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Vermont is home to many Catholic assisted living facilities across the state, most run or supported by church organizations, like Vermont Catholic Charities, that runs for residential centers in the state. In fact, just a quick search turns up more than 20 Catholic assisted living facilities in this state so seniors are likely to find some really nice options they’ll be happy to settle into.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Vermont

Cost-wise, the Catholic assisted living centers, in fact, all assisted living centers in this state are a bit expensive, compare to the national monthly average of $4,000 for assisted living care. Seniors should expect a monthly rate that will be very close to the $5,000 mark and that can climb to as much as $6,000+, depending on the luxury options some of these centers offer.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Vermont - Amenities

Vermont’s Catholic assisted living centers are mostly run by the church or one of its affiliated organizations. This means all of these residences will be imbued with a level of Catholicism that creates a completely different atmosphere from what seniors will experience is any other assisted living facility.

Days in a Catholic assisted living facility begin with the Holy Mass, normally held in a chapel within the facility, and for those seniors that are unable to make it to the chapel, the mass will be broadcast into their rooms and ministers will visit so they too, can receive the Sacraments.

Life in these homes will pause at 3:00 PM to offer the prayers of Devine Mercy and at 6:00 PM for the Angelus. Meals will begin by saying Grace, and it will be common place to hear a “God Bless You” when someone sneezes or when someone does something special for someone else. In short, in these homes both staff and residents opening and joyously live the faith.

Catholic Retirement Communities in Vermont - Religious Amenities

In any Catholic assisted living facility, seniors should expect to find a consecrated chapel where mass will be offered, confessions will be heard and religious counseling will be offered. These are quite places for prayer and reflection at any time of the day and night.

These faith-based senior living centers will have a chaplain, either in-house or on-call, day and night to serve the spiritual needs of the residents and staff. They are often ordained ministers of the church, either as priests or lay ministers. They will also be the bridge between the Catholic assisted living facility they serve and the local parish, so seniors can enjoy being fully involved in the church community, just as they were when they lived independently.

Living the faith is more than just attending the mass each day. It requires spending prayerful time, in groups and individually, praying the Rosary, among other things, and it requires study to each senior can develop a deeper understanding of what it means to be Catholic. These are activities Catholic assisted living facilities will blend into everything else the center will offer to help seniors enjoy an active life. And, because seniors are sharing this residence with other seniors that are on this same journey, each individual enjoys the support of others as they focus on this spiritual journey.

Plus, seniors will find opportunities, as they become true members of the larger Catholic community, to join in various activities, including volunteering, so they can feel the joy that comes from giving back to the community that is helping to feed their souls.

Catholic Retirement Communities - General Amenities

Getting old is no fun at all, but it doesn’t have to turn an active life into a miserable one. That depends on how each senior faces the challenges of aging, and what types of support they can count on as they fight back against the aches and pains that seems to mark each day.

Assisted living facilities and their ADL’s (Assisted Daily Living), are designed to help seniors meet these challenges head-on, with personal care that gives them the confidence they need to get up and connected to all the good that surrounds them. ADL’s include direct assistance with bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting and getting up and around the centers throughout the day. For those residents that need a steady hand, there will be assistance eating, and all seniors will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with medication management.

Seniors then enjoy a long list of activities, developed by community activity managers, that make each day and interesting mix of faith, fun, games, and educations. Seniors can enjoy crafting, woodworking, cooking lessons, gardening, games, entertainment and a wide range of educational programs that keep hearts and minds engaged in fulfilling ways.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, are fun times too, with restaurant-style dining, in the company of friends. Meals are designed by chefs, in consultation with dieticians, so they are both delicious and healthy. They are professionally prepared and presented, in a relaxed atmosphere where conversation, and laughter is a joyous staple at every meal.

It is a bit rare, but some Catholic and other assisted living facilities in Vermont are pet-friendly, so seniors with a loving pet companion can be in together. This allow seniors to continue to benefit from the emotionally positive energy these pets create, and that energy often spreads out too many of the other residents as well.

Memory care is a special offering for seniors with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. These seniors need a more secure environment, that is less confusing and much more structured. They also need special therapies, like music and pet supported programs that help to enhance memory recall and retention. This care is typically above and beyond ADL care, so seniors and their loved ones should expect some additional cost to cover this care.

Life in assisted living facilities does have privacy, even in what can often be a very busy community. Private spaces come in the form of studio, one-bedroom and semi-private suites. In some residences, there are companion suites as well for those that want to share with a family member or close friend.

Catholic assisted living in Vermont is plentiful. All seniors will need to do is pick a community and they will likely find a residence they will be happy to call home.

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