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Connecticut is one of those states that tends to be more secular, especially when it comes to assisted living. There aren’t many Christian assisted living facilities available but those that are available, are consistently well rated care centers. For example, United Methodist Homes has three Christian assisted living facilities in the state, including Wesley Village in Shelton, Middlewoods of Farmington and Middlewoods of Newington. Then there is Covenant Living of Cromwell, with an expanding Christian assisted living community, to meet the needs of an expanding community of faithful seniors that are in need of some basic care. So, there aren’t many but there are some really good choices to consider.

Cost of Christian Assisted Living in Connecticut

Connecticut, not surprisingly, is a bit expensive when it comes to assisted living. It’s part of the tri-state area where everything costs a bit more than national average. At about 20% than the national average of $4,000 per month, Christian assisted living facilities could be a bit tough for seniors to handle on a fix, but there are less expensive options too. In New Haven, rates drop below $3,800 per month. The opposite is true in Bridgeport where rate skyrocket to more than $6,700 per month.  These are average rates for basic care, with a studio apartment to call home

Christian Assisted Living Communities in Connecticut - Amenities

Faith is a very personal thing and there is no one measure of a person’s faith. For most though, being a devout Christian is a very active endeavor that is centered around prayer and worship. These are the seniors that are in most need of a real Christian assisted living center, where every aspect of life is touched and influenced by the faith that God is at our sides.

Christian Assisted Living in Connecticut - Religious Amenities

Christian assisted living facilities are built upon four key amenities, starting with the pastor that will guide the flock. This Shepherd will create a sense of meaning and direction for seniors, that can lead them to a truly personal relationship with God, or that can turn them off and push them away from the faith. It makes the pastor a critically important part of daily life in these centers. For seniors, the challenge comes when they find it difficult to relate to the pastor. If that happens in the world outside of the assisted living center, they can simply attend a different church, with a different pastor. They will not have that option when they settle into a Christian assisted living facility, so getting to know the pastor as part of the selection process is really important.

The second key to creating a really fruitful Christian assisted living environment is its chapel. Christians need a dedicated space where they can worship. They need a calming space where they can focus on their conversations with God. They need a space they know is always there and available whenever they need some time alone with God. And, they need a space where they can joyfully participate in the mass with their fellow seniors in true community fashion.

The third key amenity is the staff that will be caring for seniors. There is more than just being technically proficient in the delivery of care. Given the very personal nature of the care they will provide, it requires a level of compassion and patience that goes well beyond technical skills. When the staff in a Christian assisted living facility truly share the faith, the way they care for seniors will be positively influenced in ways that seniors will recognize and appreciate.

Another amenity in Christian Assisted Living communities in Connecticut involves activities. Every assisted living facility worth that title, offers seniors many different types of activities but in a Christian assisted living facility, these activities take on a much more important role. With bible study, guest preachers, invited preachers and more, activities in these centers help nurture faith while they help keep seniors active, both mentally and physically.

Christian Assisted Living in Connecticut - Amenities

Assisted living facilities are in the business of providing personal care for seniors that are no longer comfortable living independently, but who are still healthy enough not to require full time nursing care.  This is known as intermediate care and it is marked by ADL’s or Assisted Daily Living tasks. Included in these tasks is help bathing, using the toilet, grooming and dressing. It will provide a helping hand when eating and a strong arm to guide seniors as they move around the home during a typical day of meals and activities.

This basic care also covers daily housekeeping chores, regular laundry and linen service and general maintenance around the assisted living center, including inside senior’s apartments.

For those seniors trying to manage a life impacted by Alzheimer’s and other dementias, there is memory care. Memory care centers go above and beyond basic care and start with enhanced security practices. Memory care is then layered on top of the basic care, that will help these seniors recover memories, form new ones, and potentially slow the progress of these illnesses so senior can live happier lives over longer periods.

Some senior living homes are pet-friendly or offer pet therapy. For pet lovers, this is incredibly important, since pet interaction is proven to be physically and mentally beneficial. It’s tough not to feel some measure of joy when playing with a friendly dog, or gently stroking a cute cat that is purring in appreciation.

Seniors at Christian Assisted Living communities will have three great meals a day, that are selected from a varied menu, much of which is drawn from the comforting dishes seniors have loved for a lifetime. They are professionally prepared and served in fine dining rooms that really become happy gathering spaces for seniors to enjoy with each meal.

Living in an assisted living facility is both communal and private. For privacy, seniors will enjoy studio or one-bedroom apartments they can call their own and dress to make them really nice personal spaces. For those that wish, there are also semi-private suites that can be shares 2 or 4 seniors. Some assisted living residences provide two-bedroom apartments, or companion suites, that can also be shared with close companions of family members. This allow each senior to have a private bedroom while saving a bit compared to an individual one-bedroom apartment.

Seniors that are active are happier. Seniors that are happier are healthier. This requires more than just care. It requires a varied list of activities that help them stay happily engaged throughout the day and every day. They can include craft programs, fitness activities, music and art sessions, social activities, games, entertainment and more. Together with religious activities, seniors have lots to dive into so they can remain physically, mentally and spiritually healthy for a long time to come.

Christian assisted living in Connecticut is a bit tough to uncover but not impossible, and those that are available are very well regarded. Call us to quickly  find the Christian Assisted Living nearby.

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