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Iowa features several Catholic assisted living facilities in the state and interestingly, they are all in a band across the center of the state, from Sioux City in the west, to Dubuque in the east, and Waterloo to the north and Des Moines to the south.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Iowa

Catholic assisted living facilities in Iowa are right about on the mark in terms of the US average for Catholic assisted living facilities, at $4,050 per month. Ames, IA, is the most economical, with an average of $3,610 per month. At the top end of the scale, Waterloo comes in at an average of $4,601. These prices apply to both faith-based and secular assisted living centers. The largest concentration of Catholic assisted living centers is in Des Moines, where monthly rates average $4,350.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Iowa - Amenities

Catholic assisted living facilities in Iowa are primarily run by a few religious orders rather than private owners and companies. For the faithful, this ensures these senior living homes are truly aligned with the faith and can be counted on to help seniors deepen their commitment to God. That’s comforting when considering a decision as important as finding a home where care for body and soul are of equal importance. Each of these Catholic assisted living facilities are closely associated with local parishes and the dioceses so they enjoy the support of a larger Catholic community that brings a broader and far deeper pool of resources to draw on for faithful activities.

Catholic Retirement Communities in Iowa - Religious Amenities

In everyday assisted living facilities, seniors will find chapels that offer a sanctuary for prayer on contemplation. In Catholic assisted living facilities these chapels are much more than that. They, like any parish church, are places of worship, where daily mass is offered, confessions are heard and prayer services are common place. They are also sanctuaries, but with Christ as the, these chapels are much than just a quiet space to retreat to. For the truly faithful, they are rejuvenating spaces.

Because they are closely associated with parish churches, Catholic assisted living facilities are actively supported by priest, nuns and lay ministers. They often have their own in-house chaplains as well. This means there is religious support 24/7 in these centers. It also means that seniors, whether they can get to mass or not, are never forgotten. The Mass and Novenas are often broadcast throughout the home, and priests or ministers will visit each senior so they can receive the host each day, even when they are ill and unable to get to the chapel.

As seniors transition from work to retirement, they finally have the opportunity to strengthen their commitment to God and their faith, in ways that were impossible when life’s focus was on providing for the family. For many, that focus created a longing that they can now focus on satisfying. Catholic assisted living facilities, with their immersive environments, completely change the balance between life as it was and a life filled with God and faith. For example, it was most likely rare that life paused at 3:00 PM for the prayer Devine Mercy or at 6:00 PM for the Angelus. This becomes common in a Catholic assisted living facility. Common as well is saying Grace before meals, offering a blessing when someone sneezes and the 6:00 AM Angelus for those that are inclined to wake early.  

Add to these routines, regular bible studies and prayer sessions, along with guest speakers that help dig deeper into the Catholic faith, add life in a Catholic assisted living facility can seem almost like being reborn. At the very least, it is a rediscovery of the glorious wonders of faith that brings true meaning to life.

Catholic Senior Living in Iowa - Amenities

There are certainly some seniors that really look forward to life in an assisted living facility, with its services and most importantly, the opportunity to become actively involved in a community. For most though, they approach the idea and an “old age home” with understandable trepidation. It is only when they finally begin exploring these senior care centers that they begin to understand how different they are from the stereotypical picture that has been painted for them in the past.

Life in an assisted living facility is still an active life. It just comes with some direct assistance that helps seniors deal with personal care tasks that make each day livable. For example, things like arthritis or osteoporosis make it tough to get up and around, to get dressed and to groom. These are all things the care team in an assisted living center can help seniors deal with. They also help with bathing and using to toilet. For seniors with unsteady hands, there’s help eating, and everyone benefits from reminders about medications. Beyond this, seniors are able to live the life they choose, without limits or restrictions.

The food is really good too. Seniors enjoy three healthy and delicious meals each day that are typically guided by a dietician and professionally prepared. Meals in a good assisted living facility are a lot like going out to eat in a fine restaurant.

Even with all of this, life would get pretty boring without a wide array of activities. So, assisted living facilities have community organizers that design programs that meet the varied interests of all of the residents. They often include arts and crafts, needle work and woodworking, fitness and dance programs, and a mix of both indoor and outdoor games that keep things lively. Beyond the faith-based programs, there will be added programs that are educational, along with opportunities for community outreach and volunteerism. With all of this, it would be hard for any senior to suffer boredom.

Living in assisted living facilities are often a mix of semi-private rooms, studio / efficiency suites and one- or two-bedroom suites. The two-bedroom suites are designed for sharing with a companion while still maintaining privacy not typically offered in a semi-private room. Monthly rates will be dependent on each seniors’ preferred living space.

Catholic living facilities in Iowa offer plenty of choice an a wonderful opportunity to live the faith far more deeply than may have been possible in the past.

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