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There are some really great Catholic assisted living facilities in the State of Tennessee that include Mary Queen of Angels, and Ave Maria Senior Living. There are even more great Christian assisted living centers, like the seven Dominion assisted living centers dotted across Tennessee. So, for faithful seniors hoping to find spiritual care that will enhance their physical care, there are plenty of Catholic retirement communities to consider in Tennessee.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Tennessee

What is the cost of Catholic assisted living in Tennessee? Catholic assisted living facilities, Christian assisted living facilities, and secular assisted living facilities are just about on the mark when compared to the national average of $4,000 per month for assisted living. The lowest average cost will be found in Chattanooga, TN, at $3,225. The highest prices city is Cleveland, TN, but even here the prices are only about $400 more than the national average and there are more than a few assisted living centers that have more budget-friendly prices. Grace Manor, a Baptist assisted living center in Nashville brings the starting prices down to less than $2,500 per month, and they aren’t alone of delivering alternatives that will help seniors find an affordable care center.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Tennessee - Amenities

If a senior that is considering life in an assisted living facility is committed to finding a Catholic assisted living facility to call home, there are a fair number across Tennessee to consider and they are mostly non-affiliated, meaning they are not formally run by any Catholic institutions. Take Ave Maria as an example. This senior living home was founded by and is run today by a group of faithful women that saw a need and had the resources to provide assisted living care to seniors that were left wanting. While born from a corporate structure, Dominion assisted living centers are similarly unaffiliated while still guided by their faith.

These are but two examples of the types of faith-based assisted living where faithful Catholics will find a welcoming place to call home. If seniors are willing to look beyond their Catholicism and consider Christian assisted living facilities as well, the number of good choices expands exponentially. They can still find convenient ways to participate in the Eucharistic mass while enjoying a caring environment where faith plays a clear role in every aspect of daily life.

The easiest way to stay true to the Catholic faith is to find a home in a Catholic assisted living center but when that simply isn’t possible, the next best way is to find an assisted living center that is in easy reach of a Catholic church. Seniors can often make their ways to church this way and if they need, they can likely find assistance so they can attend mass and various other church gatherings.

Seniors should also remember the lessons of Jesus, who said, I am everywhere you are. Turn a rock and you will find me. You don’t need a church or a Catholic assisted living facility to remain faithful to God. Yes, it does help when life and faith share the same space in life but, following the faith is a personal journey that does not require any influences beyond God, and his only son, Jesus.

Catholic Retirement Communities in Tennessee -  Religious Amenities

What a Catholic or Christian assisted living centers does is to provide a sacred space, where worship can be focused and uninterrupted. These are the chapels and they provide the same anchor in Catholic assisted living facilities as the church does in local communities. If this is a Catholic assisted living facility, this will be a consecrated place of worship but even if it isn’t, its impact on spiritual life remain strong. Mass will be held here. Communion will be offered here. Confessions will be heard here. And, spiritual counseling will be offered here, so they are really no different from the parish church seniors will be most familiar with.

The person or team of people that provide spiritual guidance in the Catholic and Christian living facilities are an equally important amenity in these centers. In Catholic assisted living centers, they will be ordained members of the Catholic church. In Christian assisted living centers, they will be ordained ministers in one of the Christian denominations. In either case, they are committed members of the faith and can be called upon whenever needed. Like a parish priest, these members of the faith play a central role in providing spiritual care.

These chaplains, and others, will leading various fait-related activities, like bible studies, and various volunteer programs that help seniors find fulfilling ways to spend their days. For example, one of the catholic assisted living residences in Tennessee has a program call “Hats for the homeless” where seniors spend time knitting caps for those that have no place to call home. There are feeding programs too, where seniors help prepare boxed meals that others then deliver to needy individuals. These are just a few examples of the spiritual ways seniors are able to enjoy as they strive to live as Jesus taught us.

Catholic Assisted Living Tennessee - General Amenities

When you were young, you couldn’t wait to get old enough to be treated like an adult. Then you get there are learn about the many responsibilities that come with adulthood, like working and paying bills, and you begin to wish for retirement and a return to a freer life. But then you get to retirement age and your body beings to betray you with aches, pains and daily challenges that make independent living more of a challenge then you’d ever imagined. This is the real-world seniors find themselves in but, with the right attitude and a bit or personal assistance, retirement can prove to be the best age of all.

Assisted living facilities make this possible, with care known as Assisted Daily Living assistance or ADL’s. They start by taking over the daily drudgery of housekeeping and maintenance. Then they provide direct and personal assistance with tasks that include help with eating and getting up and around safely and securely. Then there are the reminders and direct assistance with medications and incontinence management. They assist with bathing, dressing and grooming too. In short, ADL’s make life’s daily tasks as they should be, easy and stress-free.

When life’s daily tasks are covered seniors are free to focus on faith and fun activities, beyond those mentioned above, that help fill their days in enriching ways. They often include music, entertainment, exercise, crafting, woodworking, cooking, needle work and more. Plus, there are educational programs, outings and outreach programs that help seniors expand beyond the assisted living facility and remain connected to the community beyond.

Food plays a very important role in all of our lives and it’s more than just the substance they provide. There is something emotionally curative about sharing a great meal with friends that simply cannot be underestimated. For this reason, assisted living facilities pay particular attention to delivering three great dining experiences each and every day. Menus in assisted living homes offer a wide range of cuisines so there is something for everyone, and they are guided by dieticians so they are healthy too.

Life in an assisted living center provides privacy with personal apartments, in various sizes, shapes and prices. Seniors will be able to choose semi-private rooms, studio / efficiency unit, one-bedroom apartment, and even some two-bedroom units that can be shared.

Catholic and Christian assisted living in Tennessee offer a deep and rich set of choices for seniors that are committed to following their faith. Seniors may just need to look beyond their wish for a purely Catholic assisted living facility as they search for a new place to call home.

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