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Many Catholic Assisted Living communities in the State of Illinois are located in Chicago area. It appears that all of these faith-based assisted living facilities are large, with 50 to 150 residents. Most of the senior living homes are in the 70 to 80 resident range. At least some assisted living centers are run by religious orders like the Franciscans and Benedictines. Those that aren’t part of a religious order are affiliated with local dioceses.

Cost of Catholic Assisted Living in Illinois

Catholic assisted living facilities in Illinois are a bit pricier that many in the US, by about $100 per month.  The Chicago area is higher still, with an average monthly rate of $4,740. But, shop a bit and seniors will find many faith-based senior living centers in Illinois that are less expensive. Carbondale, IL, in the southern end of the state is a good example, with a monthly rate that is closer to $3,500 per month. These prices are for standard care, typically in studio suites. They do not cover extended treatment like memory care or larger apartments.

Catholic Assisted Living Communities in Illinois - Amenities

Religious Amenities

Faith for those that truly believe, isn’t a part-time commitment. Faith is part of the fabric of life and Catholic assisted living facilities help seniors weave that fabric into practically every aspect of their lives in an assisted living facility. First, that means most everyone in the center will share the same faith and will support each other in the practice of their faith. In essence, and using the parlance of the day, this is a safe space for Catholic seniors.

As the parish church is at the center of every faithful community, the chapel is the center of the community in a Catholic assisted living facility. This is where mass is offered, confessions are heard, special services, like healing prayers take place and where prayer groups and others meet to share their faith. Mass is typically offered by a local parish priest or lay minister, and during these times, seniors that can’t get to the chapel will be offered service in their private rooms.

Seniors tend to become more committed to their faith as they reach retirement age. It often becomes a passion to learn more and to embrace the faith more fully. Catholic assisted living facilities provide the perfect environment in which to follow this calling. That means there will be prayer groups, and pauses at important times each day to offer prayers of thanks. There will be bible study programs and guest speakers. There will be community outreach programs where seniors have the opportunity to become more fully involved with the local church community. All of these things are in addition to the common activities all other assisted living facilities offer, so seniors lose nothing and gain everything by settling into a Catholic assisted living facility.

Catholic Retirement Communities in Illinois - Amenities

When an elderly adult finds getting out of bed in the morning is difficult to accomplish, it may be time to think about getting help. When bending over to pick up the spoon that dropped leads to dizzy spells there’s a good chance help is needed. When remembering what meds to take, when to take them, and how much is needed seems like the most complicated crossword puzzle the Sunday paper ever published help is definitely worth considering. These things and more affect just about every senior at some point and it’s at these times that assisted living facilities with expert care teams can be counted on.

The first way the care teams at these assisted living centers help residents is by delivering what are commonly known as ADL’s (Assisted Daily Living). This is direct assistance with all of the basics, like getting up and around, bathing and using the toilet, grooming and dressing, and help ensuring the right medications are taken as prescribed. For seniors with impaired motor control, these care teams also provide assistance with eating and drinking.

Great assisted living facilities feed their residents well. That means they deliver a menu of great food, 3 times a day, that is well prepared and presented, delicious and nutritious. And, the dining rooms where these meals are shared often feel like top quality restaurants, so just sitting down with fellow residents, makes each meal feel just a bit more special. Plus, there are often snacks available throughout the day in most of these senior living facilities.

As important and fulfilling as bible study and prayer sessions are, there is more to life, and that is where assisted living facilities and their community organizers come in. Activities are designed to stimulate the interests of a diverse group of seniors that are anxious to remain physically and mentally active. It could include a range of arts and crafts programs, woodworking, needle craft, game time, fitness and dance sessions and a range of outdoor activities that help everyone fill their days in meaningful and fun ways.

Assisted living facilities provide shared or private living spaces for their residents. In shared rooms, these are most commonly set up of 2 people but rarely more than 4. Individual apartments are offered in a range of sizes, from studio suites to one- and two-bedroom apartments. Monthly rates will vary based on the living space each senior selects.

In Illinois, there are choices for faithful seniors that will undoubtedly help them stay true to their faith while continuing to live an active and fulfilling life. Seniors just need to explore a bit for finds their favorite one.

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