residents, so asking to have faith included should not be too much of a stretch for them.

In a Christian assisted living center, seniors will reasonably expect the management and staff to actively share their faith. In a Catholic assisted living center, the way they approach their faith will be different but, seniors can still expect the staff to be faithful to the same God they worship. In a secular center, there are no guarantees and even some risks. Those who do not share the faith aren’t always as accepting of those that do, as they should be. That could have an impact on the quality of the care they deliver. Seniors need to ask some serious questions about faith before settling on any assisted living center where faith isn’t actively practiced.

Christian Assisted Living in Hawaii - Amenities

As the years march on, our bodies start making any marching increasingly more difficult. Seniors become slower and weaker. No one likes that reality but it is a byproduct of life that everyone, at least to some extent, will have to deal with. Assisted living centers exist for these seniors, at this stage in their lives. This is known as intermediate care.

It is the personal care tasks everyone needs to accomplish each day that are the first among the things age impacts. This includes bathing, using the toilet, dressing, grooming, eating and moving around with a reasonable measure of confidence. The caregivers in assisted living facilities start by providing hands-on assistance with all of these tasks, so seniors can return to a greater sense of normalcy. They add medication management to the mix so seniors can enjoy better health outcomes as well.

The housekeeping and maintenance teams then relieve seniors from all of the typical tasks they would be performing if they were still living independently. It’s a lot easier to focus on more fulfilling activities when the boring stuff is be handled by others.

If a senior is dealing with the impact of Alzheimer’s they will need an additional and more complex level of care. These seniors suffer more than just memory loss. They suffer emotionally as well, with frustration, anxiety, paranoia, confusion and depression. They have a tendency to forget what they are doing, in the middle of doing whatever that is. They can wander off and get lost and not be able to help others help them get back home. For these seniors there is memory care, delivered in a more secure setting that helps offset the emotional problems, while keep them safe and engaged in life.

With either home-cooked or chef prepared meals, seniors in Christian assisted living centers in Hawaii enjoy three excellent dining experiences each day, with snacks in between to keep them fully fueled and well balance. Menus are guided by dieticians that understand the unique requirements aging bodies have while culinary teams then work to translate those requirements into delicious foods.

No assisted living facility in Hawaii would be complete without a long list of activities for seniors to dive into. That means that these programs are guided by the interests of the residents so they can continue to enjoy the things they love, while discovering new things to have fun with. Often, these activities include educational program too since any day where we learn something new is a good day that helps keeps minds and spirits soaring.

It will be tough to find a Christian assisted living facility in Hawaii, but there are excellent alternatives for those that are committed to leading a life that is illuminated by God’s love.

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