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Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Maryland

The average cost for Catholic assisted living facilities in Maryland are just a bit more expensive than the average monthly rate across the US, by about $300. Cities at the southern end of the state are significantly more expensive with rates that top $5,500 and climb to $6,263. These are the average costs in the areas of California and Salisbury, MD. Along the northern border of the state, rates are at or below average. Cumberland and Hagerstown are good examples of these less expensive cities.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Maryland - Amenities

So, how do you tell if a Catholic assisted living facility is truly catholic or not. The first and easiest way is to look at who runs the home. This isn’t foolproof, but many Catholic centers will be run by religious orders, as is the case with Sacred Heart Home, run by the Ministry of Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate. There will be some though that are run by other that are not ordained members of the church but are faithful of followers of Christ.

So, the next thing to look at is the calendar of events and the amenities each of these “Catholic assisted living facilities” offer. If they do not list daily mass on their schedule this is a very good sign that they are not Catholic. If they do not list prayer sessions on the schedule of daily activities, this may also indicate that they are not full focus on the Catholic faith.

Seniors can also make a quick call to the local parish or diocese office and ask. They will be able to answer this question very quickly since all Catholic assisted living facilities will be closely associated with a church and priests.

Catholic Retirement Communities in Maryland - Religious Amenities

When we look at amenities, let’s start with people, since they are the most important amenity of all. A Catholic assisted living center will have staff that is truly grounded in the faith. More often than not, the staff will actually be ordained members of the church. This help to ensure residents that they will find a residence that will immerse them in the faith.

The campus will have a consecrated chapel where mass is held. This is also where confessions will be heard, where religious counseling will be offered and where various prayer services will be held. Like any community church, this will be the center of religious life.

In addition to the chapel, there will be various function spaces where bible study is held and religiously oriented groups meet. These are typically multi-purpose spaces though, as opposed to the chapel and its dedicated role in the practice of religion.

Catholic Assisted Living in Maryland - Amenities

Elderly adults simply can’t get up and around as easily as they used to. Joints get stiff, muscles get weak and stamina wanes. It’s just a fact of life most of us will experience at some stage in our lives, and it is at this stage that a helping hand can work wonders. Assisted living facilities make these aging effects little more than inconveniences that can be easily dealt with so life can move forward joyfully.  

It starts with taking care of the daily chores no one wants to be tied down with, so seniors get to leave most of the cleaning and all of the maintenance to the staff. Then, caregivers help seniors bathe, dress, groom and even eat when a helping hand is required. Medications are managed as well so there no longer a need to worry about when and how much should be taken. And for those experiencing problem with incontinence, care is also available.

For Alzheimer’s patients, memory care is available in many of these assisted living facilities. That typically includes living spaces that are more secure and more consistently monitored. They include a more ridged schedule of routine activities as well that help promote greater recall. They will provide therapies with music, art and pets that also help promote recall while tamping down the negative side effects of this illness. Essentially, these therapies help keep anxiety, frustration and depression under control so emotional outburst are minimized, both in number and severity.

Activities are a key to maintaining a happy community of seniors and many of these activities are social in nature, because being social is therapeutic. They include arts and crafts, music, games, educational programs and guest speakers on a wide range of subjects. They will also include outings that give seniors the opportunity to get more involved with the community beyond the residence so they can become involved in various church programs and maybe even do some volunteer work.

Finally, the best of these assisted living facilities provides restaurant-quality meals, three times a day, that make living in the centers feel more like a great holiday that just keeps on going. Menus are varied, the food is delicious and dietary choices are well balanced. In between meals, most of these assisted living facilities will have snacks available throughout the day.

There are some assisted living facilities that are pet-friendly, meaning small dogs and cats are welcome to join their owners in residence. There aren’t many, but for pet-lovers, these facilities can make these residences feel much more like home.

Private living spaces are personal spaces seniors can settle into for some quite time and a comfortable night’s sleep. Apartments in assisted living centers typically come in three sizes that include semi-private rooms, studio / efficiency, and one-bedroom apartment, complete with small kitchens. Some assisted living centers also offer two-bedroom apartments, also known as companion apartments.

If you are a committed Catholic, you need a Catholic assisted living facility, and while Maryland doesn’t have many, there certainly some worth considering.

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